Feb 22, 2012

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Patch Notes: 1.1.4 – Global Cooldown UI, Bug Fixes & More

BioWare pushed patch 1.1.4 to the live servers earlier today, and includes some bug fixes as well as some minor improvements. Most notably is the inclusion of yser-selectable preferences for the Global Cooldown interface behavior. The flexibility should be just what players were looking for! But I will also take this opportunity to suggest that if BioWare had allowed an open API for add-ons, the community would have solved this long ago and BioWare could have concentrated on more important things.

These notes, as well as all previous notes are available on BioWare’s official patch notes archive.

1.1.4 Patch Notes — 2/22/2012


    • The key formerly bound to /bug can now be mapped to any action and no longer opens the /bug window. The command is no longer able to be bound to a quickslot, but player can still type /bug in chat to open a new bug report.

Classes and Combat


      • Using abilities with indirect targeting (such as area of effect abilities) will no longer cause players to be flagged for PvP if a PvP-flagged player from the opposing faction is within the ability’s range, and the ability will have no effect on the PvP-flagged player.


Imperial Agent


        • Medical Therapy: Kolto Probe and Recuperative nanotech will now properly benefit from this skill.


Bounty Hunter


      • Carbonize: PvP armor for Combat Tech will no longer prevent this skill from stunning enemies.

Flashpoints and Operations


Eternity Vault

        • Casting Mind Trap will no longer cause Soa to lose threat against his primary target.


Karagga’s Palace

      • G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator now has fewer hit points in Normal Mode.



    • “Show Usable” now properly filters to only show equipable items.

Missions and NPCs



      • Unlikely Allies: Resetting no longer requires players to abandon and re-acquire the mission in order to complete it.




        • Fixed a queue interface exploit that allowed players to bring additional players into a warzone. While imbalances can still happen under specific circumstances, the issue can no longer be intentionally triggered by players in this way.


Alderaan Civil War

        • The Eastern Turret no longer fires twice under some circumstances when it is captured by the Imperials.


World PvP


    • The /stuck comman will no longer teleport players to the location where they died.



      • Added a /version command.
      • Added several new preferences for cooldown appearance:
        • Show Ready Flash: Toggles a bright flash when an ability finishes cooldown.
        • Show Global Cooldown Ready Flash: Toggles a bright flash when an ability finishes global cooldown.
        • Cooldown Style: Changes the art style for the cooldown graphic.
        • Global Cooldown Style: Changes the art style for the global cooldown graphic.
        • Show Cooldown Timer: Toggles cooldown time text on top of the ability icon in the quickbar.


Bug Fixes

    • Sorting will now function properly in the Guild Window.
    • Items placed in a quickbar are no longer removed when training abilities.
    • Using Shift + Right Click to split a stack of usable items will no longer cause the item to be used.
    • Some UI settings (such as quickbar lock, chat font size, and minimap zoom) will no longer reset upon area transition.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

    • Players will no longer experience occasional disconnection when purchasing Crafting Materials from the GTN.

  1. Does anyone know if surgical probe is also working form the improvment to Medical Therapy or was it always working? Would be some good news if surgical Probe got a 6% increase as well to the HoTs 10%.

  2. @Lethality: Bioware has already stated they will be allowing mods at some point in the future. They have also stated that they want to get the default UI to a level they’re happy with before rolling that out.

    It is unnecessary to “suggest” courses of action for Bioware when they have already addressed your concern, much less infer that this company is incapable of working on multiple things at once.

    • They have not said in any definite terms that “USER CREATED ADDONS AND MODIFICATIONS ARE COMING”. Just to be clear.

      This is something that should be a requirement for a game of this magnitude released in 2012. Among other things, it does exactly what I suggested – lets them focus resources on other things. It more importantly taps into the hive mind of the player base – more powerful than any singular developer or designer.

      So no, they have no addressed my concern to any level of satisfaction.

      • Some addons in WoW were good, others ruined the game play experience. So I am willing to wait for the fixes if it keeps the elitests at bay.

      • I would think that’s assumed. I’m not sure of what other elements “mods” could entail. Any official additions from the company would be phrased as “content patches” or “expansions” I would think.

        Preferences (such as the the additions of a customizable GCD display in the recent patch) I suppose COULD mean mods, however I give Bioware more credit than to think they’d be so flippant to use “mods” when they mean “preferences”.

    • The interpreter is not free. Managing and controlling the APIs which are accessed by a mod/addon system, ensuring they provide useful information without getting to parts of the system they shouldn’t, is not free.

      You can want mods if you like – I think they’re a plague – but claiming that Bioware wouldn’t have to work on UI modifications because the community would “fix” it if they had a mod system are unrealistic.

      • Addons ARE a plague by and large, and poorly written ones are even worse. You want your precious mods play World of Warcraft. Blizzard is all about mods and catering to crybabies.

        • You don’t even understand what you’re talking about. Add-ons are controlled buy the developers… they decided what can and can’t be done. Players cannot magically program things that don’t already exist in the interface or game.

          Add-ons are an absolute requirement for a modern MMO.

          • Mods is just another example of a cliche that many players run with. They simply hear the word MOD or ADDON or 3rd party and then spew out cliches…”plays the game for you”, “does it for you”, “ruins the game”..just shows the ignorance of a lot of players.

            How do addons ruin an mmo? Never seen an intelligent logical answer to this question….only overused cliches that show ignorance.

  3. ScytheNoire says:

    So this is basically a patch of bug fixes that should’ve been done before releasing the game. Still in Beta it would seem.

    • If you have nothing constructive to say keep it to yourself. I am sick of people like you whining that this is still ‘beta’. Don’t like it learn to code and see what goes into a game of this size and scope.

    • i think we can add “this should have been fixed before release, this game is still in beta” to the list of garden-variety trolls that you can just ignore.

  4. Well I have just gotten done playing for a short while after the servers came back up and I am in love with the cool down timers. In just a glance I can see where the ability is sitting at and just how long I have until its ready again! Add in the customizable backgrounds and flashes. Its totally the right direction for the UI.

    Now I can’t wait for the ability to move UI elements or remove the elements (Like the Tutorial Bar when I am on my third new character and I have at least 1 50 Toon – I bet its something I can shut off in the Preferences…hummm…)

    Once again Bioware keeps impressing me with the ability to produce these weekly patches at the rate they are going.
    I truly hope they can keep up the pace until they get to the first year anniversary and they have gotten the majority of the “BIG” issues and balancing worked out. Then I feel they could slow down to every 2 weeks or so unless its a priority hotfix.

    • You indeed can disable tutorials through your preferences. Took me a little bit to find it, but it is there.

    • I don’t know… I *hope* we will be able to move stuff around let alone ADD frames (target of target for tanks is REALLY useful yet not there yet). Still, making the UI scale “all at the same time” may not be soooo good. Some parts we don’t care and some are really important.

      Anyway, back on subject –> the “fix” about letting more players than allowed in game really is welcome! Somehow, it was always the opposite team that did it… happened to me once (i queue solo).

      What was funny was when we were 5 vs 10 and won still as our turrets had time to shoot more before the end. :P


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