Feb 1, 2012

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Blue Milk & Cereal: What Are Your Three Wishes For TOR?

No day would be complete without the breakfast of Jedi: Blue Milk & Cereal.  Every morning, the team at Ask A Jedi will get Force-induced thoughts coursing through your head with delicious issues from around the galaxy! Join in the discussion below to make your voice heard!

Even if you’re the most loyal fan, supporter and player of Star Wars: The Old Republic, you no doubt have some thoughts on what you’d like to see in the game. It’s just human nature – we’re given an inch, and we take a mile. Since BioWare themselves know full well that the long term life of the game depends on quality of service and frequent content and feature updates, I figured we may as well find out what’s on the AAJ Army wish list!

Your wishes might range anywhere from “I want a better GTN interface” to “I’d love to see a new class” to “Why can’t we have more Warzones” to “Fix the damn bugs.” Obviously, the potential wishes of players are going to be as varied as the players themselves. But you can only pick three for this topic!

As for me? My number one wish is for the worlds to feel more alive. I’d very much like to see world events along the lines of festivals, holidays and so on that not only provide additional things to do, but a nice distraction that makes the world feel organic and bigger than just your story. That things are going on with or without you there. Luckily, Game Director James Ohlen confirmed that they plan on doing just this soon, and have had a job opening for Senior Social Systems Designer for quite some time. Here’s hoping they find that person soon!

Due to the nature of the question, this is the first Blue Milk & Cereal we’re doing without a poll! I’m counting on your comments and discussion to fuel this one, so lets see how it goes! So please, let us know – what are your top 3 wishes for Star Wars: The Old Republic?

  1. 1) open space flight, not on rails
    2) Droids being a playable race
    3) A reputation system based on the story not the fake reputation system in WoW

  2. 1. Ilum that forces folks out of their base for actual pvp.
    2. More war zones
    3. Character costomization option before and after character creation.

  3. 1. Togruta as a playable race
    2. More character customization
    3. More warzones

  4. 1. Free-form space missions.
    2. Droids as player choice.
    3. More race choices, not just English speaking.
    Additional… if I had three wishes(really) I would not waste them on an MMO or any game ever. LOL. ;)

  5. Rick Whittaker says:

    1) Buff/debuff tracker such as Power Auras.

    2) Speech bubbles option in preference menu

    3) ability to /who “player name” and see players: class, lvl, race. And also ability to click a players name in general chat and see that information also

  6. 1. Ability to ride speeders in spaceports (or a buff that increases our run speed in those sections to rank 1 speeder at least)
    2. Less load screens, make my ship land me right on the planet
    3. Increase speeder speeds (maybe via the Legacy system), and I don’t mean another 10% goddamnit!!! I mean bump it to 200% for rank 3

  7. 1 ) FIX THE FPS !
    2 ) FIX THE FPS !!!!!!!!
    3 ) REALLY GUYS FIX THE FPS or stop making games since you cant FIX THE FPS

    • Get a computer that can play the game!

      Get a computer that can play the game WELL!!

      REALLY, get a computer that can play the game WELL!!!

      Getting the point yet? Because those that have a decent computer are not having FPS problem. So don’t blame Bioware.

      • First off, don’t be rude. Second off, that isn’t true.

        • Actually it is true. I have new pc and I have no lag on high settings and no fps dips more than one or two. So yes get a better pc, know how to make your pc run better in an mmo. Make sure you have good Internet connection. All that helps. It’s super simple really. But of course, you just need to hate on the game cause you have bad pc

          • no its not true, I’m a good computer that and I run swtor at ultra and I get like 70 fps normally, when I go to ilum pvp or in the fleet, I get like 10 fps, most of the ppl complaining about it, so not thats not true the problem isnt the computer, it is a bioware problem.

          • Indeed I have multiple computers.

            My Desktop One :
            GTX 560 Ti 1Gb, 8Gb Ram, i7 2600 4 core CPU and Ilum is unplayable !

            Laptop ASUS G60Vx (Core2Duo, GTX260M, 4Gb Ram)(I was playing on it everything Dragon Age, Skyrim, Witcher 2 everything works) in SWTOR I get like 40 fps outside and like 20 fps in caves, 15 fps in warzones TOTALLY UNPLAYABLE

            Another LAPTOP with there MINIMAL REQUIREMENTS (kinda). Core 2 Duo (2.1Ghz(the minimal are 2.0Ghz), GeForce 8800 (better then 7800 which is the minimal), 4Gb of Ram(min is 2Gb) EVERYTHING ON LOW, Compatability Mode and etc, the game runs on 15 FPS everywhere and 24 FPS outside… TOTALLY UNPLAYABLE.

