Jan 24, 2012

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The Nerfherder’s Guide to the Galaxy: Dromund Kaas

 From the crystal-laden caverns of Ilum to the Jundland Wastes of Tatooine, this is your guide to discovering the distant worlds and locales of Star Wars:The Old Republic. Welcome to The Nerfherder’s Guide to the Galaxy! 

“Dromund Kaas is not our home, and in many ways we do not belong here. The Emperor led us here and we made it into something more than we found, but it is still a place of savagery ruled by beasts. We have retaken Korriban, but this remains our seat of power, to remind us of the cost of losing this war. Never forget what the Republic took from us, let that shame fuel your anger.”

– From the Teachings of Lord Kraius

This is the Citadel, home of the Emperor and his Dark Council

Dromund Kaas, the dark heart of the Sith Empire, is a world of lush jungles dominated by vicious predators that are only slightly less dangerous than the Dark Lords that rule there. During the Golden Age of the ancient Sith Empire, Dromund Kaas was found, colonized, and then largely forgotten as its hyperspace coordinates were lost. Centuries later, following the Great Hyperspace War, an armada of Sith forces vanished into hyperspace to escape the onslaught of Republic forces.

The armada, led by the Sith who became the new Emperor, blindly leapt into hyperspace to avoid any possible contact with hostile vessels. Finally, guided by the Force, they rediscovered the Dromund system and settled on Dromund Kaas as their new capital world. Among the jungles and ruins of the ancient Sith, the Emperor inspired his followers to begin building a new Empire and to prepare for the day when they would reemerge and take their revenge upon the Republic.

One of their first efforts was the construction of the Citadel and Kaas City as testament to the power of the Sith Empire. The Emperor assembled his Dark Council from his most trusted and powerful Sith Lords and began building a strong military force, with a focus on a vast fleet that could reach out and conquer the galaxy in his name. Through dark rituals designed to extend his life, the Emperor transformed the planet’s ionosphere into a frenzied electrical storm that continues to rage centuries later. The entirety of Dromund Kaas is cast in perpetual darkness, illuminated only by the lights of Kaas city and the tempest of power above.

Welcome to Dromund Kaas

Dromund Kaas is the capital world for Imperial players, including both Sith and their military allies, who venture here after Korriban and Hutta. Players can choose either to travel directly to Kaas from the Imperial fleet and Vaiken Spacedock, or they can take the Black Talon Flashpoint to earn some social points, credits, and other rewards on their way. Regardless of the path chosen, players begin at the Spaceport on the East side of the planet.

While a speeder to the outskirts of Kaas City is immediately available, a number of missions can be found while running from the spaceport to the city. This is also a great opportunity for players with gathering Crew Skills like Archaeology and Bioanalysis to begin gathering materials without paying for companion missions. The journey from the spaceport to Kaas City does present some danger, however, including Gundark Alphas that prowl the roads.

Kaas City itself takes up much of the northern region of the planet and offers numerous merchants, class and Crew Skill trainers, as well as the citadel of the Emperor and his Dark Council. Bounty Hunters will find a Mandalorian Enclave that houses the huntmaster for the Great Hunt, and Imperial Agents can report directly to Keeper and various officers at the Imperial Intelligence Central Command. There are also other amenities here, including storage access, terminals for the Galactic Trade Network, and a cantina for gaining rest experience.

South of Kaas City, the jungle once again takes over the planet and players will have to find their way throughout the hostile landscape. There are numerous paths and roads that can be traveled through the wilderness, allowing players to more easily navigate the terrain. Southeast of the city is the Unfinished Colossus, a massive statue of a Sith Lord, the construction of which has been halted by a recent slave rebellion.

There is no shortage of finished Sith statuary elsewhere

The southern-most region of Dromund Kaas is Lord Grathan’s Estate, the home of a Sith Lord who has proclaimed himself a member of the Dark Council. This has caused hostilities between his forces and those loyal to the Council and the Emperor’s chosen Sith Lords. Players will find themselves caught up in this turmoil and may struggle to avoid being little more than the pawns of the Dark Lords of the Sith.

West of Grathan’s Estate is a camp of Sith philosophers and archaeologists who have devoted themselves to studying the life and teachings of a Sith Lord from centuries ago. Their beliefs have brought them into conflict with the Council, however, and players will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the lore of the Sith. East of Grathan’s Estate is a Heroic area with some of the deadliest creatures on Dromund Kaas. These enemies should not be taken lightly, and in the furthest southeast corner of the zone can be found The First, the Heroic World Boss for Dromund Kaas.

The Dark Temple lies west of Kaas City itself and is the site of ancient tombs and ruins from the Sith that colonized this world long before the coming of the Emperor and his armada. Ancient Sith Lords rest uneasily in this place, and its secrets can be discovered by players willing to disturb their dusty remains. There is also a cave in this area that can be used to assemble Matrix Shards found by intrepid explorers into powerful Relics.

Dromund Kaas is a world of dark secrets, savage jungles, and powerful Sith Lords. Tread lightly on this deadly world, and you may yet build a place for yourself within the Empire. Have you explored Dromund Kaas? If so, what suggestions would you give to others who venture through its jungles? We are all explorers here, so tell us about your adventures on this dark and mysterious world.

In-game map of Dromund Kaas


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