Dec 23, 2010

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Friday Update Eve: Trooper Class Trailer

BioWare’s Senior Community Manager Stephen Reid had some fun with the Twitterverse a little earlier today, but even before that he let drop a very serious pre-holiday bonus: The all new Trooper class trailer has been released on GameSpot!

While awesome, Stephen alludes that a complete Friday update (of which this will no doubt be a part of) is still in store for tomorrow:

Yes, you still get a #SWTOR Friday Update tomorrow. But for now…

There appears to be a preview of sorts of some new Trooper abilities, not the least of which is appears to be some sort of AoE knockback, and a droid that evokes memories of the Droideka.

So be sure to hop on over to GameSpot, and also keep it locked right here for coverage of tomorrow’s Friday Update!

The Trooper

The Trooper

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