            The minimal requirements should mean – on LOW you dont get lag ANYWHERE. Tut it is not the case I guess it is EA fault because they want more sells … check this out 2 MILION copies sold 1.7milion subscriptions where are the other 300 000 ? BAD FPS !!!

          • have u tried playing with the settings not just on min and low rez cuz i have a similar system to your 2 and by just taking things off min or turn bloom on or change the grass detail a lil and i find drastic increases some times

    • ScytheNoire says:

      What are you talking about? I play maxed out with everything on and get 110+ FPS. What are you playing this on?

      • Understand that there are different things that cause problems on apparently similar system. Just because the problem doesn’t exist _FOR YOU_ doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and BioWare is well aware of it.

    • I’ll have to agree with everyone else here. There is no FPS problem for me.

      When the game has to render a lot of particle effects and/or models, then yes, the FPS can drop, but what do you expect? To be able to render and calculate physics on an infinite number of objects? There is a maximum number of computations per second that your computer can do. Once you hit that max number, then you’ll start seeing FPS drops as your computer tries to catch up.

      Also, if you’re using an ATI video card, don’t use the Catalyst Control Center 11.12. I had 11.9, and CCC told me that 11.12 was available, so I downloaded and installed that. My FPS went to shit, so I uninstalled 11.12 and went back to 11.9. This would be AMD’s problem, and not BioWare’s.

      • I am testing only with nvidia so no ATI problem.

        I tried with multiple drivers I found 175 the best ones for SWTOR Yes I know they are kinda old but they are better then 185 trust me :)

        I want option “STOP PARTICLE EFFECTS”
        also even in caves I get LAG where there are no particles effects like a tunel or something no idea why. Also after the game runs for some time (I test on 2 laptops) after 5mins or so I get a strange lag spike every like 10 seconds for 3 seconds which is CRAZY.

        I WANT “Stable FPS” like in LOL I want to SET the FPS to 40 so I will not notice the big difference when it goes from 60 to 25.

  8. 1) Buffs to all crafting crew skills other than Biochem and Cybertech.

    2) Character re-customization, so I could change my hair after rolling instead of deleting/rerolling because they look ridiculous after the first day or so.

    3) Advanced Class changes. If they want to limit how many/how often or slap an insane cost on them, fine. But with no way to get a feel for an AC you might not know until level 20 or 30 that you don’t like it and then the character and time are completely wasted.

  9. 1. Guild capital ships
    2. off-rails space combat
    3. UI mods

  10. Open space battles maybe pvp space battles

    searchable GTN

    LFG option

  11. 1. Fix the engine (FPS)
    2. LFG tool. Spamming general chat blows!
    3. Space that feels like star wars, not a cell-phone game.

  12. 1. Flashpoint finder
    2. Addons
    3. Do away with all planet commendations use reputation instead.

  13. 1) Less time getting places. either a straight shot to your ship or better hearthing
    2) Better trade network
    3) Voss as a playable race

  14. AbstractQuantum says:

    Space missions (3 wishes)

    (1) I actually like the rails space system. BUT I wish the missions were integrated into the story-line of your character when you initially unlock the mission. [note: You wouldn’t have to succeed to unlock or complete the mission. You might get 25% of the XP for a story arc space mission you fail. so that the story can continue without you having to beat the space combat].

    (2) They should add a non-rails based PvP space wz that take place on the different maps. Maybe have bigger ships fly in based on the number of kills or the tide turning… a lot of options for different warzones I think for space combat.

    (3) Add different types of space missions that aren’t apart of the character’s story arc, but planetary story-arc [hence, someone on the planet sends you into space to take out a satellite, etc.

    PvE Missions (3 wishes)

    (1) fail-able missions that you receive less of a reward, but move on to the next mission.

    (2) “fast forwards” for lack of a better name. Where the NPC mission giver, gives a quest that you can fail, but if you succeed you get an item that makes something in the future easier to do (take out a boss) or (bypass some obstacle) basically like the flash points using the crew skills.

