Dec 12, 2011

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Guild Email Notices Flowing! Server List Compilation

Today is the day that players who participated as part of a guild in the Star Wars: The Old Republic pre-launch guild program will find out what server they’ve been assigned to! Since Early Game Access is less than 24 hours away for the first patch of players, Senior Community Manager Stephen Reid wanted to give everyone a heads up as to what to expect and when to expect it today:

@Rockjaw: … guild deployment emails will start going out in a few hours, and they’ll be sent gradually over a few hours. More later

If you’ve been waiting for the game as long as I have (and I know many of you reading this absolutely have been!) then that’s one of the sweetest pieces of news you can hear – in less that 24 hours, people will be playing TOR!

Now for the important part.

When you receive your email, and you scurry off to to log in and find out the details of your server placement, I want you guys to report back here!  Leave a comment below with the Server Name, Ruleset and Time Zone (and West/East/Euro Data Center) if available). We want to start compiling these for folks who may have not been part of the pre-launch guild program to being thinking about where they’re heading once they get into the game!

Special note to Oceanic players – keep us posted about which servers tend to emerge as the unofficial go-to servers for your region!

So, loyal AAJ followers, can you help us out on this one?  I’ll make sure to give credit to everyone who submits info, of course!

Role-Playing: Unofficial Role-Playing designated servers at SWTOR-RP here.

Oceanic: Unofficial Oceanic PvP Server appears to be: The Swiftsure. More info here.

Oceanic: Unofficial Oceanic PvE Server appears to be: The Harbinger (The Jekk’Jekk Tal backup).

Oceanic: Unofficial Oceanic RP Server appears to be: Begeren Colony.

Spanish: Unoffirical Hispanic PvP EU Server: Tomb of Freedon Nadd

Spanish: Unofficial Spanish PvE EU Server: The Red Eclipse

Hungarian: Unofficial Hungarian PvE Server: The Nightmare Lands

Hungarian: Unofficial Hungarian PvP Server: Ahto City

Hungarian: Unofficial Hungarian RP-PvE Server: The Progenitor

Italian: Unofficial Italian PvE Server: The Nightmare Lands

Italian: Unofficial Italian PvP Server: Tomb of Freedon Nadd


Server List (Language, if applicable): (full list after the jump)

(Note: This list hasn’t been vetted for accuracy, only added to via user submissions. Please verify before choosing!)
RP-PvP Servers

RP-PvP Servers

US RP-PvP (thanks to the guys at Fragcast!)
  • Ajunta Pall
  • Jung Ma
  • Niman
  • Darth Revan’s Mask
  • Ahto City
  • Server Scepter of Ragnos
  • Legions of Lettow
  • The Restoration Zone
  • Bloodworthy
  • The Ravager
  • Star Map (French)
  • Tomb of Freedon Nadd
  • Basilisk Droid
  • Hex Droid
  • Chuundar
  • Jar’Kai Sword (German)
  • Hrakert Rift (French)
  • Darth Traya (German)
  • Baron Deathmark (French)
  • Darth Nihulus (French)
  • Luke Sene
  • Cassus Fett (German)
  • Hydian Way
  • Lost Chapter
  • Force Harvester (German)
  • Sith Triumvirate (German)
  • Hidden Beks
  • Nightmare Lands
  • The Red Eclipse
  • Peragus Mining Facility
  • Jedi Tower (German)
  • Frostclaw
  • Hssiss (French)
  • Mantle Of The Force (French)
  • Phanteem Halls of Knowledge (French)
  • Supreme Commander Stantorrs (German)
  • The Progenitor
  • Trask Ulgo (PANTS!)
  • Battle Meditation (French)
  • Kessel Run (French)
US PvP East
  • Iron Citadel
  • Naddist Rebels
  • Prophecy of The Five
  • Sword of Ajunta Pall
  • Davik’s Estate
  • Hedarr Soongh
  • Kinrath Spider
  • Vulkar Highway
  • The Fatman
  • Belgoth’s Beacon
  • Veela
  • Helm of Graush
  • Bondar Crystal
  • Port Nowhere
  • Anchorhead
  • Terentatek
  • Saber of Exar Kun
  • Death Wind Corridor
US PvE East
  • Dreshdae Cantina
  • The Shadowlands
  • Canderous Ordo
  • Darth Bandon
  • Giradda The Hutt
  • Krayt Dragon
  • Shadow Hand
  • Dreshade Cantina
  • Sith Wyrm
  • Juyo
  • Sith Meditation Sphere
  • Keller’s Void
  • Kaas City
  • Tarro Blood
  • Jedi Covenant
  • Lord Praven
  • Corellian Run
  • Shii-Cho
US RP-PvE East
  • Shien
  • Rubat Crystal
  • Sanctum Of The Exalted
  • Lord Adraas
  • The Ebon Hawk
US PvE West
  • Hyperspace Cannon
  • Master Zhar Lestin
  • Space Slug
  • The Harbinger
  • The Jekk’Jekk Tarr
  • Vornskr
  • Mask of Nihlus
US PvP West
  • Dark Reaper
  • Wound In The Force
  • Rakata Mind Prison
  • The Cruicible Pits
  • The Swiftsure
  • Black Valkurs
  • Nadd’s Sarcophagus
  • Daragon’s Trail
  • Warriors of the Shadow
  • Dark Reaper
  • Mandalore The Indomitable
US RP-PvE West
  • Vrook Lamar
  • Begeren Colony
  • Twin Spears
  • Mask of Nihlus
Spy shot of the TOR East Coast server farm.

