Sep 26, 2011

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Eurogamer Expo: TotalBiscuit Interviews Daniel Erickson

You may already be familiar with TotalBiscuit from his work as the Cynical Brit with World of Warcraft, but back at gamescom, he really began to make inroads in the Star Wars: The Old Republic community as well!

Well, seeing as how Eurogamer Expo was on his side of the pond, we’re treated to more TotalBiscuit TOR coverage. This time, he speaks to Daniel Erickson about (surprise!) story, and how that works in an MMO with multiple players, and some of the things BioWare had to overcome in order to deliver it.

TotalBiscuit also touches on morality with Mr. Erickson, so it’s definitely worthwhile 11-minute viewing for the discriminating TOR fan. Enjoy!

  1. So my question is, (i’ve watched the Video like 4 times): At the end of the Video they are talking about your personal story being a trilogy, or chapters. When he says there are 8 of them is he referring to the 8 different character/classes or there are 8 Chapters to one’s personal story?

  2. So in short, we’ll never, ever be done with this game. Certainly not if you want to hear every single line of dialogue.

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