Nov 25, 2011

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Force Fields: The Professor Takes a Look at the Jedi Knight

“A Jedi’s strength flows from the Force.” -Master Yoda, Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back

Hello all, the Professor is here and he has a brief overview for you of the class that you have all been waiting for: the Jedi Knight. I’ve been playing this class for a while now and I’ve seen what it can, and cannot do.

For those who have read my articles this one will not be much different, I’m going to go over the good, and the bad, of the Jedi Knight in Star Wars the Old Republic.

The Jedi Knights: guardians of peace, before the dark times; before the Empire.

Before I go any further, despite the flaws that I’ll be bringing up, I really did enjoy playing a Jedi Knight. There are actually more good things than there are bad.

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May 10, 2011

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Tython – The Lost Footage

It was like discovering a Datacron.

Last night while going through cameras and other equipment that we use to document the various events for Star Wars: The Old Republic, I came across a nice surprise: more footage of the Jedi origin world of Tython!

Video of this origin world is scarce, as PAX East was the first time the classes were playable to the public. In fact, we believe that we have the only other known footage of Tython from the event. (If you know of others, or if you have your own, please let us know!)

The Jedi Temple on Tython

The Jedi Temple on Tython

The video shows a player running around exploring the various areas around the Jedi Temple, as well as inside the temple itself. No combat, but it gives you a nice feel for the area. As a side note, I guess this could be a visual spoiler if you want to experience it for yourself – so don’t watch if that’s the case :)

Now, for the disclaimer. Keep in mind that this is all very early footage. As we all know, the UI has changed drastically, including that of the Codex. Every bit of everything you see in this is subject (and likely) to change!


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Jul 5, 2010

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"Not Enough Force" – Resource Pools

With the recent release of the E3 multi-player combat video, we wanted to take a closer look at certain aspects of of what we saw. Even though its a low-level encounter, we feel there’s enough information there to warrant a deeper dive. For this first entry, we thought we’d start with thinking about the class resource pools, and how those might affect combat.

In the video, we finally get to see some Jedi in action – both the Knight and the Consular were in the group. These classes were withheld from the recent E3 hands-on sessions, so this was a special treat.

We viewed  the battle from the point of view of the Jedi Consular, which meant we got to see a lot of things that happen in the UI during combat, including some of the system feedback…  One example, the beloved MMO staple “Out of Range” message when your target is too far away for you to interact with it.


At about 2:30 into the video we see a different message pop up – “Not Enough Force.” This message appeared because the Consular did not have enough “Force Points” available to execute the ability that was selected. For those new to the genre, MMORPG player classes typically have resource pools such as this for two reasons: to govern the use of certain abilities (facilitating balance,) but also as a gameplay mechanic itself. Managing this resource pool becomes part of the skill you will need to learn to play your character effectively.

Mechanically, having Force as a class resource makes sense for Force-sensitive characters, but it still makes me cringe just a little bit seeing “The Force” reduced to a mere resource pool. I guess this is one of those things we just have to accept as necessary for game mechanics. But I digress…

At any rate, it got us to thinking about resource pools in general. We now know that the Consular uses “Force” as it’s resource. The Sith Inquisitor apparently does as well. Even though the Sith Warrior is a Force user, his resource pool is “Rage.” The Bounty Hunter uses “Heat” with the requirement to periodically vent your system. Naturally the Trooper uses “Ammo.” And the Smuggler has been observed using “Energy,” (same for the Imperial Agent.) Curiously, no information has yet been learned regarding the resources used by the Jedi Knight.

But what about secondary resources? Are there aspects to managing our characters in combat that go beyond the basics?

Examples from other games include WoW’s Rogue, who uses “Combo Points” to execute “finishing” moves – typically larger special moves of greater power. The Death Knight has the Rune system.  In Warhammer, you had similar secondary resources, but interestingly you also had a tertiary level of abilities called “Morale” abilities. These are abilities that you could use only while in combat, and the longer you were in combat, the more powerful they became. You had 4 slots and each slot was more powreful than the last. If you stayed in combat long enough to activate the ability in the 4th slot, it was a doozy.

Way back, almost a year ago, GameSpot did an interview which exposed abilities what BioWare was calling “spenders.” This seems to add another dimension to resource management, but we’ve heard very little about it since, nor seen anything in action.

The demo video was obviously of low-level combat, but these secondary resources in other games are available right from the beginning. We didn’t see any of that in this combat video… so will we see more depth in this area? Is  this something you’ve been pondering? At what point will we learn more?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter in the comments below!

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Jun 11, 2010

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Coming Soon: Classes, Advanced Classes and More!

Very soon, Ask A Jedi will begin publishing a regular series of columns dedicated to complete knowledge and mastery of all of the classes available to players in Star Wars: The Old Republic. As more information is revealed, and we learn more about how they play in the game, what it means to use companions, and how advanced classes work, we’ll work on distilling that info and presenting it in a form you can use.

Our goal is to make sure you’ll be the very best  Smuggler you can be… and whether it makes sense to become a wiley Scoundrel or a flashy Gunslinger. And that goes for every class! We want to take a deep-dive right out of the gate, and become the authority on the topic.

So with that said, please stay tuned and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook in the mean time!

Graduating Class(es)

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