Feb 8, 2012

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Did You Purchase A VIP Lounge Wristband?

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As you probably know, there is an area above the cantina in the respective faction fleets called the VIP Lounge. In this area you’ll find some entertainment, quiet corners to relax, and a few exclusive vendors. It’s basically a special place for your character to go and spend some down time, away from the general hubbub of the fleet!

Access to this area, however, requires that you either be a Collector’s Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition owner. However, BioWare saw fit to make one more option available to get access to this lounge. The cantina bartenders will sell you a VIP Lounge Wristband for the sum of just 1,000,000 credits!

Now, this will get you access to the area but still won’t allow you to purchase things from the Collector’s Edition vendor… so I am just curious – how many of you guys actually went out and bought a wristband, or plan to? Let us know!

Did you purchase a VIP Lounge wristband?

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  1. There needs to be a poll option for CE owners…

  2. I dont find anything wrong with purchasing the wristband for 1,000,000 credits. What else are you going to spend the credits on? Crafting? Once you hit 50, crafting is useless anyways.

    • Yeah, crafting is like every other game. Get to level cap and you quickly out gear anything you can craft.

      Why would I buy a VIP wristband? From what I have seen from social vendors and light dark side vendors it won’t offer anything interesting anyway.

  3. Crafting is far from useless at 50… unless you already have all the epic quality recipe for you crafting skill and crafted everything you need?

    but i dont need to buy one… i got one with my pre-order ;)

    • That’s the thing its cheaper and easier to get equal and better epics from everywhere else then it is from crafting. The only thing good about crafting is making items with augment slots on items with a certain look you want.

  4. Dozingdawg says:

    The VIP Lounge is a waste of time. Even the cool Ithorian vender there is lame. Nothing VIP about it.
    “Nothing to see here. Move along… move along.”

  5. I have some friends with the CE that will keep me updated to if they add anything, but as of now, I don’t plan on buying it.

  6. I haven’t purchased one, but I imagine at some point in the game (as with every other MMO) I’ll have more credits than I know what to do with, and at that time 1 million for a VIP wristband will seem like a good idea.

    The “No, but I plan on it” seemed like the closest option, even if it was a little more definite than I feel.

  7. When the level cap is 65 and 1m credits seems like pocket change..I’ll consider it.

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