Aug 21, 2011

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gamescom 2011: Smuggler Gameplay + Gabe Amatangelo Interview w/ TotalBiscuit

Following up his excellent interview with Stephen Reid, in which we got to see about 25 minutes of Sith Warrior origin world gameplay on Korriban, TotalBuscuit has returned with about 16 minutes of Smuggler origin world content!

This time, he’s Stephen Reid-less, but if you’re familiar with TotalBuscuit, you know he’s a skilled and entertaining narrator and he doesn’t disappoint here. The video is cam shot, but available at 1080p, and some of the best I’ve seen. Although this time, he was not permitted to play the in-game audio.

A must-watch I would say, but as with his Sith Warrior video, this definitely contains some spoilers if you’d rather save your Smuggler experience for when you finally get your hands on the game!

As a bonus, TotalBuscuit also conducted a short interview with Gabe Amatangelo to talk a bit about end-game. Of interest they discussed the Eternity Vault Operation shown as “entry-level” with simple mechanics, and Gabe notes that it gets much harder with different mechanics from there. Also: Open World PvP.


  1. Whaaaaaaat?! Objective based open world PvP! :) YES! Please make it so!

    • Ya, Gabe dropped some good info in there… the time zone must be getting to him ;) Hopefully we’ll here more soon!

    • Can someone please correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t wow have this in some zones in BC? Did people actually do them on PvP servers, they seemed to be ignored on pve servers if I remember right.

      Or is what Gabe talking about something different. I am really hoping thehave some ideas to pull players into open world pvp, something players wont want to avoid.

      • when you think of pvp objectives and gabe, you got to look at warrhammer online’s pvp objectives and their rvr. just because wow did a horriblie job at open world pvp objectives, doesnt mean it can’t be done. 99% of people who play warhammer online, just play it for the open world pvp…. trust me, this is a great thing for us :-)

    • I’m gonna weigh in with my “Open World PvP cannot work, and hasn’t worked, ever, in an MMO” line, but I’ll expand on it a bit later, perhaps with a Lethal Injection ;)

  2. Thanks for the updates and great site!

    Can’t wait for this to come out :)

  3. Abner Ford says:

    Quick note: The Sith Warrior origin world gameplay was on KORRIBAN, not HUTTA. Honest mistake.

    Thanks for sharing the links, good stuff there. The Smuggler gameplay was good stuff, even without the voiceover. I can’t wait to use the cover mechanic with my Agent and get a feel for it myself.

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