Jul 2, 2010

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Friday’s Update: E3 Multiplayer Demo

This week’s Friday update is a nice video of the multiplayer demo that was shown at E3. While it’s not new information, it’s nice to get it in pristine source format for further “analysis.”

Dallas Dickenson provides the narration, and unfortunately it doesn’t look ike it’s available as a download, so you have to watch it on the official TOR site.

Commander Narlock readies his troops for an Imperial assault. As he does, all four Republic classes; a Jedi Consular, Jedi Knight, Smuggler, and Trooper join together to assist in fighting off the attack. Watch as each player does his or her part to take on the enemies, and beat the Imperial Troopers and Imperial Breach Droids.

Click to watch the video here!

Group Combat

Just a few initial observations after watching the video:

– The graphics look great, and the combat looks fluid.
– A 4-person party seems to be confirmed.
– The “Ellipse Cloud” icon shows which players have a say in the multiplayer conversation.
– It plays music when you win! ;)
– The Jedi Consular doesn’t swing her saber except once, and then steals the killing blow at the end.
– The Smuggler was in cover behind a wall the whole time.
– The Jedi Knight was relegated to secondary duty!? :(

  1. The JC DO swing her lightsaber at the end.
    Otherwise it was mostly healing, Force Slamming and acting as the camera.

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