Spy shot of the TOR East Coast server farm.

  1. I am just hitting refresh, and have my office on MUTE

  2. That picture of the “server farm” is hilarious!

  3. Would be nice if you note which servers are the unofficial Oceanic ones once it’s decided.

  4. As soon as I get the email, I’ll send you some info ;)

  5. This is from SR’s twitter feed too: “Three… I’m afraid the final decision on server lists in advance was ‘no’. We’ll release them daily via Forums during EGA.”

    So any list that gets compiled here is even more important!

  6. As a reminder, all servers with pre-launch guilds will be opening on day 1. As the EGA days continue, they’ll continue to add servers that /do not/ have pre-launch guilds on them, which will have lower population.

    I’d almost ask that you rename this list a “DO NOT PLAY HERE” list, as all of these servers will be largely filled with pre-launch guilds and other day 0 EGA players. Instead, play on the new ones they open each day, so that we don’t end up with huge queues on the day 0 servers, just because people planned to meet their friends on the only servers they knew the names of.

    • I suspect/hope this is 100% wrong. I twould be extremely foolish for them to fill servers with just premade guilds. That would mean their would be no players looking for guilds as everyone would already be in a premade guild. Not too mention frineds who did not preorder would not be able to join your guild. I suspect each guild will only partly be filled with premade guilds.

      I disagree with naming these as “do not play here” servers…in fact I would suggest just the opposite.

    • Honestly, I don’t think it will cause much of an issue. They will have more than just pre-made guild servers up, they simply said they would make sure if your guild was assigned to a server, it would be available on Day 1 of EGA.

      On top of that, I can imagine the first bit of servers being quite full. So if you were someone new to the game, and had a choice between playing immediately on a somewhat empty server or waiting in a queue, what would you choose?

