Dec 20, 2011

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You’re Invited To The Launch Party At The Ask A Jedi Cantina!

Much as we did at the beginning of Early Game Access, we’re throwing the doors on the Ask A Jedi Cantina wide open to celebrate the official launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic! Join us starting at 12AM Eastern Standard Time on December 20th, as players around the world log into the live TOR servers for the very first time. We’ll be chatting about our experiences and answering any questions you have as well. As many MMO vets will tell you, there’s nothing like the launch of a new game. Those first minutes and hours are special, never to be duplicated (until the first expansion, of course ;)

How do you get to the Ask A Jedi Cantina, you ask? Simple!

The Ask A Jedi Cantina is a high-capacity Mumble voice server where you can chat live and in real time with other TOR fanatics. To access it, you simply need to download the free Mumble software for your platform, then configure it with this information:

Port: 64578

It helps if you have a microphone so you can participate and ask questions, but not necessary. If you simply want to come in and listen to all of the fanfare, you’re more than welcome to do just that! In case you don’t have a mic but want to participate, it has a built in text chat system so if you do happen to want to join in, you can just type away.

Several members of the Ask A Jedi staff will be hanging out all week, and we hope to see everyone there throughout the week leading up to the official launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic!

  1. michel al chawi says:

    Hey everybody i live in the UAE and i tried to buy the game pre order but it said it is not available in your are i was like ok ill wait till the 20th for the release date i go to my usually game shop to buy it but they had no idea what so ever about swtor and what it was and its release date so i go online and heard maybe europe released date is on the 22nd so i go but no nothing the i go online to order but it was out of stock so i waited till there was stock once there was stock i went to origin to order it but the gave me a error The following products are restricted and cannot be added to your basket: so i was like ill go amazon to order it but nope they do not ship that product to the UAE so guys please help i desperatley wanna play this game as ive been waiting ages and im bored as hell any other way i can get the game?

    • Ali Al Junaid says:

      Hi there! I’m from Bahrain and I know how do you feel! I bought my game online via Offgamers but they’ll only sale you the CDkey.

      If you want hard copy they you can get it from HMV as they do deliver to the Middle East.

      If you need any more help you can contact me via twitter @Aessi and I’m playing on US RP-PvP server( JungMa ) if you would like some company.

      May the force be with you.

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