Jan 20, 2012

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Are You Doing Any Romancing?

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One of BioWare’s hallmarks is the ability to have romantic encounters with your companions, or other NPC characters. Mass Effect had them, Dragon Age had them and Star Wars: The Old Republic is no different.

Usually choices that lead you down one of these potential paths are made by very explicit wording on the dialog wheel, such as [Flirt]. Eventually after working on it over the course of many conversations, the characters break off into a dark (empty) cutscene and then comes back when they’re… done. I guess there’s gameplay in that, but it doesn’t have any affect in your character’s “performance.” Ahem.

For my money, I just don’t get it. For all of the talk about “heroic” combat and galactic war, it doesn’t seem like romance would be high up on the priority list of things players needed to accomplish. Sure, you had Leia/Luke/Han love/incest triangle in the movies, but that was more story than romance. But can you name another? So needless to say, I haven’t pursued any of the romantic options in the game.

But this wouldn’t be the first time my opinion was wrong ;)  So let us know if you’re romancing, why you enjoy it, and what you hope to see for this feature in the future of TOR!

Are you taking, or do you plan to take advantage of any of the romance options available to your character?

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  1. My trooper would find it terribly unprofessional to pursue Aric. She’s his CO, he’s her XO. Just … no.

    Sadly, the ones I’d be more interested in pursuing aren’t an option. Why can’t my Twi’lek Sith Sorceress romance Khem Val! He wants to eat people for her! That’s love at first sight, yo. And my Miraluka is blind, she doesn’t care what Qyzen looks like, but thinks he’s cool.

    I see now that if I made another male Chiss agent (had one in the stress test), he could romance Kaliyo, so that may be something I pursue.

  2. I pursue the romances when they’re available.

    On my Knight i did the romance with Kira. On my trooper Elara seemed to be the lucky one.

    I hope that if there will be expansions or content patches, they’d expend on the companion characters as well. I mean, they all come from varies walks of life and carry interesting stories. I smell potential there.

  3. just still bummed on the no same gender romancing. I’m 50% up the bar with elara & won’t feel compelled to work on it until the fix that bioware has said is planned (voice recording the dialogue has been speculated as the thing we are waiting on)

    • Not tried myself yet, so that isn’t in-game yet? Shame. I know they announced plans quite close to launch so I guess they’ve had other things on thier plate. Still, for Nadia Grell, one can wait…

  4. AbstractQuantum says:

    I seem to accidentally end up going off to the “Black screen of funky town.” (BSOFT) I guess I’m surprised that one tiny [flirt] results in BSOFT.Perhaps I am not flirting correctly in real life? (wait, I’m addicted to a star wars MMO… of course I’m flirting wrong in real life! ;-P ha ha) Oh, but I wanted to say, I seem to “hookup” more with the NPCs than my companions. weird.

  5. My Smuggler is flirting her way across the galaxy and entering into as many black screens as she can… though she may have to stop now as I think she ended up marrying Corso the other night, not quite sure since her response was something along the lines of let’s just skip to the honeymoon part :)

    That said my Consular does not flirt nor will she probably engage in a romance. These are choices I make as I am playing my characters and if I think it fits then I will flirt and romance my companions, if not I won’t.

  6. I did so with npcs on my smuggler in beta, but not yet on my consular. It seems to mess too much into the dark side to me, though Zenith is making it tough for me to keep to my resolution :)

  7. I’ll be doing some romance since i got a lot of Coutring gifts from UWT, no im hitting every Flirt button i can untill i can give courting gifts, will hit 10k affection right away then, so Yes I will be doing some Love Romances in SWTOR
    (dont tell my GF Tho)

  8. i agree there ought to be SSR ingame already. they could just add a toggle to the character creation screen where you choose your avatar’s orientation. offer say, 1 – hetro, 2 – homo, or 3 – bi. they already have a gender checker on the romance dialogs. maybe add the orientation selector as a modifier. a male toon flagged as homo sees the female romance dialog options. a female toon flagged as bi sees all available romance options, ect. there’s still room to expand the romances as bioware says they want to do. but now they don’t have to write specific story lines or dialog options. just make the dialog gender neutral and let the players decide which way they want romance to swing.

  9. For my .02, the romance thing appeals, in a way, because it humanizes and connects you more directly to the story. The reason you’re fighting to save the galaxy is because You’re A Big Darn Hero (or Villain, whatever) — but the fact that your character may have an emotional stake in the fight adds another dimension to it.

    That’s not to say you don’t get that same effect to different degrees just by being friends; I’ve seen people in my guild who didn’t think much of the idea of companions get downright protective of Vette or Mako, or yell, “Hey! Stop hitting my droid! T7, I will save you!”

    The companions are friends, or enemies, or irritating, or adorable. Most people will find that they like or dislike at least a few of their companions more than they expected. I didn’t exactly set out to romance everyone as the main goal, but I’m finding that it adds a lot of flavor to my interactions with the TOR galaxy. And that’s a good thing.

    The fact that I care means that I play more, and for longer, and that’s money in Bioware’s pocket. :)

  10. RevanRules says:

    All I have to say if you don’t want romance don’t pursue. But to all those who like the extra storyline of romance its a welcome addition to MMO genre.

  11. Lady Republic says:

    For me, it depends heavily upon the companion – so yea, TYBN on Doc, but Corso I can manage. (Plus he’s kinda sweet in a country boy sort of way.)

    I will say, I’m *VERY* curious to see what they do with the existing companions and their romances in future expansions or patches. I know they’re planning on adding new romanceable companion s- but will they continue developing the existing ones as well, for those who don’t want to dump their current partner? I certainly hope so!

  12. Katherinne says:

    I don’t see how it fits in with the Jedi if you were playing it true. So that’s two classes where it makes no sense.

  13. Depends on the character. My Trooper thinks Aric is kinda a jerk, but a good soldier, so I don’t think there’ll be any romancing going on.

    For my Jedi Knight it’s tight out. Jedi do not engage in romance, that leads to the dark side. She even told their master when she observed fellow Padawans who romantically involved.

    My Consular is to busy ferreting out Force secrets about the dark side to even consider romancing.

    And my Smuggler, well… he tries to get along by flirting, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of earning a lot of credits and having a great time.

  14. I dont do romance, just because i cant go down the path of 2 women or men having a romantic relationship in the game

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