  7. Assigned to Server Scepter of Ragnos

    Europe PVP server

  8. Assignments are out.

    Wrath is on:
    Prophecy of the Five

  9. Stolenword says:

    SWTOR Server List

    Adari Vaal
    Atton Rand
    Baron-Surgeon Ybann
    Belgoth’s Beacon
    Bondar Crystal
    Canderous Ordo
    Cell of Imu
    Corellian Run
    Cosmic Turbine
    Darth Bandon
    Darth Malak
    Darth Nyriss
    Dorin Sky
    Dramath’s Crypt
    Dravin Cut
    Dreshdae Cantina
    Dreshdae Settlement
    Dreypa’s Oubliette
    Exar Kun
    Exis Station
    Eye of Ashlanae
    Firkrann Crystal
    Flames of the Crucible
    Freedon Nadd
    Gnawer’s Roost
    Goluud Corridor
    Guun Han Saresh
    Handmaidens of Atris
    Holocron of Adas – PvE West Coast
    Infinity Gate
    Iron Citadel
    Jedi Covenant – PvE West Coast
    Jet Nebula – PvE West Coast
    Jung Ma
    Kellian Jarro
    Kemplex Nine
    Khoonda Militia
    Kissai Caste
    Ki-Ta Kren – PvP East Coast
    Lenico Gargantuan
    Lonna Vash
    Ludo Kressh
    Mandalore’s Helmet – PvP West Coast
    Mind Trick
    Moomo Brothers – PvP West Coast
    Murakami Orchid
    Muur Talisman
    Nigut Road
    Odacer-Faustin Academy
    Pius Dea
    Primus Goluud
    Prophecy of the Five
    Pulsipher – PvE West Coast
    Queen Talia
    Reneget Vause
    Rogue Moon
    Rohlan Dyre – PvE West Coast
    Rubat Crystal – PvE West Coast
    Shadow Hand – PvE East Coast
    Shaltin Tunnels
    Shawken Spire – PvE West Coast
    Shipwright’s Trace – PvE West Coast
    Sith Meditation Sphere
    Sluis Shipyards
    Starstorm One
    Stenness Terminal
    Sword of Ajunta Pall
    Tarro Blood
    Tedryn Holocron
    Telos Citadel Station
    The Auriga Fire
    The Cay’s Dream
    The Cinzia
    The Ebon Hawk – PvP West Coast
    The Fatman
    The Hot Prospect – PvE West Coast
    The Jedi Exile – PvE West Coast
    The Last Resort
    The Leviathan
    The Moomo Williwaw
    The Mother Vima – PvE West Coast
    The Omen
    The Promenade – PvE West Coast
    The Queen of Ranroon
    The Shadowlands
    Tingel Route
    Tract of Makem Te
    Trayus Academy
    Tyresius Lokai
    Visas Marr
    Vodo-Siosk Baas
    Vulkar Highway
    Whitebeam Run
    Xim’s Guardian Corps
    Yaru Korsin
    Yoke of Seeming
    Ziost – PVE West Coast

    ————-EU servers——————

    Adari Vaal – PvE – English
    Atris – PvE – German
    Bao-Dur – PvP – French
    Brianna – PvE – French
    Cell of Imu – PvE – French
    Dorin Sky – PvE – English
    Dreypa’s Oubliette – PvE – English
    Exar Kun – PvE – German
    Exis Station – PvE – English
    Flames of the Crucicle – PvE – English
    G0-T0 – PvE – German
    Gnawer’s Roost – PvP – English
    Gooluud Corridor – PvE – French
    Handmaidens of Atris – PvE – English
    Jory – PvE – French
    Kaggath – PvP – German
    Kellian Jarro – PvP – French
    Kissai Caste – PvE – English
    Lenico Gargantuan – PvE – English
    Lonna Vash – PvE – German
    Ludo Kressh – PvE – French
    Mira – PvE – French
    Murakami Orchid – PvE – English
    Odacer-Faustin Academy – PvE – German
    Odan-Urr – PvE – German
    Pius Dea – PvE – German
    Rogue Moon – PvE – English
    Shaltin Tunnels – PvE – German
    Sith’ari – PvE – French
    Sluis Shipyards – PvE – German
    Starstorm One – PvP – German
    T1-LB – PvP – German
    The Cinzia – PvE – English
    The Moomo Williwaw – PvE – German
    The Queen of Ranroon – PvP – English
    Trayus Academy – PvE – German
    Yaru Korsin – PvE – French

