Mar 3, 2012

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Guild Summit Schedule & Live Stream Details Announced!

As you may be aware, BioWare is hosting the first-ever Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild Summit in Austin starting this Monday. They’ve invited over 150 guild leaders from around the world to come and discuss the state of the game directly with BioWare, and learn what’s next for TOR! Ask A Jedi will be there to cover the festivities as well, so it should be exciting!

Up until now, we weren’t sure what coverage BioWare would be able to provide for players that couldn’t make it to Austin, but now we know – a full day of streaming of all of the main events! Starting this Monday at 11:00AM EST (10:00AM Austin Time), players around the globe will be treated to the following schedule of events (times are listed CST/Austin Time):

  • 10:00am – Welcome & Introductions
  • 10:30am – State of the Game and Game Update 1.2 Presentation
  • 11:00am – Break (Livestream offline from 11:00am to 2:00pm)
  • 2:00pm – Operations/Flashpoints Discussion
  • 2:45pm – Player vs. Player Discussion
  • 3:30pm – Legacy Presentation
  • 4:00pm – Economy/Crew Skills Discussion
  • 4:30pm – Roleplayer’s Discussion
  • 5:00pm – Guild Features Discussion
  • 5:30pm – User Interface Presentation
  • 6:00pm – “…And The Rest”
Players will also have the opportunity to ask questions via the Cover It Live service. There’s a link listed for a forum dedicated to the Guild Summit, however it only points to the main community page currently.
It should be an exciting start to the week for players of Star Wars: The Old Republic!

  1. Lady Republic says:

    Reporting in, live from Austin!

  2. Likewise! Where are you at? ;)

  3. Bio better do some changes quick plus they need to merge some servers bad there is like 35 ppl at fleet during peek hours on my Eu server

  4. Askajedi get together? I’m at the chili’s down the street!

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