    (3) social based missions — meaning missions that give chunks of social points as a reward. Not sure exactly how to accomplish this. Not “diplomatic” missions… but non-combat missions that only reward social rep and not XP. (I would probably still utilize the group chat functionality to make it more fun and interesting… hence different classes have different choices like in flash points).

    PvP (3 wishes)

    (1) people leave WZ as soon as the other team scores, or they notice a lowbie on the team, or etc etc etc. I was in a warzone and at the end the chart had like 50 people just for my side. and we only ever had like 6 or 7 at a time. lame. you never can win if people leave. hence, fix the issues that are making people leave.

    (2) Hate to say it tiered PvP … every 10 levels plus 50. (10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50) That would make it better… people might leave less… and it might actually be more fun. (high level toons still clobber lowbies.

    (3) “world”-ish and “open”-ish PvP warzones… basically the wz is an inside or outside map location… and it is about killing a number of players (like laser tag) or capture the flag or all out combat for total damage+heals (or something). Just something different

    (4) cause #1 doesn’t count ;-) lol; being able to queue for a specific warzone. THEN add dailies for each warzone or type of wz. then people will still play that type.

  15. GamerGoblin says:

    1. Chat bubble option in preferences menu

    2. Something like guild ships

    3. Free space combat so you could just fly around in space and pretend your Han Solo trying to get away from the imperials

  16. 1. Space PVP
    2. New Warzone with more players than 8v8
    3. Light side and Dark side high end raid gear

  17. 1. I would love to see a target of target bar in game
    make Healing/Tanking/Dps a tad easier
    (well at least i’ll know when i’ve over aggroed before i get smushed)

    2: Your own debuff tracker- OPs with 3 other sorcs What dot is mine >.<!

    3: In general the sorting/listing interface needs some adjustments, the GTN is clunky the same with sorting through patterns in crewskills

  18. Sidiars'hu says:

    1. More Playable Species
    2. Armory – or something that allows me to track my gear(and more importantly all of my companions’ gear)
    3. Combat logs – I’d like to know why I just got wiped, or why I burned down a strong in half of the time.

  19. 1. Interior ship customization (display old armor sets, or trophies – Skull of giant beast, etc).

    2. Different (purchasable?) flourishes for when you take out your weapon out of combat.

    3. Manage companion gathering/questing from iPhone app.

    For all those asking for:
    Fix FPS: mine’s averaging at about 40fps.
    LFG tool: There is one. hit “o”, then the “who” tab.

  20. 1. More playable races.
    2. More realistic body types. Not every woman has a perfectly round butt and gravity defying boobs.
    3. Crew Skills that a player can do, too.

    • maybe all women in a galaxy far, far away DO have perfectly round butt’s and gravity defying boobs!

    • Hmm Im not a chick but I get it. But honestly, you wanna see yourself all old and saggy as a fantasy avatar? You could always make a body type 4 character if u wanna be disgusted with your toon’s appearance.

  21. 1. Macros
    2. Fixing bugs (like body type 3 character unable to get datacrons)
    3. Better looking for group systems and galactic market system

  22. Mounts in orbital stations.
    Less buggy operations.
    Searchable GTN

  23. SamCommander says:

    1. Screw on rails, just give me the space combat from Battlefront 2 :D
    2. A Better AH
    3. A FP Finder for easier Flashpoint Grouping

  24. 1. Guild ships
    2. More races to play as (specifically wookies).
    3. Open space travel.

  25. 1. Multiplayer Space Combat (Cooperative and maybe even versus, not for off rails)

    2. Better Group Finder Utility

    3. More Open PVP (multiple Ilum copies would open up movement and decrease the this side out numbers that side)

  26. 1. Flashpoint queuing system
    2. More non-humanoid race options
    3. Acheivement system

  27. 1. To be allowed to delete quests in my log. I have 11 that can not be abandoned right now…and I don’t feel like going back 30 levels later and completing them.

    2. The ability to choose which WZ you want to play.

    3. Some world pvp. This also falls under “class balance” which is almost impossible to fix cuz of the influx already made.

  28. Tim Gjerde says:

    1. Maps with topography markers so you don’t waste time going the wrong way when a mountain or canyon won’t impede movement.

    2. Wider range of Republic cyborg features.

    3. More playable races.

  29. Xenocerebral says:

    1. Guild capital ships and guild activities and efforts like collective resource gathering and manufacturing (maby by lending everyones ship droid to the guilds efforts.)

