Mar 6, 2012

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BioWare Launches Friends Of TOR Free Trial Program

Do you have several gamer friends who you’ve been trying to talk into playing Star Wars: The Old REpublic, but they’re hesitant to plunk down the cash without trying it first? Well, they don’t have that excuse anymore!

Today BioWare is releasing the Friends of Star Wars: The Old Republic Trial. This program allows any current active subscriber to invite up to 3 of their friends to try the game – for free – for 7 days:

You’ve helped make The Old Republic™ a success and to show our appreciation we are giving all active subscribers the opportunity to invite up to three of your closest friends for a 7-day free trial.* To get started, just log into your account and choose “Friends Trial” in the right navigation.


There is also an extensive FAQ about the program which you should check out.

Curiously, there is no incentive for subscribers to actually do this, other than to hopefully get their friends hooked on the game they love. I’m sure BioWare simply wants to make sure there’s always plenty of players available as that’s critical to delivering a true MMO feel and readily available multi-player content.

  1. Funny that the author calls it curious that there is “no incentive” other than to get friends hooked. In my mind, giving me a free opportunity to get my wife to play with me is the biggest incentive they could give. :)

    • Adam, could you also give me a key? I mean, I may not be your wife, but I’d sure like to try this game and would be forever in your debt (well, for 7 days at least). Please!

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