Jan 7, 2012

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Emmanuel Lusinchi Updates Community On ‘Ability Delay’

He doesn’t always post on the forums. But when he does, he prefers to kick ass.

He may not be the most interesting man in the world, but could very well be the most interesting man on the Star Wars: The Old Republic development team. I’m talking about Technical Design Director Emmanuel Lusinchi.

Over the years, Lusinchi hasn’t surfaced all that often, at least compared to some other familiar faces such as Georg Zoeller, Damion Schubert or the golden-throated Dallas Dickenson. But when he does speak or make a post, it’s usually of great substance and of great interest to to players. This time around, he took a moment to chime in on the thread regarding the “ability delay” issue:

During the development of Star Wars: The Old Republic, we’ve been paying a lot of attention to the game’s responsiveness. As pointed out by some people on the Forum, a very responsive experience is one of the factors that separate the best MMOs from the others. This is something we are fully aware of and take extremely seriously. 

Several of the issues brought forth by the community have already been dealt with and you should see the fixes integrated in coming patches, including those coming this month. Every lead mentioned on the forum is being investigated and I cannot stress enough how useful your feedback is – especially when coupled with the level of details found in some of the posts.

So I’d really like to thank the community for this very constructive feedback.

It says a lot to step into a public firestorm like that, and props have to go out to Emmanuel and BioWare for facing the community head on, even when it’s a potentially debilitating problem with the game.

We’ll keep you posted on this important development issue.

  1. Really hope they pin this problem down. This really is a game breaking deal for me, but will at least give them some reasonable time to get it figured out. After that may just cancel my account and wait for it to be fixed.

    Smart thing, imho, to do would make a post saying some features they were hoping to get in very soon after game release have been pushed back some as they are alloting more resources to solving this problem.

    Some people will whine and complain, but the mature people would nod and agree it would be best for the game.

    • Zewarpath says:

      I don’t believe that is entirely necessary for Bioware to delay content. They’ve stated many times before that they have separate teams handling different parts of the game. Because of this, they can release new content without inhibiting their ability to continue to polish the game.

      I for one trust Bioware with what they say. They’ve listened before and have shown they are truly taking feedback to heart. It will be fixed in due time.

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