Nov 14, 2011

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Yellow Posts: Origin and the Beta

As we get closer and closer to the release date, developer activity on the forums plummets. This is to be expected since they are all hard at work preparing the game for launch; making final modifications and fixing bugs. As a result, what we have this week on the forums is a lot of talk about beta testing and a few other administrative tidbits.

Once again it seems that people are getting confused as to whether EA’s download service, Origin, will need to be installed in order to play SW:TOR. In the continuation of the thread “Origin Is 100% Not Needed For Tor,” (originally started by CelCawdro) Allison Berryman, Senior Community Coordinator, clarified again that the service is not needed to download, install, update, or play SW:TOR:

Hi everyone! We’ve seen some continuing confusion over this topic. Some of you have quoted text that appears on the Pre-Order Page that indicates you’ll need to install Origin software to download the game. We are working to update the information on that page: you will not be required to install the Origin software in order to download, patch, or play the game (even during Early Game Access). You’ll do that through our own site and launcher.

Some people have been quite confused about when the next beta testing weekend will be. You know, the one where EVERYONE who pre-registered for game testing will be invited to. Responding to his own FAQ post, Stephen Reid, Senior Online Community Manager, let everyone know that the next beta testing weekend is coming…soon:

You’ll be able to play in the next Beta Test Weekend – but we haven’t announced that date, yet. Whenever it is, you’ll play in it. As it says in the FAQ, we’re expecting this future weekend to be the last Beta Testing Weekend.

Additionally, I would highly recommend the official FAQ that Mr. Reid posted about the upcoming, massive, and probably last beta testing weekend. It is sure to answer quite a few of your questions.

The EU got some love in terms of general beta testing invites over the last few days. Responding to a thread started by Darth_Pen and titled “EU Beta update coming today! “, Mr. Reid said that a “significant proportion” of those who have signed up for EU testing have just been invited:

Never assume…

Over the course of today (and possibly into tomorrow) we’re inviting more Game Testers from the EU than we’ve ever invited in a single ‘wave’.

It’s not the entire number we have signed up, but it’s a significant proportion. There will be other invites before launch.

I’d like to point out that not everyone who receives an invite is going to post on the Forums, much as you may want them to…!

Be sure to check to see if you were one of the lucky few!

And that was the majority of what went on this week. I hope that those of you got a short glimpse of the game over the weekend liked what you saw. Hopefully, a ton of feedback was submitted and the devs will be able to improve the game that much more before launch!

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