    ————-US servers——————

    Belgoth’s Beacon – PvE – East Coast
    Bondar Crystal – PvE – East Coast
    Canderous Ordo – PvE – East Coast
    Corellian Run – PvE – East Coast
    Cosmic Turbine – PvE – East Coast
    Darth Bandon – PvE – East Coast
    Darth Malak – PvP – East Coast
    Dreshdae Cantina – PvE – East Coast
    Drexl – PvE – East Coast
    Firkrann Crystal – PvE – East Coast
    Holocron of Adas – PvE – West Coast
    Infinity Gate – PvP – East Coast
    Iron Citadel – PvP – West Coast
    Jedi Covenant – PvE – West Coast
    Jet Nebula – PvE – West Coast
    Jung Ma – PvE – East Coast
    Juyo – PvP – East Coast
    Keetael – PvP – East Coast
    Khoonda Militia – PvE – East Coast
    Ki-Ta Kren – PvP – East Coast
    Mandalore’s Helmet – PvP – West Coast
    Mind Trick – PvE – East Coast
    Moomo Brothers – PvP – West Coast
    Nigut Road – PvE – East Coast
    Primus Goluud – PvP – East Coast
    Prophecy of the Five – PvP – East Coast
    Pulsipher – PvE – West Coast
    Rohlan Dyre – PvE – West Coast
    Rubat Crystal – PvE – West Coast
    Shadow Hand – PvE – East Coast
    Shawken Spire – PvE – West Coast
    Shii-Cho – PvP – East Coast
    Shipwright’s Trace – PvE – West Coast
    Sith Meditation Sphere – PvP – East Coast
    Sword of Ajunta Pall – PvE – East Coast
    Sylvar – PvE – East Coast
    Tarro Blood – PvP – East Coast
    Terentatek – PvE – East Coast
    The Ebon Hawk – PvP – West Coast
    The Fatman – PvP – East Coast
    The Hot Prospect – PvE – West Coast
    The Jedi Exile – PvE – West Coast
    The Leviathan – PvE – East Coast
    The Mother Vima – PvE – West Coast
    The Promenade – PvE – West Coast
    The Shadowlands – PvP – East Coast
    Uphrades – PvE – East Coast
    Vulkar Highway – PvP – East Coast
    Whitebeam Run – PvE – West Coast
    Yoke of Seeming – PvE – East Coast
    Ziost – PvE – West Coast

  10. Our guild was assigned Canderous Ordo (US East PvE).

  11. Sword of Ajunta Pall
    PvP US EST

  12. Just cheked my guild site @ SWTOR and it’s The Progenitor, EU-English, RP. Now the site’s down though….

  13. PikeyBarkin says:

    EastImperialTradingCo assigned to Giradda the Hutt no other info right now, supposed to be a PVE / EST server

  14. Thundernuts says:

    My guild “Ahazi” is on the “Krayt Dragon” server. We set up for PVE/EST, although does not indicate rule set on the web site.

  15. Shades of Grey on The Progenitor EU-En RP

  16. They seem to be doing East first

  17. Hydian Way, EU PvE

  18. Picnic Basket is a Republic guild and will be on Belgoth’s Beacon – US East PvP.

  19. Legions of Lettow – PvP – EU

  20. Decrescendo says:

    Guild – Renegade Soldiers (83 members)
    Server – Davik’s Estate (PVP, East, EST)
    Allegiance to: The Sith Empire

  21. Dark Sanctuary is on:
    Dreshdae Cantina
    PvE US / East

  22. Shien Server


    East US

  23. My guild, Sword of the republic (RP-PVE EU) are on The Progenitor

  24. Pieces of Eight has been assigned the Sith Wyrm server. There is no indictation of what server it is, but we are a PvE East Coast guild.

  25. Teribleterry says:

    Hyperspace Cannon
    PVE West Coast US

  26. “Insert Random Guildname” is @ EU(Ger) PvP-Server “The Restoration Zone”

    see you ingame! <3

  27. Pillars of Ashla Republic PvE US East is on Juyo.

  28. Guildname: Wroshyr Cairn
    Server assignment: Master Zhar Lestin
    Ruleset: PVE
    Time Zone: US West

  29. Shades of Grey, EU-En, RP on The Progenitor.

  30. Space Slug

    Should be PVE West.

    Gonna guess I don’t have to worry about overpopulation with that name. ;)

  31. Lost Chapter EU PvE GMT +1

  32. Republic ( PvP EC US ) assigned to Kinrath Spider

  33. Kajidic is on Kinrath Spider PVP East
    Here is a list of all the guilds on that server:
    Covenant of the Phoenix
    Angels of Death
    Axis of Blood
    Xen of Onslaught
    Black Knight Brotherhood
    Death Dealers
    Troll Toll
    The Galactic Empire
    Path of Destruction
    The Reddit Empire
    National Socialist Party
    The Imperium Edict
    Back to Beta

    Furious Angels
    The Guardians
    Pax Republica
    Brazil Force
    Valley of Death
    House of Karrdes
    Knights of Shadow
    The Reddit Republic

  34. Picnic Basket was placed on Belgoth’s Beacon which appears to be a US East PvE server which is not what we wanted (PvP server please…) So much for guild placement taking care of that headache…

