Sep 20, 2011

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Exclusive: Interview With Actress Sno E. Blac – aka Satele Shan!

Last week we brought you news of actress Sno E. Blac and her portrayal of Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Well this time, we’ve got something even better – a short interview with Sno E. herself, plus an exclusive photo gallery!

About a year ago, Sno E. was hired to portray the image of the then-unknown Satele Shan. Part of that process was having a 3D scan of her head and face to capture the likeness and expressions we would see in the future Jedi Grand Master.

Sno E. was nice enough to take some time and answer a few of our questions, so without further adieu… Enjoy! And don’t forget to check out the gallery after the jump!

Photograph © Sno E. Black All Rights Reserved

Ask A Jedi: No doubt you’re aware of how excited and passionate Star Wars fans can be… how does it feel to be one of the main stars in the upcoming video game, expected to be played by millions of people, potentially over the span of a decade?

Sno E. Blac: Wow! When you phrase it like that, it really puts the size of the Star Wars following in perspective. I mean it is a huge honor for me and so exciting. I hope to live up to the fans expectations because Star Wars has such a legacy and the fan base is second to none!

Ask A Jedi: Can you tell us a little bit about your background, and how you came into portraying Satele Shan?

Sno E. Blac: I grew up in small towns across Florida and Georgia. My Mother is Korean and my Father is Caucasian – so thats where the unique look of Satele Shan comes from ;-). Prior to acting I did a bunch of beauty pageants througout Georgia and California. In regards to this role, I was selected through a casting process…and voila – here I am today! This is the shortened version obviously, but should give you an idea how I got tied to this great project.

Ask A Jedi: Can you talk a little bit about the scanning process, how long it took, and what it was like?

Sno E. Blac: The scanning process took a few hours, but was by far one of the coolest experiences I’ve had. I could not wear any make up (for a girl that’s pretty intimidating ;-) and had to have my hair pulled back for the scan. I literally felt like I was in the future because the technology was so advanced. It was like something you had only seen in futuristic movies!

Ask A Jedi: Were there multiple scans with different facial expressions they had to capture?

Sno E. Blac: Absolutely…and believe it or not, my face actually starting getting tired from making the different expressions over and over. But I think that is a great testament to the steps the development team takes to perfecting the images of a character. From angry and sad to happy and mad, I made just about every expression imaginable. It’s these details that make the gaming experience what it is.

Ask A Jedi: Did you have to attend any followup sessions, or anything beyond the original scanning session?

Sno E. Blac: They did such an amazing job a followup was not necessary. However, right after the scanning session some candid photos were taken of me for the CG artists’ reference.

Ask A Jedi: Before this, would you consider yourself a Star Wars fan? Do you have a favorite movie or character in the series?

Sno E. Blac: Who doesn’t love Star Wars?! I’m pretty girly and love the classics…so my favorite character would have to be Princess Leia.

Ask A Jedi Will you be making any personal appearances, such as at conventions like Comic-Con in San Diego each year?

Sno E. Blac: I may be making some personal appearances in the very near future. I would LOVE the opportunity… and I know the fans would appreciate it too! 

Ask A Jedi: Now that Star Wars gaming fans know about Sno E. Blac, what projects can we look forward to from you next?

Sno E. Blac: I just completed a film with Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah, and Billy Baldwin called “Garbage“. Needless to say, it’s hilarious. A few other things are in the works, but the best way to stay up to date is to follow me on twitter @snoeblac, on Facebook or my website,

I just wanted to say thanks to Sno E. for answering our questions, and we very much look forward to the chance at seeing Satele Shan live in person at a convention sometime soon!

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