Mar 8, 2012

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Game Update 1.2: Legacy – HD Trailer Now Available

Yes, we’ve seen it by now, but for posterity’s sake, I just wanted to post a pristine copy here for all of us to revel in. And if you find yourself pausing it every frame to look for hidden secrets, let me know if you find any! Enjoy.

  1. I paused the video at every cool moment I saw. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!
    Sith Pureblood Jedi,
    Chiss Smugglers,
    Sith Warrior’s using Flame Thrower,
    Smugglers using Force Choke,

    Those were my favorite!

    • Pashtun says:

      Haven’t seen the video yet, but you can’t be right about a smuggler using force choke…..right? I will watch it when I get home, but that has to be a mistake of some kind.

      • Holy balls it’s not a joke. This rules so hard!

      • Yeah, I just watched the vidoe, what massive fail. I knew deep down this game was not going to cut it with Bioware at the helm. They have given to much control to the fans to succeed.

        Bioware has a very very flimsy vision of their game, they are simply winging it. So dissappointed to see that a smuggler can now use force choke, only a matter of time before everyone can wield light sabers and jedi are ranged with pistols or rifles.

        Sad sad day.

        • Yeah on a 20 minute cool down with a companion out. That’s game breaking! /sarcasm

          This system looks amazing. I can’t wait.

          • You can use all the sarcasm you want. When a company comes out and says things like “those are iconic abilities to each class” and then changes its stance, you can say 20 min cd no biggie. To me it is just insight into their lack of a clear vision of the game. They will turn the game upside down on a whim, why?.because they don’t have a clear vision of their game.

            I am not a huge fan of Proffessor Walsh, but I am willing to bet he has either left the game already, or is having blood pressure problems from changes like this, and honestly I agree. If they are going to allow smugglers to have force abilities as iconic as force choke, anything is possible at any time… and that is game breaking for me. It means anything Bioware has said about the direction of the game is 100% suspect.

            So no biggie for you, HUGE insight into the devs thinking, big deal for me.

          • Yeah, I have to agree… this is like the ultimate opposite of “choice matters”. Too gamey… doesn’t hold to lore, and doesn’t hold to RPG conventions.
            The legacy system has all kinds of potential but for this… it turns it into the game I’m not interested in anymore.

          • it is only useable with you companion out nothing more

  2. Wow I though a bit about leaving TOR but this. I…must….HAVE.
    people this is not a false alarm and no joke im staying and i think many others are to.

  3. I was looking forward to 1.2, but with a few, the fact the legacy system makes it so you can have iconic abilities on alts just makes me glad I cancelled my sub, and close to regretting buying the game.

    One thing I trusted BW with was the whole thing about choices matter. Not anymore.

    What next? Healing spec Sage/Inq able to main tank nightmare mode operations?

  4. Im confused as to why people who cancelled their subs are visiting tor fan sites …. Oh wait, just trolls.

    Anyways… Legacy looks cool. A force ability from a smuggler isnt a far stretch.
    -Corran horn was a rebel pilot turned jedi.
    -Plenty of bounty hunters are force sensative throughout lore.
    -dark jedi aka sith warriors can use cool gadgets like flamethrowers

    So not really any lore problems here. Looks awesome tho!

    • Most don’t. They just leave. But some who paid money feel the need to express their dissatisfaction.

      • When I cancelled my account originally, it was due to medical bills. I was already on a tight budget and was planning on resubbing when cash flow got a lot better.

        As such, if I was planning on resubbing it would make sense for me to still visit fan sites.

    • Don’t pretend to be confused about people expressing their disappointments here after canceling their subs, you would do the same thing. When people are excited about something, follow the game for so long, listen to people brag about how great Bioware is, and then see the final product and are disappointed with it…it is natural and expected that they will express their disappointment.

      If you don’t see how silly it is to allow smugglers to use the iconic force choke that is great for you, to me it is just insight into the direction the devs are willing to take. Sad sad day.

  5. I have to agree there is a part of me that… doesn’t sit well with a smuggler doing a force choke. But the reality of what they’re doing with the legacy… is that your characters are tied to eachother.. your smuggler does have force sensitivity. regardless; I’m excited to see how things progress.. I will continue to play casually.

  6. Far from a sad day.

  7. You trolls need to understand something. In order for a Smuggler to use Force Choke, you first need to get a Sith Warrior to lvl 50, then get your smuggler to lvl 50, then spend your Legacy points on your Smuggler to unlock Force Choke. Why can’t people READ? Go back to your little WoW game or better yet, grow up and get a life.

    • Lethality says:

      Which makes it even more ridiculous and useless, amirite? What activity will a level 50 be doing very often with his companion out? Questing is over. No raids, no PvP except open world. And, as we know, that’s quite… quite rare.

    • I always enjoy when someone who disagrees with something Bioware has done is called a troll. I suppose I should call you a fanboi?

      What you describe does not change my stance regarding smugglers force choking AT ALL.

      Bioware stated and I quote “Force choke is an iconic sith warrior ability, you will not be able to use this ability as another class” oh wait now we can do it.

      They have no game design and are winging it based on forum threads. Sad sad day. But anyway I unsubbed, so if you guys are happy with it, i think its great and hope you enjoy the game.

  8. Mysterys says:

    I would personally have wished for a legacy system as being like a “guild perk” that “you” can manage. Yeah, okay that’s from WoW but I am a former player so it is the only thing I can relate to. I would have like a faster leveling / gathering / etc…. experience rather than having “yet another” ability that is added to the big list we have.
    I am rather disappointed seeing I was “waiting” for this to come out to create “alts”. I guess i should not have waited. =(

  9. Alright! time to subscribe again! this has all the stuff i had been waiting for

  10. Alejandro says:

    Can’t wait. Why are people upset about legacy giving new race/class combos? It’s mostly from an RP perspective. If they have the last name, they’re likely the same race. So, they want all your classes capable of being the same race. Makes sense. It also makes sense from an rp-perspective that you’re Sith dad can teach his force-sensitive smuggler to Force-Choke somebody. :)

    These can’t be used in pvp and are on a long enough CD to be RP-use only. It doesn’t make or break the game, they just cater to RPers. Same with the new emotes.

    RP-stuff aside, the new Op and FP look pretty fun also. Personally, I play this game different than I did Wow/FFXI/XIV and other mmorpgs. It’s just another Bio-Ware game to me. I play the RPG, enjoy the great deal of customization and take advantage of the social networking it has become. I’m not in a rush to reach End-Game. I see a lot of people enjoying the Ops and lvl 50 PVP, but I’m still amazed by the Story. I’ve been getting basically one of each AC up to 40, just to
    experience the story. That and this game is amazing for RP, which just makes sense.

    • You are awesome. I couldnt of said it any better. The legacy system is basically a RP-tool.
      You create a “Family” with it. You wont have big advantages against other people.
      Come on guys, 1.2 IS EPIC

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