  35. Reapers are heading to The Ravager – PvP – EU English server.

  36. Master Zhar Lestin – PVE West Coast US Server

  37. The Slam force is on Shien

  38. My guild is on The Harbinger. English, PvE, US West.

  39. The Harbinger – US WEST PVE

  40. No Sleep Till Kessel is on Juyo-US.

  41. My guild’s going to be on Rubat Crystal, RP PVE, US East.

  42. Hedarr Soongh- PVP East
    (Nerf Dialogue Day 1 Preorders)

  43. Sigurdur G. Gunnarsson says:

    EU-PvP: Bloodworthy

  44. The Immortals will be on: The Ravager EU PvP

  45. gamerladyp says:

    Server Name: The Harbinger
    Ruleset/Type: PVE
    Time Zone: US West Coast

  46. Vanguard of Norrath

    Allegiance to: The Galactic Republic
    Server: Shien
    English, US East (EST)
    Casual (< 10 hrs/week), social, light roleplaying, chatty/talkative
    Founded on March 11, 2011, led by opak
    43 members

  47. Server location: EU English

    Server name: Hidden Beks

    Server type: PvE

    Guild: Malice

  48. EU- PVE – Hidden Beks

  49. The Army of light

    US/East RP-PvE

    Sanctum of the Exalted

  50. PVP EU

    Serveur: Star Map
    Français, Europe (GMT / UTC +0)

  51. Rubat Crystal RP east

  52. Warriors of the Shadow – US PVP West

  53. Keller’s Void PVE EST

  54. Grand Master Zym
    PVE – East Coast

  55. Shadow Legion has been deployed to the Shadow Hand server.

  56. Quite a typo, its not progenator, it The Progenitor. (it was the shark in kotor 1 in the underwater part on Manaan)

  57. Vulkar Highway – PvP – East

  58. Our guild was assigned to Vrook Lamar RP-West Coast

  59. The Jekk’Jekk Tarr

    PVE US East Coast

  60. UNITY Guild

    PVE East Coast – Shadow Hand

  61. The Fatman US East Coast PVP

  62. Nightmare Lands – EU PvE

  63. Our guild Redrum Inc got assigned to “Basilisk Droid”.
    One weird server name.

  64. We’ve been assigned to >>Jedi Covenant… US Eastern PVE

  65. Guild: Inappropriate Behavior
    Allegiance to: The Galactic Republic
    Server: Tarro Blood
    English, US East (EST)

  66. Lord Adraas US-East RP-PVE

  67. Proxy Jawas will be on Belgoth’s Beacon, PvP East

  68. PvE West Republic shard Jekk’Jekk Tarr

  69. Vrook Lamar

    US RP-PVE West

  70. Kaas City, US-PVE-EST

  71. Southern Lords will be on Juyo/PvE East :) hope to see you all online :D

  72. Helm of Graush PvP East

  73. Tomb of Freedon Nadd – English PVP

  74. Veela, East Coast PVP. Home to Mos Eisley Radio’s Guild MERC

  75. The Red Eclipse, EU PVE

  76. Just got our server, possibly the worst server name ever.

    Peragus Mining Facility EU PVE

  77. Rick Whittaker says:

    The Guild has just been assigned to the server:

    Hex Droid – EU PvP (English)

  78. Malus is on Bondar Crystal – PvP (someone said it is PvE above but it is not)

  79. Wound in the Force – US PVP West

  80. Guild Name: Solidarity
    Server: The Harbinger
    PVE West

  81. Spootybeaver says:

    Guild: Ask a Jedi
    Server: Wound in the Force, PvP West

  82. Guildname: Order of the Ancients
    Server: Peragus Mining Facility

  83. server: The Swiftsure
    guild: Indignation

    same server guilds:

    Blackhat Seduction
    Hello Critty
    The Sacred Order
    Modus Vivendi
    Northland Alliance
    The Nameless
    Defenders of Talus
    Nova Corps
    Shadow Brokers
    Radical Dreamers

