Dec 24, 2010

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Friday Update: The Trooper Dossier!

We all know every Friday is like Christmas morning for followers and fans of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, and today was no different! Joanne Laroche posted:

Always on the front lines of battle against the Empire, Troopers seize every tactical advantage at their disposal to defend the Republic. With combat experience and intense training, Troopers can specialize to increase their battlefield prowess. The Trooper’s Advanced Classes will allow you to customize your Trooper to match your desired playstyle: improve your Trooper’s defensive tactics and capabilities to become a nearly unstoppable Vanguard, or go all-out on offense and become a deadly Commando.

After a special Christmas Eve-Eve update from GameSpot, which revealed the (quite awesome) Trooper class video, this morning we get the rest of the goods: The complete Trooper dossier:

  • We get some initial details on the Trooper’s first companion, a Weequay named Tanno Vik, who was added to the Biographies section. Seems to have quite a way with explosives.
  • Also added to the Inhabitants page was the official entry for the Zabrak species. The narrative on the page indicates a high level of martial arts training, and the Zabrak animation on the page shows an unarmed punch ability. Interesting.
  • The starship that the Trooper will commandeer has also been revealed: The BT-7 Thunderclap. Included in the media for the BT-7 is a walkthru video, as well as some screenshots – including the popular cutaway view so you can see the layout of the inside.
  • And no class update would be complete without the proper treatment for the Advanced Classes. In the case of the Trooper, that would be the Vanguard and Commando.

If the class video is any indication the Trooper class will be well-represented in the class mix when The Old Republic launches in Spring of 2011!

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