Mar 8, 2012

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TOR Featured In Tonight’s Episode Of “Big Bang Theory”

In what must be the biggest home run in MMO product placement history, Star Wars: The Old Republic will be featured on tonight’s episode of everyone’s favorite geek sitcom Big Bang Theory!

We are excited to announce that Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ will be featured ina brand new episode of The Big Bang Theory! The episode, titled “The Weekend Vortex”, sees Sheldon having to choose between going with Amy to her aunt’s birthday party, or spending the weekend exploring The Old Republic™ with Bernadette, Raj, Leonard, and Howard.

You can catch The Big Bang Theory episode “The Weekend Vortex” tonight, March 8th, at 8:00PM EST / 7:00PM CST / 9:00PM MST / 8:00PM PST on CBS!

Check out the preview clip below… a situation I think all MMO gamers have faced before!

The show airs Thursdays at 8:00PM Eastern Standard Time, and has full episodes available on if you’re in an area that cannot get the programming live. So set those DVRs or fire up the popcorn, and watch how the gang deals with TOR tonight!

  1. Zargelmoe says:

    Cant see it, Region thingy…Thank you very much CBS =S

  2. Lady Republic says:

    *sigh* This brings up mixed feelings for me. As a TOR fan, of course I’ll watch it! But – I’m actually *not* a fan of BBT (yes, let the flaming begin). Aside from the way Chuck Lorrie shows write female characters – or, as the case may be, fails to – my other complaint is that I never feel like the show celebrates my inner nerd as much as makes fun of it. The difference with BBT is that they make fun of it using only geeks and nerds, rather than having the cool kids making fun of them. But at the end of the day – it still feels like they’re laughing at us, rather than with us. (Compare this to Freaks and Geeks, a FAR better show that also chronicled life as a less-than-cool kid.)

    Also – again, somewhat along the lines of “a show by cool people that studies nerds from afar” – as in many other cases with BBT, they get the details wrong. Anyone else notice that they have it set up as a 5-man group, like That Other Game, and not actually noticing that TOR uses a 4 man group?

    • Zewarpath says:

      I agree with you LR. I am not a fan of the show either. Besides Freaks and Geeks, I’d have to throw my vote in for the IT Crowd. Those are truly nerd shows.

      Big Bang Theory seems like it’s a “pop nerd” culture. I’ve come to notice that people who really like the show are people that I would not really consider nerds and people I would consider nerds don’t really care for the show.

      It’s just not my cup of tea, the show comes across as a typical sitcom with some video game and mathematical references thrown in. Oh well, I think the placement is ideal for who Bioware is targeting to come play the game.

      • Lord_Paladin says:

        The show is actually a huge hit with me and all of my nerd friends. We love it! (they actually play the show at the geek/gaming bar I frequent) I did notice that they have a 5 man team, but I felt like that was rather nit-picky to fault an episode by.

        I don’t really feel like the show makes fun of my friends and I, since I actually see a lot of true in the situations and mannerisms, though they are caricatures and building off of the typical dramatic personae for comedy. The show rarely fails to make me laugh, and give me something I can end up quoting when one of my friends makes the same social mistake as a character on the show.

        • Lady Republic says:

          Fair enough – but I’ll still take Freaks and Geeks or Community any day.

          For those who haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend Freaks and Geeks. It’s really well written, painfully accurate at times, and you may recognize a young Seth Rogan, Michael Cera, and James Franco in it!

  3. Jeff Hurley says:

    “In what must be the biggest home run in MMO product placement history”

    I don’t know, it will be hard to ever top the WOW in South Park episode.

  4. mooftak says:

    I love how Bioware just acts like SWTOR is revolutionary instead of evolutionary and that everything they do has never been done before. BBT (I think, otherwise it was some other nerd loved sitcom) had Age of Conan on back in the day. I believe it was someone named Penny wrecking faces with a sword or something. I like AoC and haven’t seen it, so I can’t be specific. I’ll put the burden of rebuttal evidence on the rebutters :p

    FWIW, TOR is the only game I’m playing atm and I do want it to succeed. I’m just frustrated by little things that Bioware can’t seem to get right (resetting my preferences every other patch, crap performance for far more than the “5%” they claim, etc, horrid CS which is most likely performed in a country that TOR is not for sale in).

    I’ll keep paying and playing, I just wish they’d stop the hype. And make GZ play an Operative/Scoundrel before he’s allowed to comment on their healing viability ever again.

    • Lord_Paladin says:

      To be fair, BioWare never said they were making a revolutionary game, they have been the first to say that they were just evolving the genre through the addition and important of story. From the very beginning, they said that one of the primary reasons you see so many MMOs failing is because the players/users who SAY they want revolutionary and new don’t actually support that statement with their money and so those games fail.

      • Pashtun says:

        What AAA mmo has been developed that was “revolutionary” and failed due to lack of player support? All the AAA mmos I can think of are iether successful or have failed, I honestly can’t think of a AAA mmo that has tried to be revolutionary.

        Maybe the Matrix online?

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