Mar 5, 2012

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Livestream Notes

  • Fast growing subscription game in North America
  • Sold through 2 million copies
  • Players average 5 hours per day in game
  • 3.8 million characters created
  • Game Update 1.1 introduced Rise of the Rakghouls
  • New Flashpoint and Operation less than a month after launch
  • March 1, opened servers in the Asia Pacific region
  • Weekly maintenance – focused on fixing bugs
What’s Next?

Friends of Star Wars: The Old Republic – launches March 6 – allows you to invite 3 of your friends to play for free for a week.

Game Update 1.2: Legacy

  • New Warzone – Novarre Coast
  • Operation – Explosive Conflict
  • FP: The Lost Island
  • Expanded Legacy system
  • Family tree
  • Legacy abilities
  • Legacy species unlock – chiss smugglers!
  • New Corellia dallies
  • Guild Banks
  • In game limited time events, created by a dedicated team – full team dedicated to making the SW universe feel like a living, breathing place
  • Guild Banks – coming in 1.2, shared bank guild members can use – can unlock up to 7 separate tabs, monetary based. Detailed controls for guild leaders – more on that to follow later today.
  • Timeline for 1.2 – legacy system is designed to help encourage you to play other characters
  • Exact date is “Soon”. J. Ohlen – exact dates are not given bc they want to make sure they’ve done all the appropriate testing so that all bugs are worked out. Aim is early April, but that’s as close as they can say for now.

Over 9,000 watching people on the live stream from the guild summit.

Join the conversation by Twitter, #SWTORSummit.

Livestream returns at 2pm Central!

  1. Lazybuddha says:

    April huh. Bored with the game as is. Was hoping for 1.2 in march so i had something to do in game. Guess its time to unsub till they add more stuff.

    • Pashtun says:

      You would unsub over potentially a few days or 1 week? If you are so bored with the game, 1.2 will make no difference a all, it is unlikely you will see a huge content update in 1.3 as quickly as we did in 1.2. I suspect there will be a longer wait for the next huge content update and you will be just as bored.

      I don’t understand people pretending something is missing from end game in swtor. This game has everything that a standard AAA mmo has at end game. Its not the content that is missing, it is the balancing, bugginess, of the content that needs improvoing( and I think they are doing that).

      I have to agree with another poster from a several weeks ago that said if you think the end game is lacking in SWTOR it is probably more accurate to say that SWTOR is not the game you are looking for. You are likely looking for a new type of MMO with different end game…SWTOR to date is a typical mmo, with all the expected typical mmo end game.

  2. veldryne says:

    @ Lazybuddha try kicking back and enjoying the game, do some exploring, play some alts, theres no need to devour content as fast as you can

  3. Lord_Paladin says:

    Ah darn, I was hoping it would be in March. I can’t wait for all the stuff they have planned for 1.2! Especially all the crafting! Ah well, still have plenty to do in the mean time! Another PvP map will be fun too!

  4. While I am also sorry to hear 1.2 isn’t going to be March as they had originally intended, it’s not the worst thing that could happen.

    Earned Legacy points will still count towards all the fun new unlockables, so I guess I’ll focus on some alts and grind that up a bit. Chiss smugglers makes me happy, but not as happy as Guild Banks.

  5. April? Great, then I won’t miss the goodies because of my temporary break from SWTOR and can enjoy ME3.

    Also, damn, I have to re-roll my smuggler… :D


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