May 12, 2011

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Friday Eve Update: Sith Inquisitor Trailer + Interview!

In another shifty but welcomed Friday Eve (otherwise known as Thursday) update, Gamespot was able to reveal the Sith Inquisitor trailer! Have a look:

There’s also a new interview with Daniel Erickson & Georg Zoeller as well:

GS: We’ve seen (and felt) the inquisitor’s ability to blast enemies with lightning bolts and incapacitate foes with telekinetic whirlwinds. But at higher levels, what sort of a role do you see the Sith inquisitor playing in an adventuring party?

GZ: The inquisitor is a very versatile class. Through advanced class and skill selection, the player can mold this class to fill any of the traditional roles of characters in massively multiplayer games.

Of course, we’re sure this means that tomorrow’s update will be the full Sith Inquisitor class update, as has been the case before with Thursday reveals.

Can’t wait!

  1. Fantastic, finally something for the future Inquisitors to drool over.


  2. Pashtun says:

    Wow, consular video and gameplay has some big shoes to fill. Great video!

  3. Ajay (R2D2) says:

    Is that screenshot from Taris? Never seen a picture of it at night yet, rather curious if it is indeed so.

  4. Pure awesome sauce.


  1. Sith Inquisitor Trailer « The Niquisition - [...] express how amazing it was so you’ll have to watch it yourself. Which you can do by clicking here…

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