Feb 16, 2012

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Senior Writer Drew Karpyshyn Departs BioWare

In what can only be described as sad news, long-time BioWare writer and author in his own right Drew Karpyshyn has announced he is leaving BioWare and the video game business behind. Drew is the author that, among many things, brought us the original Knights of The Old Republic Story, created Darth Revan, and essentially planted the seeds for Star Wars: The Old Republic:

I’m leaving to focus more time and energy on my novels and other non-video game related projects. But even though I’ll no longer be working on games for BioWare, I’m not going to be severing all ties with them. Many of my closest friends still work at the company, and I’m also in the process of writing the next Star Wars: The Old Republic novel, though I can’t say too much about it yet.

On a personal note, I can say that Drew is one of the nicest and most down-to-earth developers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. When Ask A Jedi was first starting out, one of the first conventions I attended was Star Wars Celebration here in Orlando in August of 2010. Drew was there in many capacities, including for TOR, and he spent at least an hour just hanging out with us in a casual atmosphere, sharing drinks and talking TOR. You can check out the video of part of our interview with him below.

Just wanted to say thanks to Drew for all he’s given myself and the entire video game world over the past 12 years, and wish him well in his next “chapter!”

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Dec 6, 2011

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Attention Meatbags: Win A Copy Of Revan – Autographed By Drew Karpyshyn

If you’ve played Knights of The Old Republic (which, if you haven’t you should, and you can still buy it on Steam), the Revan character needs no introduction. Likewise for Drew Karpyshyn, who has penned not only some of your favorite BioWare in-game stories from Neverwinter Nights, KoTOR and the Mass Effect series, but also some of the best-received extended universe Star Wars novels of all time in the Darth Bane series.

The fine folks at BioWare were kind enough to offer us an autographed, hardcover copy of the latest Star Wars: The Old Republic novel, Revan, signed by none other than Drew Karpyshyn himself!

So How Do I Win?

How do you win, you might ask? Couldn’t be easier… especially if you’re familiar with Knights of The Old Republic! There are three ways to get in on the action (and yes, they stack – if you do all three, you get three entires!):

  1. To get one entry, simply leave a comment below, (preferably with your favorite quote from everyone’s favorite assassin droid HK-47!) If you’re unfamiliar with HK-47, first of all shame on you. But second of all, Google around and you’re sure to find some great quotes! We even embedded a video below to get you started!
  2. Another way to enter is to like us on Facebook and leave a comment in the contest post there that uses the word “Meatbag!
  3. You’ll earn a third entry if you Tweet the following line – and be sure to leave the hashtag #meatbag embedded, that’s what we’ll be looking for!

I might win an autographed copy of Revan by @DrewKarpyshyn from @askajedi ! http://www.askajedi.com/2011/12/06/attention-meatbags-win-a-copy-of-revan-autographed-by-drew-karpyshyn/ #swtor #starwars #meatbag

Simple enough, right? We’re gonna leave this contest open until the start of Early Game Access which is now on December 13th. Then we’ll tally all of the entries, pick the winner, and then put our phones on mute to enjoy some TOR!

And if you don’t win, you can always pick up Revan on your own, (and you should), including digital versions available from iTunes, Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Drew with Darth Bane

Drew with Darth Bane (Drew is the one on the right ;)

By the way, there may be some of these given away on other fan sites as well, so don’t despair – this isn’t your only chance! As a matter of fact, we’ll try and keep track of the links to the giveaways around the web right here! Bookmark this page and check back to increase your chances of scoring!

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Nov 15, 2011

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Drew Karpyshyn Interview At Star Wars Books – Next TOR Book Set After Game

In concert with today’s release of their new Star Wars: The Old Republic novel Revan, Random House via their Suvudu blog has posted a brand new interview with author Drew Karpyshyn.

In the piece, Karpyshyn talks about his work on the Mass Effect series, possible continuation of the Darth Bane story, as well as this little tidbit about another TOR book he’s working on:

Suduvu: Can you reveal anything about next TOR novel you’re writing, currently set for a Fall 2012 release?

Drew Karpyshyn: I can’t really say anything right now, other than that it will take place after the events of the game.

That’s a pretty big tease for fans of The Old Republic right there. What does “after the events of the game” mean, exactly? And will the new story lead into the next chapter of the game, perhaps through an expansion?

In any case, the interview is a great read for Star Wars fans in general as Drew stands up to some great questions, such as the problem with Jedi feeling emotion

Head on over for the full read, and of course make sure you get your own copy of Revan asap!


Drew with Darth Bane

Drew with Darth Bane (Drew is the one on the right ;)

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Nov 15, 2011

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Drew Karpyshyn’s Revan In Stores Today!

If you’re not familiar, Drew Karpyshyn is an author who has written some of the most highly-regarded Star Wars novels in the expanded universe, including creating some of the most educing characters including Darth Bane and, of course, Revan in Knights Of The Old Republic.

Fans of the KoTOR series were left with somewhat of a cliffhanger as to what really happened to Revan when he went out to deep space. Well, today fans can finally get some answers with the release of Drew’s latest novel, Revan! From the synopsis:

What exactly happened beyond the Outer Rim? Revan can’t quite remember, yet can’t entirely forget. Somehow he stumbled across a terrible secret that threatens the very existence of the Republic. With no idea what it is, or how to stop it, Revan may very well fail, for he’s never faced a more powerful and diabolic enemy. But only death can stop him from trying.

Recently at New York Comic Con, Karpyshyn himself revealed the book details on Revan’s turn to the Dark side, and also, if players ultimately want the full story of Revan, they’ll want to play both the Republic and Empire sides of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Our copy is set to arrive today, and we can’t wait to sit down – and we’ll have a full review by our own minister of Star Wars Lore, Professor Walsh soon! Head on over to your local book store or order online today!

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Nov 8, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Do You Plan On Buying “Revan”?

No day would be complete without the breakfast of Jedi: Blue Milk & Cereal.  Every morning, the team at Ask A Jedi will get Force-induced thoughts coursing through your head with delicious issues from around the galaxy! Join in the discussion below to make your voice heard!

Today is November 8. Do you know what that means? The SW:TOR prequel novel “Revan” comes out in just one week! I’m not an expanded universe junkie or anything but I have enjoyed the two previous SW:TOR novels and I greatly enjoyed the Knights of the Old Republic games. From what I understand, “Revan” is supposed to bridge the gap between the KOTOR story line and the SW:TOR storyline and that has me very excited.

“Revan” is written by Drew Karpyshyn, veteran of the Star Wars universe (i.e. the Darth Bane Trilogy) and BioWare storytelling (i.e the Mass Effect Trilogy, both novels and games). He was also the lead writer on the KoTOR video game and created the Revan character, so if anyone is suited to write a novel bridging the gap between KoTOR and SW:TOR, it’s Mr. Karpyshyn!

Personally, I have the book pre-ordered already and can’t wait to read it when it comes out. How about you? Are you interested in the story that bridges the gap between KoTOR and SW:TOR? Do you play on picking up a copy of the “Revan” novel?

Do you plan on picking up Drew Karphyshin's "Revan"?

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