Dec 17, 2011

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The Nerfherder’s Guide to the Galaxy: Hutta

From the crystal-laden caverns of Ilum to the Jundland Wastes of Tatooine, this is your guide to discovering the distant worlds and locales of Star Wars:The Old Republic. Welcome to The Nerfherder’s Guide to the Galaxy!

“People try to tell you that Hutta is lawless. They don’t know poodoo! Republic law and Imperial edict don’t mean a thing out here. But the word of the Hutts is absolute. It’s as capricious and slimy as they are. And if you’re on the wrong side of it… well, the swamps are deep and no one will ever look for you.”

– Aldo Jinn, Bounty Hunter, overheard in Nem’ro’s Palace

Everybody has to start somewhere

Everybody has to start somewhere

Deep in the heart of Hutt space, the planet Hutta is a quagmire of illegality, political maneuvering, and decay. The Hutts once began building their vast holdings from their ancient homeworld of Varl. Thousands of years ago, however, a massive conflict devastated many of their planets, including Varl. Following this conflict, the Hutts chose a new world as their home.

Once a lush world of rainforests known as “Evocar,” the Hutts subjugated the native Evocaii species and terraformed the surface into a wet landscape of marshland and swamps. They renamed the world “Nal Hutta,” which means “glorious jewel” in Huttese, and it became the capital of their criminal empire.

At the border of the mid and outer galactic rims, Hutta is located toward the far eastern edge of the galaxy. It would technically be a part of the Sith Empire’s territory, following the division of the galaxy after the Treaty of Coruscant, but the Hutts remain independent. Business has been good for them, as The Great War and the uneasy peace following it have provided many opportunities for growth and deals with both sides.

As tensions within the galaxy begin to rise, the loathsome Hutts once more see an opportunity for profit. Bounty hunters and other scum from throughout the galaxy have come to the great palaces of Hutta to find work and make a name for themselves. If open war does return to the galaxy, it will mean the deaths of millions of people, and the Hutts will find a way to profit from every one of them.

A wretched hive of scum and villainy

A wretched hive of scum and villainy

Hutta is the starting planet for both the Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter classes. Players taking on these roles will find themselves exploring the lush palaces of the Hutts and the slimy swamps beyond. Marshland is the dominant topography of this world, as thick jungles and shallow pools of water populate the landscape. Throughout this mire are the ruins and shacks of those Evocaii that remain on the planet, and the manufacturing plants through which the Hutts conduct “legitimate” business.

Agents and Bounty Hunters alike find themselves in the small town of Jiguuna, at the Poison Pit Cantina, where they receive their first jobs on this dangerous world. Nearby to the south is a small market area, in which class trainers and vendors can be found, as well as the grand palace of Nem’ro the Hutt. Both Nem’ro’s Palace and the Poison Pit contain a Quick Travel point and Taxi services, making early travel fast and easy.

To the east of Nem’ro’s Palace and Jiguuna is an Evocaii work camp, where some of the natives remain in unseemly conditions. Throughout the swamps of Hutta are numerous unpleasant creatures, such as Akk dogs and Chemlizards. The reptiles are not always aggressive, but running into an Akk dog at the wrong moment can make your life interesting. More dangerous than these inhabitants, however, are the various mercenaries and rebel Evocaii that see everyone else as a threat.

Far north of Jiguuna are the Old Muckworks, a large factory and the location of some Heroic quests (bring a friend or two). To the northeast are the Rust Yards, a series of factories and trash heaps filled with combat droids and similar foes. A tunnel runs from within the Rust Yards to the west, and sharp-eyed explorers might find a few interesting things down in this subterranean passage.

In the southeast region of Hutta is the palace of Fa’athra the Hutt, rival of Nem’ro and employer of countless mercenaries and bounty hunters. Entering Fa’athra’s Palace is a dangerous proposal for anyone not invited by the young crime lord. Of course, any damage done to his operations are likely to be smiled upon by the mighty Nem’ro.

In-game map of Hutta

In-game map of Hutta

The world of Hutta is a lush palette of yellows, greens, and browns. These warm earth tones are offset by the cold machinations and vile behavior of the Hutts who rule it. Agents and Bounty Hunters alike will find their principles tested while navigating the treachery and deception of Nem’ro’s Palace. How will you make your way through this slimy landscape? Do you prefer the direct, no-apologies approach of the Bounty Hunter? Or will you begin your Imperial career as an Agent sneaking through the marsh?

  1. “..the swamps are deep and no one will ever look for you.” Love it!!
    Hutta is SO much fun. And I love your hint: “A tunnel runs from within the Rust Yards to the west, and sharp-eyed explorers might find a few interesting things down in this subterranean passage.”

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