    Dark Counsel
    Sith Team VI
    Jimmy Skeans Massive
    Casual Heroes
    Strictly Business
    We Got Death Star
    Axis Katana
    Ghost Brigade
    The Earthbound
    Mastercraft Mandalorian
    Voidstalker Brigade
    Hot Milo
    Respected and Despised
    Praetorian Legion
    Dominus Letum
    Death Sticks
    The Cut Throats
    Shadow Sith
    Ater Latus
    Dark Disciples


  84. server:Port Nowhere
    US PVP East

  85. Lord Praven, US PvE West

  86. Darth Strom says:

    US East PvP Anchorhead

  87. Ugh. Looks like The Jekk’Jekk Tarr is West coast, not east. Sorry for the misinfo…

  88. DocBenzedrine says:

    The Twin Spears – US East

  89. Assigned to Server Terentatek, EST PvP server

  90. BraxKedren says:

    Corellian Run
    US East

  91. Turns out that even though my guild is RP-PVE the server The Progenitor is RP-PVP (eu)

  92. Jar’Kai Sword – EU(DE) PvP

  93. YasukiHumai says:

    Server: Begeren Colony
    US West

  94. Lorem Ipsum
    Assigned – Mask of Nihilus

  95. Black Dragon Pirates on Belgoth’s Beacon PvP US Eastern Imperial Guild
    Exiles of Lowca on Belgoth’s Beacon PvP US Eastern Republic Guild

  96. Bibliothekar says:

    Assigned to Server The Jedi Tower

    Germany, PVE

  97. Please note that Jekk’Jekk Tar is NOT on the east coast, it is a WEST coast server. You can find the info for it showing 63 guilds, all west cost, here.

  98. R. W. Griffin says:

    Server: Port Nowhere
    Type: PVP
    Time zone: EST

    Cannot wait for tomorrow!

  99. Shii-Cho US-PvE-East

  100. Guild: WINNING

    Server: Rakata Mind Prison


  101. Darkthunder says:

    Trask Ulgo, RP-PvE, EU

    Not listed above, but visible at as well as at

  102. Red and Blue Rancor are gonna be on PVP West Server The Crucible Pits

  103. Server: Master Zhar Lestin
    US, PvE

  104. EU-PVP The Ravager

  105. Kaas City East Coast PVE server

  106. Guild: Animus
    Server: Death Wind Corridor
    US East

    Guild: A New Hope
    Server: Tarro Blood
    US East

  107. Sith Meditation Sphere – US PvE East

  108. Rasmus Lauridsen says:

    Frostclaw – PVE -EU

  109. Whiterobe33 says:

    Slash Cry

    US-PvP-East Coast

    Saber of Exar Kun

  110. I don’t get the (PANTS!) thingy :(

  111. The Shadowlands is showing as PVP and/or Unspecified here….however Both Republic The Old Timer guilds are on this server, and when you can get to our guild, it does show as USA East PVE.

    The Empire versions of The Oldtimers Guild are both on Sith Meditation Sphere, which also shows up on the SWTOR sire as USA E PVE

  112. yes – language-info behind would be better :)

  113. Hrakert Rift – PvP EU (French)

  114. Oceanic Aussie player here. Placed on Mask of Nihilus which is US west.

  115. “The ShadowLands” PVE US East server (English)

  116. my guild was placed on sith wyrm(us pve east)

  117. “Sith Triumvirate” PvE EU (German)

  118. Dishonored

    Server: Giradda The Hutt
    Time Zone: US East
    Rule Set: PvE

  119. The Swiftsure is a US West PVP server – Home to the Red Zone Oceanic guild :)

  120. WhiteWarrior says:

    Empire side
    Tuesday Nite Nerds
    Kaas City

  121. Vornskr
    PvE – US West

  122. Been placed on Ahto City, PVP, Europe

  123. Iron Citadel

    PVP- US East

  124. Darth Traya – German PVP – Home of the big German PVP guilds

  125. The Ebon Hawk is RP-PvE East, not PvP West.

  126. Server: Nadd’s Sarcophagus

  127. Another_Darth says:

    Daragon’s Trail

    US West PvE

  128. TheDarkKnight says:

    I will be on a PvE server most likely in Europe… but still a chance of one on the East coast…

    Will get a guild at some point too!

    Hmmm… need a cool server name!


