Jan 24, 2012

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Is The Ability Delay Fixed For You?

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Arguably the biggest item that’s been addressed in this morning’s 1.1.0b patch is the fixes to the “ability delay.” For those not familiar, the issue came to light on the forums here, and prompted developer response from Associate Game Director Emmanuel Lusinchi and and update from Principle Lead Combat Designer Georg Zoeller.

The servers came back up at around 6:30AM EST this morning, and within minutes we were already getting reports from members of the AAJ Army that the ability delay had been fixed or greatly improved! We continued to get comments from Twitter:

@bran1138: I am on a lower end machine so ability delay got me killed a few times and I logged in just now to a much nicer experience.

@Stigas_Illidan: Just finished a game of #swtor Huttball and I went from unplayable 5FPS to 60FPS and zero delay. Big kudos to the dev team!

@gomatgo: Feels like a new game.

These are encouraging signs! Indeed, the ability delay had the silent but long term potential to turning players off of the combat without even realizing why. If this has been addressed, or at least in part this is great news!

But what about the test of you? Once you get in game and test it out, let us know your thoughts on the improvements (or, if you don’t notice anything different!)

What do you think of the fixes to "ability delay?"

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  1. Sith Warriors still have issues haven’t haven’t noticed it on any other class before the patch.

  2. ScytheNoire says:

    There were more than one problems with ability delay. There was the laggy feeling, which affected every class, but individual classes had skills which have huge delays, such as the Trooper with any channeling ability, which takes over 50% longer than it should. So no, it’s not fixed, it’s still broken.

  3. ability delay != animation delay

  4. but yeah, trooper animation delay are stupid, bh can cast twice as fast

  5. On my soundral combat seems more responsive, I am still getting a bit of ability lag from time to time but nothing like I have seen. Though I should say I haven’t been gaming heavy today. Just been duo running. Tonight will be the test.

    Though must say FPS in trouble spots has improved, I’d like to see more, but MUCH much better on the fleet. I’d day I averaged 15 to 25 FPS jump. On fleet I’d see it get as low as 10 fps, now I haven’t seen it below 20, and I average about 35.

  6. As an Operative, I’m smashing my keys way less trying to activate an ability. Instant casts have noticeably been improved for me.

  7. Considerable improvement for me. Felt like reborn today in flashpoints.

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