Dec 15, 2011

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Security Key Vendor Items Revealed!

You may have heard that the Mobile Security Key app is now available for iOS devices, allowing you to tie it to your Star Wars: The Old Republic account for added security. So, tonight we did just that!

It works as expected, but what I want to talk about here is the bonus for using it: the in-game Security Key Vendor! That’s right – players who make use of a security key on their account (physical, available for purchase or via the Collector’s Edition or digital such as an iOS app for free) get access to a special vendor that sells things only to them.

This vendor NPC is stationed on your respective faction’s fleet (Carrick Station or Vaiken Spacedock). He’s located in the “inner circle” near one of the cargo hold access pods. On the Republic side, his name is Tamin.

The items he has available range in quality including Protoype, Artifact and Custom. A large chunk of what he sells are companion customization kits, but there are some flashier items such as speeders and… dancer’s clothes! Here’s a full list of the items currently available, and you can also check out the screenshots below!

Personally, I can’t wait to see what the Rhythym Augmentation Droid does with the tagline “The party goes wherever you drop this faithful droid.”

Security Vendor Items - 1

Security Vendor Items - 2

  1. is that the same mouse droid that people get in the collectors edition?? let the nerdrage begin.

  2. Dirtyshadow says:

    Well the collectors edition is getting the mouse droids, cause they come with the Security Key :P

    Im assuming that the Imperial/Sith Empire allegiance players will get a Companion Customisation for each of the 4 starter companions as well. And an appropriatly named Imperial version of the Social gear

  3. The Fleet Pass is prolly the most interesting thing.

  4. El_Inquisitor says:

    Customization kits for companions? It was to my knowledge that you can already dress your companions with gear. I am so glad I did not order the CE. It seems like such a rip off and this paltry list confirms it. :)

    • This isn’t the CE store. This is a special store for anyone that uses a Security Key.

      • Oh, so there is a separate store, I was wondering if the CE store was the same store as the one for the Security Key? I got the CE and I am starting to feel like they are giving all the special stuff you get in the CE away. I am waiting for them to say,”Well, thank you for buying CE here is your free poster that just cost you $150.00 oh and btw everyone gets a statue for checking you email every five minutes for you possible early access invite.”

    • Customization changes how they physically appear. So it changes hair styles, facial options, tattoos, cybernetics, etc for the companion. It’s not clothing.

  5. Anyone have screenshots for the customization kits?

    Also there is a security key vendor on Coruscant, I would assume he sells the same stuff.

  6. Darkthunder says:

    I’m assuming the “Companion Kits” the npc sells, are different depending on your class. Would seem strange to sell kits that are of no use if you don’t have that Companion.

    The Fleet Pass is reason enough to pick up an Authenticator/Security Key. Besides the added security ofcourse :)

  7. I’m very happy that Bioware is actually giving incentives for people to get a security key. Not only will they protect their account, but they will get some in game items for doing so.

  8. Hi,
    Could you had the link for belgium ? I tried wih the uk one and the other one and it didn’t work.

    Thanks in advance :)

  9. foamythegreat says:

    i didn’t pre-order, however i did get the CE…just curious as to whats on the pre-order vendor since i can’t check it out in game

  10. It appears that the dancer clothes are worth it i mean cmon a piece of clothiing that has 4 mod slots instead of 3 ? most the gear u get unless its a crafted piece of gear and then only if ur lucky only has 3 slots so yea im gonna get that gear and mod it even if it does look like crap


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