    2. Free and open space combat and explorations. Including PvP and missions. (Touches on point 1 with possible asteroid mining.)

    3. UI improvement and customizations. Including addons like quickslot mods, target and group frames and data collectors for web databases.

  30. 1- Finish the game tools. (Guild Tools, Combat Log, Addons, Real UI options, ect..)

    2- Get the bugs fixed (add players who are not on to friends list?)

    3- Make sure new content comes out quickly and is as good as what is out now. I fear the voice acting will bog things down too much

    Everything else is either nit picking or PvP

  31. tune the crafting system to make it more relevant and has impact at all level

    Droids as a playable species

    Screw Guild ships ….. Guild orbital stations that give crafting buffs, and based on the faction a small xp/dam buff to the planet it is in orbit of

  32. Darth Vril says:

    Pod Racing

    Modable/customizable speeders (similar to spaceship upgrages)


  33. My three big ideas…

    1) Improve the Friends system – don’t make your friends have to be online for the system to find a character in the database so you can add it to your friends list. Do you realize how annoying that is each time you make a new character? Same for inviting to guild – can it be made like a Friends request in Facebook and so all you need to do is accept an invite when you come online?

    2) Sell ship designs – I’m ok with the current space combat system, it’s simple, fun for a while, and basically doesn’t take too long and isn’t too hard. But the ship designs are based on what class you are, and I think it would be nice if there were designs that you could buy – especially ones that looked a bit more like the iconic ships from the movies. After all, what Bounty Hunter wouldn’t want a ship that looked like Slave I? Where are all the X-wing/TIE-esque designs?

    3)Since the idea of changing Advanced Class later down the road (choose your destiny based on what you’ve seen at lv. 10? Really) has already been brought up, I can add that future quests and companions, especially on the Sith Empire side, need to mesh a bit better with the factions. Granted, I’ve only really dealt with Mako and Vette at this point, but it’s annoying to have to choose so often between an affection loss or the wrong Light/Dark side choice. Further, it seems that despite it being the Sith Empire, which is portrayed as a rather dark, ruthless, evil society, there seem to be a lot of Light side choices. Last, can we make the Dark side choices make bit more sense and less straightforward? Sparing a person, for example, isn’t always due to compassion, and therefore shouldn’t necessarily be a Light side choice. (I know there were a few examples of this in the quests, but generally it’s “Spare the person = Light Side points”, even if there is a legitimate reason for sparing the person for “Dark Side” reasons (such as information).

    My 2 yen,


  34. 1) expanded space combat – including PvP space battles, multiplayer PvE space battles, starship customization, and guild vs. guild capital ship battles

    2) expanded PvP – including news warzones, dueling arenas, and 1v1 instances on Ilum.

    3) expanded Crafting – make all of the crafts useful at end-game and in PvP. Allow crafting of special PvP items with expertise (certain valor ranks required to craft).

  35. 1. A good Flashpoint Finder system so I can queue or a flashpoint while questing instead of sitting in the fleet looking for a group I never get. Also apply this system to heroics on a planet basis.

    2. A total GTN revamp to have a useable UI. The current GTN is pathetic. A good one should be searchable, sortable, and make selling easy with quotes on current listing of the item you are trying to sell so you can undercut . . .etc. Read this as implement Auctioneer (WoW addon) for the GTN.

    3. Increase the player population on planets. Right now I am lucky to have 10-40 players max on a planet. This makes it so heroics never get done, sadly.

    • population cap is set to like 200-300 so only seeing 10-40 people means you are either playing to early in the morning or everyone else is playing somewhere else.

  36. 1. Gambling on pvp warzone outcomes (at least huttball)

    2. map back to my own ship

    3. Add the fleet shuttles as searchable map toggle.

  37. ScytheNoire says:

    1) Fixed PvP – removal of PvP stat, cross-server warzones, tiered warzones (every ten levels + 50), Ilum fixed cause it sucks right now

    2) Addons – Nothing could fix this game faster than having addons. I have no idea what BioWare was thinking, but it was a huge mistake. The best way to develop community is to allow addons.

    3) LFG Tool – Ports you to the Flashpoint, with mission for that Flashpoint available inside. It would also port you to the start of a planets Heroic missions. Although they should just get rid of heroic missions, they suck and waste too much time.

