Aug 18, 2011

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gamescom 2011: Stephen Reid Interview With TotalBiscuit

If you’re a WoW fan, you’re probably most familiar with The Cynical Brit and Totalbiscuit from the myriad of WoW related videos they’ve produced over time. But it’s actually a highly entertaining source of gaming news in general, going beyond WoW and MMOs.

Yesterday they sat down with BioWare Senior Community Manager Stephen Reid for an interview, but it’s much more than that – you’ll hear Stephen talk and see as he plays through some origin world gameplay on the Korriban as a Sith Warrior.

This video is about 25 minutes long, and well worth the watch… It has some of the nicest cam-shot gameplay footage we’ve seen. But beware, if you’re planning on playing a Sith character, there are probably some spoilers!

Stephen Reid and his adoring fans.

  1. I’ve loved listening to TB’s commentaries in wow and seesm to fit nicely with SWTOR,a bit arrogant but still funny.

  2. Nicely done. They certainly gave the place a polish from the last footage I’ve seen.

  3. solid game play example, its nice to see more and more vids that do nothing but increase my desire to play.

  4. The Cynical Brit IS Totalbiscuit. They aren’t two separate people.

  5. Very awesome stuff. I’m glad to see some real gameplay. Really makes me think that this game actually will be out this year and soon. So excited!

  6. Oh that footage looked so awesome. It’s incredible how I seem to want to play this game more and more as it gets closer. I have never been so excited to play a game in my entire life. I really look forward to anymore videos.

    I really hope that my guild / I get into beta. This game looks so fun.

  7. Oh… your… god…

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