Nov 24, 2011

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Diplomatically Immune: The Seekers of Knowledge

I’ve always loved the idea of the Jedi Consular, the wise keeper of knowledge. She is not a warrior by trade, but rather one when necessary, a sage far more interested in understanding the problem then charging head in.

When I found out that they could tank, which is my favorite MMO position, and could be Twi’lek, my favorite race, I immediately decided that the Consular was going to be the class that I started with. So when I finally got into the beta, that was the first character that I created. I fell in love which the character, the story, the abilities, the animation, and the style.

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May 10, 2011

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Tython – The Lost Footage

It was like discovering a Datacron.

Last night while going through cameras and other equipment that we use to document the various events for Star Wars: The Old Republic, I came across a nice surprise: more footage of the Jedi origin world of Tython!

Video of this origin world is scarce, as PAX East was the first time the classes were playable to the public. In fact, we believe that we have the only other known footage of Tython from the event. (If you know of others, or if you have your own, please let us know!)

The Jedi Temple on Tython

The Jedi Temple on Tython

The video shows a player running around exploring the various areas around the Jedi Temple, as well as inside the temple itself. No combat, but it gives you a nice feel for the area. As a side note, I guess this could be a visual spoiler if you want to experience it for yourself – so don’t watch if that’s the case :)

Now, for the disclaimer. Keep in mind that this is all very early footage. As we all know, the UI has changed drastically, including that of the Codex. Every bit of everything you see in this is subject (and likely) to change!


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Apr 11, 2011

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Tanks A Lot, BioWare.

Unless you: live under a rock, were born yesterday, don’t know how to use the Internet or have a life (which no one has anymore, it’s lame!), then you probably know what Star Wars: The Old Republic is. If the aforementioned aren’t applicable to you and you still don’t know what SW:TOR is, then peruse around and drink it all in, noob! This game is shaping up to be pretty awesome if I do say so. And, just when I think things couldn’t get any more awesome, Friday comes and BioWare’s Georg Zoeller gives us a nice look at how the classes are turning out.

Now, to be frank, the past few Fridays weren’t that spectacular. The Jedi Knight progression video was neat but it left a lot to be desired. It was almost as if BioWare was trying to derail the hype train with their fan Fridays and re-informing certain information. It’s clear to me now, well it was always clear, so I am reassured that they know what they are doing.

Read along, read along….

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Jan 4, 2011

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IGN Hands-On Preview: Jedi Consular

Today, IGN posted a new writeup from their hands-on session during the recent “Jedi Immersion Day.”

Even though the article came later than most of the other coverage, the author posts some new insights and fairly detailed descriptions of his experience as a Jedi Consular:

Far and away, my favorite ability is Force Wave, an area-of-effect attack that has my Consular jump into the air and with a swirl of the hands send any nearby units flying in all directions.

The author’s previous experience playing a Sith Inquisitor during E3 left him quite underwhelmed, and this new article is quite positive. Apparently having enough time in the saddle gave him the time he needed to be more immersed in the game, and pick up on some of the gameplay nuances. Good news indeed.

As always, as an avid TOR fan it’s a must-read, so head on over to IGN and check it out!

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Nov 5, 2010

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Friday Update: EA Winter Showcase: Jedi Wizard Rename

A few months back when all of the advanced classes were revealed at Gamescom, there was perhaps one which stuck out like a sore thumb: the Jedi Wizard.

No one could figure out the reasoning behind the name. There didn’t seem to be any lore to support it, and worse than that, it seemed to conjure up all sorts of mental images about Jedi with pointy hats named Harry.

All of the commotion did not fall on deaf ears at BioWare however, and teased a while back that we may be seeing an announcement about that name soon.

Well, today is that day! And BioWare really upped the ante – They are letting fans vote on the final class name!

We’re offering you the chance to rename the Jedi Wizard Advanced Class. Cast your votes now!

The available choices for the name change are: Jedi Sage, Jedi Seer and Jedi Adept. All of which are I think unequivocally cooler for a Star Wars game than Jedi Wizard. And Jedi Seer has some precedent in KoTOR.

So don’t waste any time, head on over to the official TOR site and vote to make your voice heard!

Consular Skill Tree

Consular Skill Tree

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Jul 10, 2010

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Healing in a Group – Multiplayer Video Analysis

It’s time to continue our series of analysis articles on the group combat video from E3 that was released as part of last Friday’s update. Earlier this week, we talked about resource pools, and this time around our very own Katherinne takes the reigns to offer some observations of the Jedi Consular.

She brings with her a large swath of MMO experience, ranging from EverQuest to Dark Age of Camelot to World of Warcraft, and many others in-between. She prefers to play the healer role and that makes her uniquely qualified to take a look at the Jedi Consular from afar…

With the release of the E3 multiplayer combat video, we finally have a look and what it means to be healer on the Republic side of the war in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Say hello to the Jedi Consular!

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