Nov 18, 2011

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Fan Site Summit: Q&A In The Ask A Jedi Cantina!

If you follow Star Wars: The Old Republic with any sort of regularity, you may have heard about a little event held last week at BioWare’s Austin studio: Fan Site Summit 2! We provided some of our general coverage over the last week or so, including some details on Ilum and a fun photo gallery. But today the doors can really come off the hinges as the embargo has lifted!

As of today, you can check out our coverage of the awesome new Outlaw’s Den area of Tatooine, the high-level Flashpoint Directive 7, leveling through Coruscant as a member of the Galactic Republic, and the low-mid level Flashpoint Hammer Station.

But what if you’ve already read all of that? What if you still have burning questions about something that came out of the Fan Site Summit?

Well, thanks to our partners at Enjin Guild Hosting, we’re proud to announce our first-ever live event – The Fan Site Followup Q&A – to be held in the brand new Ask A Jedi Cantina! We have a large-capacity Mumble server where we’ll be fielding questions from AAJ readers and TOR fans from all-over the world.

Join Lethality and Momus from Ask A Jedi as well as Jesta and Gnarf from R2-Db – and maybe a few other guests – as we try to answer any questions you might have and add to the information that’s already out there! Obviously we may not be able to answer everything for one reason or another, but we want to give it our best shot!

When: Friday, November 18th (that’s today!) at 9:00PM Eastern Standard Time
Where: The Ask A Jedi Cantina, our large capacity voice server
How: Download the Mumble client (Mac, Windows or Linux)
Server:  Port: 64578

Hope to see everyone later tonight in the Ask A Jedi Cantina, and spread the word!

  1. Hmm… trying to connect a getting a connection refused error. Connected earlier today, no problem. Maybe the server is full up?

    • Apologies, the server is having an issue at the moment… it could be because of traffic, but the hamsters are looking into it! Will keep updated on

    • I completely missed it. Damn social life! Hope there will be more in the future, I had my questions all written up and ready to go. I really wanted to participate, is there another Cantina planned for the future?

      • You can bet there will be more! The whole intent of the Cantina is to make it a regular spot for events like this. Yesterday was the kickoff, and it happened to work out nicely since the NDA drop as well!


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