  129. Space Slug…lol…just my luck :)

  130. Physics – PvE – East Coast -US- Dreshdae Cantina

  131. The guild “Sith Forces” has been placed on:
    server: Ahto City
    where: EU
    rule: PVP

  132. The Brotherhood is on one called “The Twin Spears”. I do not see it on the list. It is a PvP server.

  133. HappyBuddha says:

    Warriors of the Shadow – PVP, West

  134. Niman -> PVP English, Europe

  135. Guild “Bootcamp”
    Server: Jedi Covenant
    Time Zone: US East
    Rule Set: PvE

  136. Dreshdae Cantina East coast PvE “the Ghetto”of the east coast servers my guild will be changing server when able to get into early access

  137. Corellian Run
    AEDST (yay Oceanic)

  138. Kurt Jurgens says:

    Dark Reaper – U.S. West PvP

  139. Supreme Commander Stantorrs

  140. Mandalore The Indomitable – US West Coast, PvP

  141. Mask of Nihlus – US PVE West

  142. My guild, Sith Happens will be playing on Anchorhead (US PVP East)

  143. Sorry for multiple posts, it didnt appear posting them correctly and now there’s a few…

  144. Mighty Age says:

    Where are the PVP RP servers??

    • That’s what I was wondering. I’m seeing RP-PvE which doesn’t really make a lot of sense….We we’re hoping for RP-PVP.

      • Dev said some ago that there will not be “early deploiement” RP-PVP servers. RP players will be assigned to a RP-PVE server and then will be allowed to move to a RP-PVP one.
        So, to have their names you’ll have to wait a few hours for the servers grand opening ;)

    • There aren’t any pre-assigned RP-PvP servers. The guilds that are assigned to RP servers will have to manually choose a new server when everything boots up tomorrow.

  145. Ordo Discordia
    Server : Shien US/EST
    Type : RP-PVE

  146. With No Consequences (Republic Guild) got assigned to Hyperspace Cannon (PvE West Coast)

  147. Shien – US East Coast RP-PvE

  148. Not sure how official this is, but someone on Darth Hater mentioned that The Swiftsure (PvP West) was the Oceanic server.

  149. “Battle Meditation”
    French RP-PVE Server

  150. Visage is on Canderous Ordo

  151. With No Consequences got assigned to Hyperspace Cannon, PvE West Coast server (Republic guild)

  152. To complete your list :
    Zone : Europe // Languaage : French

    PvP :
    – Baron Deathmark
    – Darth Nihilus
    – Hrakert Rift
    – Star Map

    PVE :
    – Hssiss
    – Mantle of the Force
    – Phateem Halls of Knowledge

    RP PVE :
    – Battle Meditation
    – Kessel Run

    May the french wine, baguette bread and cheese be with you !!!

  153. *Sith Triumvirate*

    is a German –> PvE <– -Server. Not PvP as listet in the article above. ;)

  154. Hydian Way (EU PvE) appears to have way more US guilds then EU guilds …. yet they seem to have mixed it all onto one server …. hope it gets fixed.

  155. Mask of Nihilus – US West PVE

  156. Core German PvP Server Darth Revan’s Mask

  157. The Ravager & Chuundar seem to be “unofficial” russian servers in the EU. Legions of Lettow EU PVP & Basilisk Droid EU PVP seem to be having alot of english/brit guilds moving there & russian & other language guilds are moving away.

  158. Lady Republic says:

    (The one from WoW Moon Guard, since there are dozens of Veritases)

    US East Coast
    Shien server

    See folks tomorrow! (I hope.)

  159. Ahto City – EU PvP

  160. Naddist Rebels – US PVP East (English)

  161. Unofficial Oceanic servers:

    PvP: The Swiftsure

    RP: Begeren Colony

    PvE: The Harbinger

  162. Oceanic PVE Daisy Chain seems to be split 16 on The Harbinger, 9 on The Jekk’Jekk Tal, but it’ll be decided tonight via the Nemesis vent meeting.

  163. US PVP: Daragon Trail

  164. BTW, stats on Vulkar Highway server:

    23 Republic Guilds totaling 563 Members

    76 Empire Guilds totaling 2474 Members

    UGH I need to get my empire guild off this server. Or we need more republic! lol

    • Lady Republic says:

      How did you get the stats/guild info for the server? I couldn’t find an easy way to do that (the link in the email included both US East and European guilds, so not sure Shien’s was working properly).

