Dec 27, 2011

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Patch Notes: 1.0.1 – Bug Fixes, Slicing And More

Anytime there’s a patch to Star Wars: The Old Republic, we have you covered – all the notes, nicely formatted, with Torhead tooltips for dessert! Check here first to find out if you need to rage on the forums about a nerf to your class. 

Bad news and good news this morning, everyone!

The bad news is that maintenance has been extended.

The good news: today is Patch 1.0.1! This build was available on the Public Test Server right after launch, and is now ready for live play! Feast on the notes below.

With this update, the first of many for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, we have addressed several high-priority bugs. We’ve implemented fixes for those players affected by performance issues on Taris and have corrected the problem preventing some pending mission rewards from being accepted. Additionally, the issue that could cause some gathering nodes to appear unharvestable has been addressed, and you’ll notice several bug fixes relating to Flashpoint and Operation content.

We’re committed providing the best possible MMO experience, and will continue releasing fixes and updates on a regular basis.

Thank you for playing Star Wars: The Old Republic!

1.0.1 Patch Notes 12/27/2011

Classes and Combat

Combat Bug Fixes

      • Fixed a bug that could cause the global cooldown to display incorrectly in the UI.
      • Abilities that require Companion Characters now always correctly require a companion.
      • NPCs no longer attempt to engage vanity pets in combat.

Imperial Agent



      • The tooltip for Acid Blade now displays the correct information.

Companion Characters


Kira Carson

        • Fixed an issue that could cause Kira’s affection progression to become blocked.


Bug Fixes

    • Companion Character dialogue now plays at the correct volume.

Crew Skills

Gathering Skills



        • Rewards from Slicing have been reduced to bring them into balance with other skills.
        • Adjusted incorrect values for medium slicing boxes.


Bug Fixes

    • Corrected an issue that could cause some gathering nodes to appear as unharvestable.

Flashpoints and Operations



Mandalorian Raiders

        • Crowd control immunity has been removed from several members of the Enemy Boarding Party.


Colicoid War Game

        • An issue that prevented some players from mounting turrets in this Flashpoint has been corrected.


The Red Reaper

        • Darth Ikoral now uses his abilities correctly.


Directive 7

        • Mentor now resets correctly if he defeats the player group.


Bug Fixes

        • All players in a group who have a daily Flashpoint mission now get credit for completing that Flashpoint.



Eternity Vault

        • Fixed an issue that could cause players to instantly die when affected by Soa’s knockback.
        • Turrets in Normal Mode no longer behave as turrets from Hard Mode.
        • Players are now able to properly obtain loot from chests.
        • The Ancient Pylons now spawn enemies at the correct intervals.


Karagga’s Palace

      • Players no longer need to reset this Operation if they do not defeat Bonethrasher.
      • Corrected an issue that caused some players to become stuck at the throne room door.


Bug Fixes

    • PvP lockboxes can no longer be sold for credits.
    • Fixed incorrect item rewards from PvP leveling lockboxes.


Missions and NPCs




        • A New Master: Defeating Teeno no longer causes him to surrender on top of Phyne, making him difficult to interact with.
        • General Faraire: All of Khourlet’s Elite Guards are now accessible by the player.


Bug Fixes

        • Fixed a mission-related issue that could cause poor performance and client crashes on Taris for some players.



Bug Fixes

      • Corrected several instances of non-interactive NPCs appearing and disappearing from the player’s view.




        • Rewards for winning Warzones have been increased.
        • Warzone completion rewards have been decreased.


Bug Fixes


      • Corrected an issue that could prevent some players from entering the Voidstar.
      • Made adjustments to prevent attacking players from reaching the doors in the reactor core before bridges are extended.


Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug that could prevent players from accepting pending mission rewards.
    • Targeting a friendly player no longer occasionally displays incorrect text for the character’s name.
    • Corrected an issue that could cause some auction expirations to behave incorrectly.
    • The splash screen no longer displays longer than the “accept changes” dialogue when changing resolutions on some computers.
    • Master Looter now works correctly for items being looted from chests.
    • The server select screen no longer displays over the character select after being disconnected for being away.
    • Corrected an issue that could cause mission mapnotes to disappear when a new mission is obtained.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Special characters no longer display incorrectly in the French credits.
  • Remaining baby names have been added to the credits.
  • Corrected a link that displayed in French and German versions when the servers are unavailable.

  1. Slicing nerfed (glad I mad my quick 150K before that happened to keep my toons in speeder trainings)
    War Zones nerfed … well the losing side needed something. i can honestly say 7K+ xp and 1000 credits for 15mins of losing effort seems a bit much for a level 20.

  2. RevanRules says:

    Hope they stopping almost every NPC having those training droids that attack you. Basically eliminating the epicness of our characters that every single NPC can bring out weapons.

    Our training droids from CE can’t even attack and a total waste yet the NPC ones can damage us.

  3. DrElementary says:

    Considering I’m halfway along Kira’s affection bar, I’m glad they fixed whatever bug there was.

  4. The whole reason that they had to nerf slicing is because they didn’t limit how high you could level it right off the bat at level 10 (or sooner if you just went to the station). No wonder there were large numbers of accounts with multiple slicing alts running missions constantly. At level 19 & 25, I have more then a few skills that are getting close to the maximum of 400 points.

    They should have done it up like just about every other MMO in that you can’t level crafting / gathering skills past certain points until your character level meets a minimum level requirement.

  5. well atleast they fixed the dc’ing problem …. oh no wait
    got dc’s 3 times already. before the patch 0 never had a dc in this game even in beta

    maybe they wanted to make it fair for everyone so everyone can randomly dc

    • I have DC’d multiple times too >.< mostly on Taris. During beta I had wonderful connection speed and not a single DC, but now I get one every 15 minutes or less. It's very, very frustrating.
      I have a very high speed router and internet connection, as well as a computer that exceeds all minimum computer requirements.

  6. Resources nodes are still bugged for me. Most I can harvest, but even after implementing this patch i’m unable to harvest and sometimes even see some resources. They appear on the map, but are unharvestible, invisible, or both.

    Also, Taris is still very buggy for me. I have been unable to level at a consistent pace on that planet due to the fact that every 15 minutes it crashes on me, and I have to reload the game.

    Anyone have any potential solutions?

  7. My concern about slicing is what happens at 400? I can understand the risk/occasional loss when you get a skill point.
    But at 400, you no have 30-50% of you missions for lockboxes that are showing (at least to my most recent 10 attempts) to be returning at a loss.

    • I’ve been keeping track of the 140 slicing missions I’ve done since the patch. While there is now a much greater chance of taking a loss on a mission, on average the missions are still profitable, especially since they can crit, and that profit does not include the schematics I can use or vendor on the GTN. It appears based on my sample size that the quality of the mission (Moderate/Abundant/Bountiful/Rich)doesn’t have much effect on the profit per minute (Rich missions give more money, but they also cost more money and take more time). In general, missions are netting me ~10-20 credits per minute per companion. Not an awesome return, but the 2 companions who would otherwise be sleeping on the ship are getting me ~1800 credits per hour that I wouldn’t otherwise have.

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