Jul 25, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: What Did You Think Of SDCC?

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The weekend that just passed was easily one of the biggest for TOR in recent memory. Short of a release date, you really can’t get much bigger than pre-order information. There were also many Q&A sessions with the developers in which little golden nuggets of information emerged. Check out our full coverage, as well as the great compilation post on the official forums by GamewizX, putting all relevant information together in one big pile.

In addition to that, we saw a brand new gameplay trailer entitled “Join the Fight” that showed off quite a few new things, as well as giving a glimpse into both the combat and the personality of each class.

Even more, we now know that there are going to be beta weekends in September, pointing towards stress tests leading up to launch. From here on in, it’s just a straight path to a release date announcement! Right?

Personally – this weekend brought a lot of good news and confirmed many things for me. I was extremely happy to see that BioWare is listening to its fans and adding in more types of vehicles, more companion customization and control and many, many other things. And of course, this weekend brought me a nice pre-order of a Collector’s Edition of TOR.

What about you? Did BioWare exceed your expectations at this event? Are you even more excited for the release? Of course there’s a p0ll, but we want to hear what you actually thought as well! Discuss!

What did you think of Comic-Con as far as The Old Republic goes?

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  1. I voted ‘Other’ because while on the whole I enjoyed the info that came out of SDCC, I felt this was the wrong venue for this stuff. I realize they are limited by what shows are happening in relation to their release schedule, but I think SDCC is to much of a general geek-fest for most people there to appreciate what they’re being told/shown. Just look at the way no one really had a clue who the Voice actors were and it seemed like only one guy in the whole room knew the relevance of the ‘Hat’. This shows info done at PAX or E3 would have been a much bigger deal I think.

    Still, on the whole, great news and many hints about new game details. Would obviously like more videos of actual game play though. Possibly not the best time to release Pre-order info either, but that’s another issue.

    • Yes the pre-order should been announced at Comic Con, started the week after. When they could have better manned the forums, and dealt with the staggered roll out fall out. *Puts on her Tin-Foil hat* I think why they sort did the middle of the night ninja pre-order was to artificially stagger the onslaught of orders.

      • That’s a very good point. I’d rather they do a “ninja midnight preorder” than have it in the middle of the day where you have to get caught in queues from hell. And less forum drama that way.

  2. I’m one of those who voted “Meh.” The pre-order stuff is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but since it was leaked and went live at midnight, rather than during the big announcement, it felt like it’s own thing outside of the comic-con experience. I personally feel they should not have done the pre-order during comic-con, as there is so much misinformation and confusion on the forums, it’s just nuts.

    The information we did get outta comic-con is awesome, there’s just not enough of it. I understand they have a release schedule for all of this, but the snail’s pace is getting a little old. Still no updates on playable classes and species combinations, no further info on crew skills and how they’ve been developed, hints at the use of Ilum as end game solo play, hints at further companion AI improvements — but just not enough meat. But I’ll survive and look forward to Gamescom and PAX Prime.

    Also, don’t even get me started on the Q&A sessions. I understand they are for everyone, not just those of us religiously following the game, but c’mon! People get the chance to ask devs questions and 9/10 of them were about things clearly answered on the official site. Not even stuff they’ve talked about unofficially, but just things on the site. Ok, rant over, moving on…

    • MrFester says:

      Aside from the pre-order, I didn’t see anything “new” that we didn’t already know about from other events. Well maybe the new companion counts for the Jedi, but that is cheese stuff.

  3. For me it was Pre-order was amazing, bar one little detail and that would be details. I was bit surprised about the vague answers that came Sunday about the perk items for DD and CE versions of game. I sort felt like when I put money on the barrel I should be able to get least an clear answer of what I bought. Granted it was just little bit money on the barrel at the moment. But still the concept of the idea. I have to admit I am starting to get just titch nervous that some the answer aren’t more solid. I want believe we get it out in 2011. But when you keep hearing answers to questions like, ‘Still testing’, ‘Talk about in few weeks’,’Soon’,’Not ready to Talk about it’ Realistically there only 2 to 3 months before we reach ‘holiday’ season depending on how you define it.

    Not that I worried the game won’t be awesome, and I really want believe Holiday 2011. I am just starting to think it will be closer to the end of the year then many are hoping wouldn’t be the case.

    • I agree… I thought they would have those answers clear by now. Then again, I didn’t thnk they’d add something as complex as companion control or customization at this late stage of development.

  4. Shapeless says:

    I wish the info hadn’t been leaked. It kind of killed the announcement for me.

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