  165. Darth Hater – Wounded in the Force

  166. Korriban Exiles Empire will be living on Niman EU PvP Server

  167. Kings Destroyers (Stop by the site guys!!)

    US East Coast


    Server : Dreshdae Cantina

  168. Lord Praven seems to be a PVE West server not east… at least according to our guild site. It has it listed as English, US West (PST)

  169. Deceitful Remedy assigned to Server Shii-Cho!

    US EST PVE Guild.

  170. US-East PVE Mind Trick

  171. The Shadowlands
    East coast
    Guild ord2

  172. Guild RAGE was assigned to Anchorhead

    US EST PVP Guild

    Great server name btw.. Definitely the best PVP EST server name

  173. Guild: Shatterd Order
    Server: Space Slug

  174. I would like to put forth that The Jekk’Jekk Tarr is the official Oceanic PVE server

  175. OMG spanish community vote for one big migratión PVP players=Tomb of Freedon Nadd EU
    PVE players: The Red Eclipse EU

  176. OMG spanish community vote for one big migratión PVP players=Tomb of Freedon Nadd EU
    PVE players: The Red Eclipse EU omg

  177. Guild: Northern Cross
    Server: Mind Trick
    US PVE East

  178. Any info on possible unaficial Spanish servers in the us?

  179. roninwookie says:

    Guild: Gigawatts
    Server: Dark Reaper
    US PVP West

    We’re Imperial raiders that like to squash the Republic in pvp

  180. Im sure more servers will follow right?

  181. Guild World Peace
    Faction Empire
    PvE US West Coast Lord Praven
    (you have it miss labeled as east coast above)

  182. Dragon Snacks
    Jekk’Jekk Tarr
    PvE West Coast

  183. Human Resources
    Sith Empire
    PvE/ US West

    You’ve Been Downsized!

  184. Sever: The Harbinger
    West Coast

    Human Resources is ready! Can’t wait.

  185. Vengeance Initiative will be on PVP East server Hedarr Soongh

  186. Guild: Red Storm Rising

    Faction Empire

    PvE US West Coast Lord Praven

  187. Servername: Cassus Fett

    Region: EU – German

    Ruleset: Roleplay – PvE

    Guild: Verdikt

    I’m curious how many RP-PvP Servers will be available. It’s a shame we can’t import our Guild on the Ruleset we desire.

  188. The Twin Spears- US PVP EST Dramatically Empire favored on population..2 or even 3 to 1 Empire

  189. Can anyone list a decent pop server without balance issues???

    • We’re working on a way to figure it out. But one thing to keep in mind, just because the guild numbers are imbalanced doesn’t necessarily mean the players are. I have seen servers with 30 Republic guilds each with 10-15 members and 5 Empire guilds… each with over 300 members.

  190. Confirmed

    Server: Darth Bandon


    PvE US East

  191. Harbinger is a near definite for oceanic pve. Unless of course ToG throw a hissy fit as they are likely to do >.>

  192. Unofficial, suggested hungarian servers (all EU):

    PvP: Tomb of Freedon Nadd
    PvE: Nightmare Lands
    RP-PvE: The Progenitor

    • Unofficial, suggested hungarian servers (all EU):
      PvP: Atho City
      PvE: Nightmare Lands
      RP-PvE: The Progenitor

    • The unofficial hungarian pvp realm changed from Freedon Nadd to Altho City! (proof:

      Freedon Nadd will be the unofficial spaniard realm.

  193. Lord Praven – PvE US West

  194. Gorace Chlopaki(PL pvp guild), Ahto City EU PVP checking in

  195. Hungarian PVE server: Ahto City
    Hungarian PVE server: Nightmare Lands


  196. I would like to inform you that there is an “Unofficial” italian PvE server: Nightmare Lands.
    Same for PvP, the server is Tomb of Freedon Nadd.

  197. Force Harvester (German, PvE)

  198. Still no words on RP-PvP Europe server?


    Official server list, no EU servers yet thou

  200. Ascendancy of Korriban
    22 members
    Server: Mind Trick (US PVE East)

  201. I know of 3 Dutch only pve guilds in The Red Eclipse

  202. I believe Kinrath Spider is the un-official Brazilian server, FYI.


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