Dec 3, 2011

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Pre-Launch Guild Program Ends, Server Info Coming

A very important and long awaited step toward release happened today – the closure of the pre-launch guild program!

As announced a week ago, BioWare has locked the pre-launch guilds, and the site tools may no longer be used to manage, for or join guilds at this point:

Today we are announcing that the Pre-Launch Guild Program for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ has come to an end. Guilds that have met the prerequisite of having four members redeem their Pre-Order Codes at our Code Redemption Center are now locked for transfer into the game in time for our December 20th launch.

However, if you’re part of joining or setting up a guild through the pre-launch program, keep an eye out for an email over the next few days which will give you details about Early Game Access, including which server your guild was placed on so you can select it when logging into the game:

If your guild has qualified for import, you can expect to receive an email at some time over the next several days. This email will give you further details on how to check the status of your guild as well as further details about how to join your guild once you’re in the game. Your email will also tell you which server your guild has been assigned to, so you will know which one to select when Early Game Access begins. While we will do everything we can to ensure that your Allies and Adversaries are on your server with you, we can’t necessarily guarantee that every guild will see their Allies and Adversaries on their server with them.

So keep your eyes peeled for that email folks, as we continue rolling on the out-of-control freight train into TOR-town in just a few weeks!


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