Nov 11, 2011

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Friday Update: Biggest Beta Weekend – You’re All Invited! Plus DreamHack

In case you were wondering what Blaine Christine meant at PAX when he said “pretty much all of you should be getting into a Beta Weekend at some point or another”, now we know!  BioWare has just posted notification that an upcoming beta weekend will include EVERYONE who has signed up prior to November 11th:

How can you take part in this coming Beta Test Weekend? Well, for starters we are happy to announce that anyone who has signed up for our Game Testing Program prior to today, November 11th, will get invited! Invites will be sent in the coming weeks.

In addition, if you hadn’t signed up, there are sites all across the gaming web that will be running a special program, allowing you to get an invite as well! Click here to find a list of those sites.

Additionally, BioWare announced a big ‘ol SW:TOR LAN party to take place at DreamHack in Sweden later this month:

BioWare and LucasArts will be attending the event this year to give people the chance to play Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ before its worldwide launch on December 20th.

The countdown is on folks, less than 40 days to go until we’re all playing Star Wars: The Old Republic!

[UPDATE] BioWare has added an FAQ about this upcoming beta weekend:


  1. this would really make my weekend … i just need to know when so I can plan ahead and hope its not first weekend in DEC

  2. i need to change my underwear……….been waiting fo this for so long. Does this mean the NDA is dropped, considering just about every1 will have been in the beta now?

  3. OMG! I got an invite… xD

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