Aug 16, 2011

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HD Eternity Vault Demo + Trailer From

Our friends over at, whom we met during the Fan Site Summit back in April, have just posted a full, 1080p HD video of the Star Wars: The Old Republic portion of the Electronic Arts press conference. In the video, Dr. Ray Muzyka introduces Gabe Amatangelo who guides a live group of 8 BioWare team members through the first encounter in the Eternity Vault Operation!

After the demo, they also included the new pre-recorded Eternity Vault gameplay trailer, which shows some interesting things elsewhere throughout the operation. This portion starts at about 8:05 and includes some interesting footage, including what appears to be an Imperial Agent doing a puzzle of some sort, while others protect him. That could prove to be an interesting gameplay mechanic!

Enjoy, and thanks to our buds at for the work!

Puzzle mechanic?

  1. Very intrigued by the apparent puzzle mechanic in the screeny

    • It doesn’t really seem like a puzzle but more of a match the symbols with the ones on the side. I really hope that there’s more to it than just that otherwise it looks like a pointless mechanic.

      • Eric "E" Murphy says:

        Well, perhaps it takes a while for those stone disks to rotate to the correct symbol, and the monsters auto aggro to the puzzle man every 5 seconds, that would keep Tanks on their toes with their taunts.

  2. Nothing I saw adds any concerns to my game play, which was a worry of mine. Now if they can share something ‘new’

  3. That is one huge Mon Calamari at the end, there.

  4. Both KOTOR games featured a few puzzles that you needed to complete in order to advance your quest. Good to see that they are bringing this into the MMO space.

  5. Very very cool stuff. Though I thought it was kinda silly when one of them force leaped at the cannon and then fell to the ground.

  6. Looks Awesome, I hope for an imperial developer operations walktrough at the end of gamescom. I would love to see some actual gameplay from assassin and sorcerer since I dont know which advanced class speaks to me most.
    I must admit I’m still not liking the “dress-robes” of the inquisitor or the way healing looks, however if thats all Im not gonna love, wow what a game gentlemen, what a game


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