  38. 1) Crafting that doesn’t suck. Including cosmectic things like dyes for biochem/ finishes for armormech. Balance the stats between improved crafted items and modifiable items (mastercraft artifacts either have too low hp or too low damage. Give back the good grenades and medpacks and make them not usable in warzones. Don’t break things for PvE just so they work for PvP. Move armoring to armormech/synthweave. Move enhancements to cybertechs. (artifice is the only good crafting skill out there now) move generators and shields to cybertech (can’t conceive of why it is on the artifice). Make those items created with biometric crystal alloy BoE. Make crafted speeders BoU. Add some more freaking custom pieces… and MAKE THEM FULL SETS.

    2) Better (guild/legacy/achievement) features. More playable races.. Cathar look really nice in-game. Guild bank, guild ship, guild achievements (on that note can you guys make achievements viewable like in WoW. I loathe not being able to see what non-endgame ones there are. If you are afraid of spoilers just put [defeat the boss of Foundry]) add crafting achievements like Waste 2 million credits in a failed attempt to learn veracity pieces. I’m currently at 4mil.

    3) Add-ons. Can’t wait. I want the addon that shows what dialogue choices increase which companion’s affection xD. Also a Clique addon so I can bind mouse buttons or key presses to different heals. Also I would also like to see some addons that display crit/discovery rates per item.

    One more things since I can’t live with myself without saying this…. speeders that are actually fast. Shadows can boost faster than my speeder and that is just pathetic. Stop pandering to the PvP people and make your pve game actually enjoyable. Paying out the nose for rank 2 or 3 just for a 5% speed increase
    ([actual speed increase])
    1.9x * y = 2x x=running speed y=speed increase

    y=(2x)/(1.9x) y = 1.0526 = 105%

    2x * y = 2.1x x=running speed y=speed increase

    y = (2.1x)/(2x) y = 1.05 = 105%

    Can we please get something that feels like a speeder. Stop pandering and do things right.

  39. 1) Addon / Macro Functionality
    2) Fix social points so they aren’t a stupid grind. People are social in different ways!
    3) Let me kill my ship droid

    • I love your 3’rd wish. I think it’s my inquisitor that has the ability to nearly sacrifce his companion for a percentage of health recovery, if I could use that on my ship it’d be great. – “Welcome back master. I’ve..” *BOOM* …..bzzt bzzt

  40. 1. Guild ships

    2. More customizable (perhaps like the style tab in dcuo)

    3. better looking gear for the inquisitor class

    • Darth Vril says:

      Amen, the Inquis gear is lame! Im running around with a modded up Supreme Inquisitors Robe, so I dont look like the rest of the retards in columi or champ gear.

  41. 1. Group based space content (rails or no)
    2. Guild ships
    3. Removable armouring from raid gear (i know it’s coming, i just really, really want to look pretty already)

  42. 1. Flashpoint/Heroic quest finder
    2. More non-humanoid races
    3. Dual-Spec with an AC

  43. 1- Open space (PvP ?) battles
    2- More character customisation (at creation AND after that)
    3- Armory and more web tools for guilde

    If we had 4 wishes, the 4th would be “give me an OS X native client…

  44. 1) Macros

    2) Guild Banks

    3) exportable combat logs (this can be self only if they want)

  45. 1) Power Auras-like things built in (Buff/Debuff tracker, Proc tracker). I don’t want full addons, mind – just a built in system so that we’re all on the same reasonable playing field.

    2) Bolstered crafting system that encourages multiple crafts at high-end PvE. Right now it’s Biochem for Ops, and sometimes Cybertech. That’s it. Can we get some boosts for Armormech, Artifice, etc?

    3) Faster travel to/from my ship. Let me bind point back to my ship on all planets as a permanent bind point. Let me skip the orbital stations and such, and start me just inside the landing bay, rather than all the way in the back.

  46. 1. Player Crafted Gear for Level 50 equivalent in rating to the best gear drops in Operations and PvP. Player crafting for level 50s is not viable except for Biochem.

    2. Give the other crafting Profs some viable buff/bonus comperable to the stims/adrenals from Biochem.

    3. Add a valor buff incentive for the low pop faction on each server. And more turrets to bases on Ilum.

  47. 1) As an RP’er, the ability to sit in a chair and not lounge like I’m in lawn seats at a concert.
    2) A guildship or guildhall on Tython
    3) Tweak the crafting. It seems like the stuff I’m making isn’t comparable to drops at the same level. Not really seeing the point of crafting just yet.

  48. 1) guild ships that you can upgrade.

