Mar 13, 2011

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PAX East 2011: Tython. Is. Beautiful.

Throughout all of the conventions that Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ has been available for players to get their hands on, there has been one slightly minor omission: the Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular classes!

We heard from BioWare Senior Writer Drew Karphyshyn last year at Star Wars Celebration V that this was because they really wanted to get it right… The Jedi are, after all, arguably the most iconic characters in the Star Wars universe.

But that all changed here at PAX East… for the first time, the Jedi classes (Consular and Knight) were available on the show floor for fans to play. It’s one of the major reveals of the show!

So it was curious that there wasn’t any video footage of the Jedi origin world Tython popping up around the web. We decided to fix that!

Thanks to Senior Community Coordinator David Bass and the booth crew, we were allowed to go in and capture about 10 minutes of footage of a Jedi Knight during the starting area on Tython!

Let me just say, this video doesn’t do it justice. Tython is one of the most beautiful zones I’ve seen in an MMORPG. Period. I’ll just leave it at that.

Apologies for the shakiness at the beginning, it gets better after about a minute… Hope you enjoy!

  1. antihuman says:

    That does indeed look good

  2. wow, looks great, but who ever this is playing clearly has no clue how to play an MMO or computer games at all.

    • And why is that a bad thing? Many of us who are following this game have no previous experience with MMOs.

      • Such a shame that this game test was wasted on someone who is this bad at MMO’s :( I just hope most of the SWTOR players won’t be such noobs.

        • Lethality says:

          If I didn’t mention it before, I will now: The player was a younger kid who was just completely excited that he got to play a Jedi Knight, with his Dad next to him playing the Consular.

          And regardless of that, everyone complaining about how “bad” players are are more than welcome to show up at one of these events and record themselves playing it. That way we can all see how “leet” you are at level 1.

          • Thank you for putting that into perspective Lethality. This game will have players of all levels, good bad, young, old. This kind of “he sucks, he’s a clicker and keyboard turner” is just silly to comment about. I am a pretty “skilled” mmo player, but lets not pretend it won’t take an hour or 2 to learn what each skill does and what order is best to use them in. We will all be hovering over skill icons in starter areas and in combat.

          • sorry i think that comment came off more judgemental then i wanted it to, i wasn’t saying it was a bad or good thing, just funny, i dont care how people play the game and i would rather them just have fun then worry about if someone is “leet” or not as you put it.

            in no way did i complain, i said it was great to see, just that the person playing didn’t know MMo’s and i was right about that, i didnt say it sucked cause he didn’t know what he was doing or anything like that. i think it’s awesome that this game will i hope bring together lots of kids with parents so they can kind of get what we got back in 1977 or 80.

            this goes for jijo also, never did i say it was a bad hting, just something funny i noticed, sorry that didn’t come through in the comment.

    • FaerieFyre says:

      Well, first lesson for this kid is this: we need to tutor him on how the camera works in an MMO. There were some times when he was great and I felt I was getting a good visual of everything. Other times, not so great and, frankly, a little dizzying. Regardless, kudos to him for being one of the first ones to get a crack at the Jedi classes and set foot on Tython! *Cheers for anonymous kid in Boston*

      I wish you guys could have gotten a better angle and maybe some sound like other videos (even with crowd noise in the background). Still, I’m not complaining that much because this video CONFIRMS that speeder bikes (at least for now) are the “flight path” travel system — appropriately named “taxi system”. Thanks for that and the quick look at how lightsaber forms might work in SW:TOR! xD

      Thanks a million for all the work!! xD

  3. Very cool world, its just epic. Cant wait to play this game :).

    And definitly no offence, but the person playing cant have played an mmo beforre? :D. But nice just to se how tython looks like, EPIC!!!



    • MasterWheeler says:

      I have to agree with you there, it was painful watching the keyboard turns and other things that bugged me while watching someone else play. But overall, I throughly enjoyed it, looks beautiful and the combat.

  5. Jaslvgas says:

    I have to agree tython looks really awesum…..the environment is stunning to say the least. thanks for the video upload.

  6. Would kill for someone to hit the map button and zone out a couple times to see how huge these zones are =)…and we were all keyboard turners once so stfu…be glad they posted it

    • Interesting how a lot people following the game are more interested in making fun of a clicker and keyboard turner than they are at looking at the game. Game looks great!

      • MasterWheeler says:

        When it’s that obvious and how people have different play styles, it can be bit distracting watching someone fumble through their action bars does makes it comical.

      • I’m jealous that bad players get to play the game before me. I’m not going to lie about it.

        • Oh, I am jealous too, make no mistake about it. Its all the clicker and keyboard, and he sucks comments that is kinda silly. I am jealous that he had a father that was interested enough in Star Wars and games to take time to travel to a gaming convention, wait in line for 5 hours and watch his son have prolly the funnest 45 min of his life.

  7. Glad you got thru. Hope to see you ingame. From the man who waited in line with you.


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