Feb 3, 2012

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BioWare Announces TWO New Weekly Blogs – Q&A and Dev Summary

Ok, now it’s OFFICIALLY back to Friday Updates! ¬†BioWare has announced the launch of two new weekly blogs: the Weekly Q&A as well as a Dev Tracker Summary!

First up, the Weekly Q&A will be an official thread in the General Discussion forum where players can ask questions until Tuesdays at 2:00pm CST at which point the thread is closed, and they pick 10 questions from the thread and answer them in the blog entry on Friday. The thread is open now, so head over there and get askin’!

Next we have the weekly Dev Tracker Summary. Personally, I like Yellow Posts, which is OUR weekly dev tracker summary… but if you feel you MUST go to the source, BioWare is happy to oblige! Each week they will post a roundup of the important developer posts. Our weekly dev tracker roundup is one of the most popular features on the site, so I’m sure it will be there too.¬†

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