    2) more of a back store like lotor has.

    3) easier leveling system like they have in lotor.


      • He’s just stating what he likes and what he thinks is a better system in other games that can be beneficial for SWTOR if implemented within. If we could have all the useful systems in other games and put it in TOR, it will garner more player base, making it the TOP MMO for years to come. and this is what this Article is for anyway. Please don’t troll. thanks!

  49. 1) Summoning feature for FP’s and Ops, ala summoning stone.

    I really find it’s a waste of time that in order to get to a certain FP, you’ll have to go to the space dock of the planet you’re on, get on your ship, (loading time) toggle your galaxy map, choose fleet(or wherever the take off point for the FP or OP is), fly to fleet, if you’re FP is not on the main fleet ship, fly to the other fleet ships(again loading time), before you get to the entrance of your FP or OP. I know it does wonders for immersion,(and yes I know, there’s fleet pass, but what if it’s on CD?) but please let there be an option for people to get summoned in 1 click, not all of us have the luxury of playing more than 3 hours a day and I won’t certainly wouldn’t want 10-15 mins of those few hours to go to waste. which brings me to my second wish..

    2)Better Quick Travel System.

    I really like the QT in that there are a lot of QT points scattered across the planet. But that’s just the problem for me as well. It’s only planet wide. Make it so that the QT can go to any QT point you’ve unlocked no matter which planet it is. I don’t care if there’s gonna be a long loading time for it(pretty much like the loading time when you first go into a planet), I’d rather have 1 loading time and go from say Hoth to Nar Shadaa in just 1 click, rather than go through space dock, enter ship, toggle galaxy map..etc(DAMN IT THAT’S TOO MUCH OF MY TIME WASTED!!!)just because I wanted to help a guildie or a friend in his heroic quest because he can’t find any one to group up with. Seriously, I think a lot of the content are having their MMO factor cut off just because its such a pain to keep traveling around.(I know it does wonders again for immersion, but, time for gaming is not my friend being a family man and this is just an option, you want to travel around the old fashioned-time wasting way, feel free to do so, but please, please, please give us a more painless option) come on! it’s a per planet zone, make it easier to travel around!

    3)Fix helm/hood/robe/mask Issues. I have a Twi’lek male consular, I want him hooded when he can, a lot of people want the hooded/unhooded factor too, so please give us an option to put hoods over our heads. and other issues with head gear.

    Hope there are more than 3 wishes, but tha’s mine.

  50. 1> More varied space missions, not just the same with added difficulty and different background fluff.

    2> More story driven flashpoints, ala the Esseles/Black Talon, not so much the “dungeon combat run through” types.

    3> More alternate flashpoints depending on Republic/Imperial, rather then exactly the same for both sides.

  51. 1) Beast Mounts <<<<< Who doesn't want a Bantha, Rancor or tauntun ?

    2) Guild Ships

    3) Customizable Ship Interiors – Being able to put Souvenirs from Operations Boss Kills in your Ship

    4) Free Open Space

  52. Darth Sertia says:

    (1.)More space content. No rail, ship customization, guild ships, and being able to walk around in your ship while your flying. But make it optional where we can skip to the planet if we want. And also space PvP and huge battles.

    (2.)More diverse planets. Better open-world PvP, more role-playing capability, and more lively planets in general.

    (3.)Realism. Let us watch Hutball, Sith Inquisitors make monsters to make up for there weakness up close and consulars can tame animals.

  53. mechspeck says:

    1. Make the social point shared between all character in a server so that if u do make an alt u can where those awesome social custom set.

    2. Death animation from lightsabers, such as the target is cut in two when killed by lightsaber strikes..helps with the immersion.

    3. Incoparate space combat into the quests or story based flash point, for example one of the trooper main quest where u attack an imps star destroyer, there could be a space combat sequence and ends with u barreling into the dock of said star destroyer..alot more epic that way then the normal fade in + load screen.

  54. 1. Repair the bugs! There is still a lot of bugs!!!

    2. Playable Ilum. Now is Ilum mass pvp like slideshow with 5 fps.

    3. Balanced all classes – its not easy, but important.

  55. 1. Server transfers

    2. Match armor color to chest piece. Seriously it was talked about and then dropped but I am sick of looking like clown puke.

    3. Being able to wear opposite factions armor. I put up a cool orange duster on the Nar Shaddaa GTN with my alt for my bounty hunter to buy. it was no longer a duster but turned into a set of dumb looking agent armor. I don’t like boba fett and would much rather look like Cad Bane.

