Dec 23, 2011

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Torhead – Companions And Other Enhancements

Most folks who played World of Warcraft are familiar with Wowhead. When it launched, it provided a new modern approach to an item and info database for an MMO. Owned by ZAM, they’ve steered clear of database sites for other games. That is until Star Wars: The Old Republic arrived, and with it, Torhead.

With all of that experience and technology behind them, the Torhead team is the definitive database site for Star Wars: The Old Republic. They’ve been improving the site nearly ever day since in launched in November, and some of the features and polish we’re seeing go beyond even what Wowhead as achieved thus far.

A good example would be the new Companions landing page. Note that there may be some spoilers in the image below, and most certainly will be if you click through to the site!

Torhead Companion Screen

Torhead Companion Screen

As you can see, each class has their five companions listed alphabetically (not in the order you receive them.) From there, players can click through to a well-informed and nicely formatted companion detail page. Each companion detail page lists the abilities of the companion, screenshots and even a grid showing what kind of companion gifts they like and dislike.

Honestly, this is just one of the new features that are rolling out at a breakneck pace. You really just need to head over, bookmark it and create an account if you don’t already have one. It will be a daily resource for you if it isn’t already.

  1. Only half the companions have a finished detail page. I know you guys are the same hub and all, but maybe you shouldn’t brag until the feature is actually implemented? :P

  2. Lady Republic says:

    I think the logic is, some information is better than none at all – especially as people are leveling. I know I’ve been working for months trying to populate out companion matrices, but this is one of the most time-consuing things you can imagine. A lot of it is because you have to level each class to 50, or find someone else who has. I’ve tried looking up other companion guides, but both of the others I’ve found have had inaccurate information in terms of gifts – which means I’m still back to filling it out as I can for R2-DB et al.

    I can understand the concern, but I’d still say it’s better to push out the partial project and let people benefit from what is in there, and just update the rest as soon as we can.

    • As soon as I can actually get my copy of the game and stop sitting around refreshing different community sites to feed my addiction from beta, I’ll be right there besides you, uploading screeenshots of everything. /pat

      So much work to do!

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