Feb 29, 2012

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Calling All Guilds – Do You Want To Test Game Update 1.2?

If you’re the member of an experienced Star Wars: The Old Republic raiding guild, BioWare wants to hear from you! They’ve just posted notice that they’re nearly ready to begin testing Game Update 1.2 on the Pubic Test Server, and are looking for guilds to test the high level content:

As you know, Game Update 1.2 is packed with new content, including a new Flashpoint, Operation, and Warzone. To that end, we’re looking for some end-game guilds to test this new content and to provide feedback before the update goes out to our live servers.

While we don’t have the technology for mass character transfers yet, we do have a manual process to copy characters from our Live servers to our Public Test Server that we will be offering for Guilds that are accepted for testing.

Needless to say, if you’re a guild interested in this, you should get in touch with BioWare asap. The full instructions are here, but the email address to use is guilds@swtor.com.

On a separate but related note, BioWare is also looking for experienced TOR players local to the Austin area to test the content as well.

The Star Wars: The Old Republic team is looking for skilled SWTOR players in the Austin area to test out brand new content in the BioWare Austin office. We are looking for players that are experienced with endgame Operations, Warzones, and Flashpoints. 

The only requirement seems to be that you’re local to BioWare’s Austin studio, and you must complete this survey. This is a temporary paid position that will take up about 1 weekend per month. I’ve never wanted to live in Texas as much as I do now!

  1. When is 1.2 coming?

    Or does anyone knows when 1.1.5 version is goin live?

    There were no update this week, and I want to see if the rly loooower shader options do something useful at all to the poor performance of SWTOR.

    • We got the Guild Summit coming up, maybe we’ll hear something during or after that?

      • Lady Republic says:

        Reasonably confident we’ll learn a little more soon, yes. Stay tuned? Updates will follow as we’re cleared to present anything we learn, of course! (But not before – I *like* blogging about the game and want to continue doing so!) ;)

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