Feb 14, 2012

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Patch Notes: 1.1.3 – Surge Rating, Bug Fixes & More


Today, BioWare pushed patch 1.1.3 to the live servers and seems to catch a lot of little bug fixes. The biggest change seems to be in the re-balancing of surge rating, which seems to make more sense the way it’s now described. Being Valentine’s Day, I would have expected some sort of boost to companion affection, but that’s another issue ;)

You can view the full patch notes for 1.1.3 below, or you can check out BioWare’s official patch notes page for these as well as all previous patch notes!

1.1.3 Patch Notes — 2/14/2012


Classes and Combat


      • Surge rating has been re-balanced. It now reaches diminishing returns the same way as other damage ratings, and its per point damage contribution has been reduced by approximately 10%.


Bounty Hunter



          • Stabilizers: Correctly adds pushback resistance to Unload.





            • Steadied Aim: Correctly adds pushback resistance to Full Auto.

Companion Characters


        • Some taxis that failed to re-summon companions upon reaching their destination now properly re-summon them.
        • Companions no longer indicate they wish to speak with you when you are not yet eligible for their next conversation.
        • If a player is invited to a nearly full group and declines, that player is no longer prevented from summoning a companion.

Crew Skills

Crafting Skills

        • Non-stackable crafting materials are now refunded if the crafting assignment is canceled.
        • The number of non-stackable crafting materials a player has is now correctly reflected in the crafting UI.



          • Exotech schematics will now function properly.
          • Crafting Exotech consumables now results in three items with a chance of one additional item on a crafting critical.

Flashpoints and Operations


        • Conversation rewards like Social and Alignment Points and Companion Affection are gained more consistently during Hard Mode Flashpoints.



Boarding Party

          • In Hard Mode, players are no longer blocked from re-entering the Flashpoint in some circumstances when the group is defeated during the encounter with Jorland.


Kaon Under Siege

          • Expulsor Droid now drops the correct loot.



Karagga’s Palace

          • The chest in 8-man Nightmare Mode now spawns properly after defeating Karagga.



        • Items can no longer be used while they are locked for trading, selling on the GTN, or when attaching the item to a mail message.
        • Pure Shockfrozen Water is now consumed on use and has a stack limit of one (instead of two).
        • Unique items can no longer be traded to a player that has the maximum number of that item in their inventory.
        • A confirmation dialog is now displayed when purchasing items with commendations or tokens and when purchasing expensive items.
        • The Portable Holo Dancer can no longer be targeted by abilities and effects.


        • A confirmation dialog is now displayed when choosing a Legacy name. The UI has been updated to better communicate Legacy name decisions.

Missions and NPCs


        • Small amounts of Social Points are no longer lost in some circumstances (occurs rarely at the beginning of a Flashpoint or in some mission conversations).
        • Bonus Series missions on Tatooine (Republic and Imperial) can now be abandoned.




          • Eve of Destruction: This mission progresses properly even if the player does not immediately travel to Corellia.



          • Need to Impress: Resolved a dialogue issue with Ambassador Jannik that blocked progress in this mission.
          • Rapid Response: This mission can now be failed if the player leaves the mission phase while attempting to destroy the Bomb-Carrying Droids.
          • Taris Bonus Series: The cinematic for the objective “Return to Storm” now completes properly even if the player has not finished Reconstruction Efforts.



        • An issue that allowed players to maneuver certain NPCs into a position where they could be attacked but could not retaliate has been corrected.



        • Players will now properly receive mission credit for warzone wins when the first player to enter a Warzone leaves before the match ends.




          • Updated the bomb door collision to remove a spot players could stand against and not be targetable.


World PvP


          • Players are now notified when they kill a player but do not receive credit due to rate limits.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

      • Players are no longer occasionally disconnected from the game when interacting with a mailbox.
      • Players no longer lose mouse click functionality in some circumstances after pressing multiple mouse buttons.

  1. Well I managed to loose about 20% surge rating for 0 compensation as a commando DPS, Thanks BW….

    • It was unbalanced, why would you get something in return? However, just another example of Bioware not testing enough.

    • Don’t try to victimize yourself. This is a global decrease. All classes are affected. Nowhere does it say “reduces surge rating for Commandos”. The overall result will be a general increase in combat time for PvP and PvE.

      @Hero, MMOs cannot be tested and perfectly balanced before launch. That’s the point of the first 6 months to a year after a launch. Think you can do better? Go work for Bioware or offer constructive criticism.

      • Oh, you better believe I could do better. This game is horribly undertested. If you are ok with that, cool, I am not. End game, is/was unprepared to go live. Game systems will be looking at a huge overhaul.

        The obviously, did not test enough, I believe there is an article with the “doctors” where they admit this as well.

    • @Hero it wasn’t overpowered or anything, when doing a dps comparison with a more evenly spread commando it was about the same. It’s just really annoying wiping for 3 hours on bugged Soa HM and then the next day instead of fixing it, cop a nerf.

      Ilum has issues and they bring down the server for hours to fix it next day, PvE has issues and it can wait a few weeks, this isn’t guildwars, stop kissing PvPer arses

      • I hear ya. I 100% believe Bioware was not fully prepared for running an mmo and are behind the curve right now. I really believe we are paying to participate in BETA.

        Personally, I am not getting too worked up over this because I am expecting HUGE game system overhauls. Stats, gear, progression, crafting, companions, I think the game is going to look very different a year from now. I also believe we are going to be looking at some very very heavy class changes, especially if they are even considering releasing a combat log.

        This game, at its core is very very fun, but I believe Bioware was caught off guard with what running an mmo entailed.

  2. RoboRooster says:

    Lawl. Welcome to my world. Operative got nerfed to the ground and just received this surge nerf.

  3. sign me up!!! ill take a job at bioware testing thier games.

  4. No love for surge rating on Valentines Day! ><;

    We'll all just have to adjust and try to get through this together. :p

  5. perpetual98 says:

    It just kills me the hate that some people spew hate for the game all over the internet. If you don’t like it, don’t play it? Why come screw up everyone else’s enjoyment. Why go to a SWTOR related website and read about a game that you hate?

    Oh wait, it’s the internet, people can be jerks. Never mind.

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