May 10, 2011

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Tython – The Lost Footage

It was like discovering a Datacron.

Last night while going through cameras and other equipment that we use to document the various events for Star Wars: The Old Republic, I came across a nice surprise: more footage of the Jedi origin world of Tython!

Video of this origin world is scarce, as PAX East was the first time the classes were playable to the public. In fact, we believe that we have the only other known footage of Tython from the event. (If you know of others, or if you have your own, please let us know!)

The Jedi Temple on Tython

The Jedi Temple on Tython

The video shows a player running around exploring the various areas around the Jedi Temple, as well as inside the temple itself. No combat, but it gives you a nice feel for the area. As a side note, I guess this could be a visual spoiler if you want to experience it for yourself – so don’t watch if that’s the case :)

Now, for the disclaimer. Keep in mind that this is all very early footage. As we all know, the UI has changed drastically, including that of the Codex. Every bit of everything you see in this is subject (and likely) to change!


  1. TheDarkKnight says:

    Always good to see new footage, even if it is slightly out of date :)

  2. AWESOME!!! As I plan on playing Jedi come launch cool to see all I can of Tython!!!

  3. Altyrell says:

    Cool, only complaint would be “STOP ACTIVATING THE MAP AND CHARACTER WINDOW EVERY 5 SECONDS”. I’m sorry but that constant activating and whatnot really took away from the overall experience of watching it.

  4. Francois424 says:

    Tython look great, but the player character looks stiff. Maybe i’m asking for way too much, but I was expecting the kind of character models we got with FFXIII.

    Dont get me wrong tho, I’m so buying that game !
    — Francois424

  5. DominicRobissi says:

    Great Vid. Thx.

  6. haha Great stuff man.

  7. Awesome guys,

    Thanks for uploading this,

    1 question though, did the right’s to upload this was because of the embargo drop?
    If so maybe then we can expect some more media :)


    • Lethality says:

      Sadly, no… we just found it leftover on our camera from PAX East… nothing to do with the embargo or fan site summit stuff.

      But I DO hope we see more soon!

  8. awesome I want too play TOR even more now!


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