  56. 1) – SSR! add a selector to the character creation screen so you can set each toon to straight, gay, or bi. so far all the romance dialog i have encountered has been vague enough that it could apply to either gender. as for all the romancable npc’s currently in the game; unless there is some deep story reason for an npc to be strictly one way or another, just flip a coin. heads straight, tails other. for the other group you do a 1D3. 1 or 2 is bi, 3 is gay. this gives an ingame npc population roughly representitive of RL orientation population breakdown.

    2) – searchable GTN. seriously.. currently the GTN is close to useless. i’ve used is a few times, but searhing for something is really difficult. if i know the name of the item i’m looking for, let me just type it in and hit the search button.

    3) – global friends. allow players to friend accounts, not just characters. keep the current characer based friends system, but add an account based friends list too. that way we can see if someone we enjoy rolling with (guildie, RL friend, whatever) is online but just on a new toon or diff server. sometimes that person would love to join for a FP or heroic, but we have no in-game way to announce the opportunity to them.

    that’s my 2 kroner

  57. TipTopPoet says:

    1. Selecting which Warzone to play. If I never have to play Voidstar again it’ll be too soon. I hate that place.

    2. A better looking for group tool, but please no cross realm stuff.

    3. More action bars, I’m running out of quickslots.

  58. I’ll avoid stating the same things others have repeatedly said , so this isn’t technically my three wishes in a vacuum but rather new ideas to put out there.

    1. Remove all restrictions on lightsaber color crystal availability (meaning no faction exclusive colors and no alignment restrictions). The fact that Jedi cannot have purple sabers at the moment is just dumb.

    2. A system to play test your advanced classes before making a final call on choosing one.

    3. Multiple leveling paths. Having to do the exact same planet progression does not encourage alts

  59. Nosecrusher says:

    1. Mouseover targeting – through macros or something in UI preferences, whatever. (though macros would be nice as well).

    2. Guild…..things. Like a bank. And a log so folks can see who’s joined or quit. Y’know, the basics.

    3. A GTN that works – providing per/item costs, remembers your last value when posting aucitons, allows the sale of multiple stacks at once, easier searching on the buy side (I just want lacqerous silk, I don’t know if it’s from UT or whatever. I just want to right click on it, have it pop into a buy-search window and voila)

  60. (Biggest one) 1: An option to hide your helmet ONLY in conversation, like those in companion conversations.

    2: Being able to have any kind of lightsaber, no matter what class or advanced class you are. Meaning, single hilts, dual blades, and double bladed.

  61. 1) more playable races. Togruta, Cathar, etc. more customization options and racial bonuses.
    2) more functionality on-board your ship.
    3) Everything in the rest of this thread.

  62. 1.LFG tool
    3.Animal mount’s

  63. 1) An option to disable dynamic lighting.
    2) The ability to chose which warzone I want to queue for.
    3) Alternate Advancement abilities and passives available for purchase with points gained by recieving experience.

  64. 1) More playable races
    2) More minigames like swoop racing and such
    3) More quests that revolve around Revan, not just about what happened to him after KOTOR 1, but also before he lost his memory.

  65. Swtor is great in story so my best wish is:

    -A legendary weapon as reward in long range quest line. No hard grind quest.. But like one new planet with whole story quest line leading to this legendary weapon

    -I wish this new way how optain PvE gear trought quest lines

  66. Ive got more than 3 but the big three are: 1. more playable races/customizations 2.seperate crew skills for each compainion and caracter 3.off rail space and pvp space ___________________________________4.Minigames like pod racing pazzak ect 5.pickable warzones and more of them 6.customizable apearence of you ship 7.flashpoint finders 8. guild finders in game 9.guild ships or like zlatto said guild orbit stations 10.Switchable advance classes 11.bettter speeder speeds 12. macros 13.very customizable ui 14.animall mounts 15.not such long cooldowns for teleporters. 16. HATS! you know like cadbanes i havnt seen any hats yet 17. implants like cybernetic arms/legs not just for cyborgs so the are buyable. 18.like barbershops and jewleryshops so you can buy more head/neck customizations.

  67. Oh and how could i possibly forget ingame voice chat and the ability to teleport to where friends are.AND an idea puut tvs in cantinas of ongoing pvp matches that would be cool.

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