Nov 9, 2011

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Facebook Image of the Week #37

Alright, we know you all want more information from the Fansite Summit – and we all know you will not be happy until you get it.

However, here’s a picture of a giant death robot for you in the meantime!

Republic forces do battle against an ancient battle droid guarding a powerful evil buried deep inside a lost Belsavis prison.

Now, some people might say, “Hey, this guy looks familiar!” That’s the first boss in the Eternity Vault. This time, however, we are seeing Republic heroes do battle. Now, sites dedicated to the Republic experience finally have some eye candy to show off.

Make sure you head on over to Facebook and “Like” Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ so you get these great images posted directly onto your wall!

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Sep 6, 2011

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PAX 2011: G4TV Interviews James Ohlen

Even though convention season is more or less complete, we’re still getting some info drops out of PAX Prime that haven’t yet been published! Today’s fix comes to us from G4TV, where they interview Game Director James Ohlen.

In the piece, they talk Huttball, Eternity Vault and more. There’s not a whole bunch of brand-new information, but it’s always interesting to hear the captain speak. Enjoy!

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Aug 21, 2011

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gamescom 2011: Smuggler Gameplay + Gabe Amatangelo Interview w/ TotalBiscuit

Following up his excellent interview with Stephen Reid, in which we got to see about 25 minutes of Sith Warrior origin world gameplay on Korriban, TotalBuscuit has returned with about 16 minutes of Smuggler origin world content!

This time, he’s Stephen Reid-less, but if you’re familiar with TotalBuscuit, you know he’s a skilled and entertaining narrator and he doesn’t disappoint here. The video is cam shot, but available at 1080p, and some of the best I’ve seen. Although this time, he was not permitted to play the in-game audio.

A must-watch I would say, but as with his Sith Warrior video, this definitely contains some spoilers if you’d rather save your Smuggler experience for when you finally get your hands on the game!

As a bonus, TotalBuscuit also conducted a short interview with Gabe Amatangelo to talk a bit about end-game. Of interest they discussed the Eternity Vault Operation shown as “entry-level” with simple mechanics, and Gabe notes that it gets much harder with different mechanics from there. Also: Open World PvP.


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Aug 19, 2011

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gamescom 2011: Eternity Vault Screenshots

BioWare has released 5 new official high-resolution screenshots of the Eternity Vault Operation, so we wanted to put them in a gallery for your enjoyment.

The Eternity Vault is of course the first announced Operation (raid) in Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s an ancient prison on the planet Belsavis that houses the most powerful force user in over 20,000 years – threat to both the Republic and Empire alike. It comes in 8- and 16-man versions and will be available when TOR launches later this year.

You can get a look of a live team playing the Eternity Vault during the EA press conference a few days ago right here.


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Aug 17, 2011

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gamescom 2011: Eternity Vault Presentation Video

The guys over at Darth Hater have posted a short video from gamescom showing a show-floor demonstration of the Eternity Vault.

Gabe Amatangelo acts as the narrator, much as he did in yesterday’s EA press conference. For the most part, it’s the same demo with the exception of actually beating the large droid boss, and making their way into the prison block.

Some interesting notes from the presentation:

  • There is a spaceport where most of the Operations and Flashpoints are accessible from – no travel?
  • Players physically not present during the mission briefing will be holo-conferenced into the discussion, and then apparently transported to the instance when the party enters
  • A list of nearby players is shown, where the Operation leader fils the raid party from 4 to 8 players, converting it to an Operations group

Definitely worth a watch, and hopefully we’ll see more as the week at gamescom progresses! Thanks to DH for their work!

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