Jan 28, 2012

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Have You Changed Your Class?

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Many of us have been following the game since it was first announced on October 21, 2008. Some of us, even longer than that in our own speculative minds! During this extended gestation period, we’ve thought long and hard about what class we would like to play. Would we side with the Republic or the Empire? Do I want a ranged class or do I prefer melee combat? Does my species determine what classes are available to me?

Even though there were so many options, and so many “decisions” we could make without ever laying hands on the game, many of us were absolutely sure we know what class we wanted to play when we finally got the chance to log in and play. Whenever that was going to be!

For me, that notion was turned on it’s head. I have always played a melee character, but was sold on the Smuggler based on what we knew of him and his story. Plus, the only melee option was a Force-weilding class, which not only am I not crazy about, everyone and their brother would be playing Jedi and Sith. But once I rolled my Smuggler, got him to about level 15, I just wasn’t feeling it. It seems my heart was with melee after all, and even though everyone was doing it, I rolled a Jedi Knight. I haven’t looked back!

What about you guys? Is your main class now different than what you thought it would be? What made you decide to change it? Let us know!

Is your main class different than what you originally thought it would be?

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  1. Silvertaurus says:

    2 thinks have changed :
    a) Sawbones have very weak solo posibilities and utilites compared to other healers
    b) People learned from previous mmo’s and MANY did roll healers x.x

  2. Still Jedi Consular/Jedi Sage, knew it was for me as soon as it was announced.

  3. AbstractQuantum says:

    I loved the SI assassin during the beta weekends I was in… and mainly played that class. So I was sure that was going to be my main. But I never did PvP in beta, and didn’t’ try the other classes really. So, I made 4 empire toons (one for each class). I LOVE BH-PT-Tank!!! It turned out to be my first 50. I stopped playing the other 3 when I started playing him. I think I was hooked when I solo’d Black Talon at level 10 :-O uber! Now I’m focusing on a SI-Sorc (I only did assassin in beta) and it is even more powerful in PvP, which is strange, because SI-sorc are nothing to me on my BH-PT in PvP. (now I realize how much all that defense and shielding was paying off in PvP and why 5-6 ppl would have to gang up on my to kill me [pre-50]) anyway WOOT to bioware for making all the classes really awesome and fun and playable solo and balanced in PvP.

  4. I knew it was going to be empire but thought it would be ranged Jedi. I didn’t want to burn out in beta so I payed the smuggler because that’s the class i was least interested in. Turns out I loved it. So when the game launched I wanted to do something different so I did the trooper and that’s my main and I love it. After 50 I’ll do smuggler or IA. 6 more levels to go

  5. I wanted to play a Sith Sorcerer since I’ve heard about this AC, but playing my alt female Chiss Powertech ranged tank I’ve fell in love with her, I have found this class really fun to play and entertaining story, now it is my main character, I always play tanks on MMO’s but use to be useless on PvP, but with this game’s sytem it is very rewarding play tank on the Warzones and fun, at least for me.

  6. Not exactly no. During early access I started a Smuggler, went Scoundrel and got to 27 but just wasn’t feeling it. Deleted that character, and after dabbling in others, went back to Smuggler who was my first 50. Now here’s stupid part…a friend and I decided we didn’t want to play on a PVE server, switched to a PVP one instead….so I’m now leveling essentially a carbon copy of my first Smuggler. I liked the story and the way my character turned out, so it’s a lot of spacebaring while I choose the same conversation options from before.

  7. From the announcement of the class to testing it during beta I swore to myself that I was going to play a Consular Shadow. In fact post launch I discovered the Bounty Hunter and the Shield Tech AC. I switched and have been playing it sense.

  8. Skipped both smuggler AC’s in beta so I could be totally surprised by the smuggler story line. So glad I did when launch hit I rolled my smuggler scoundrel and have been having a blast since. I ended up scoundrel because I wasn’t a big fan of the cover system. Still don’t like it much. I love moving around in a fight.

  9. ScytheNoire says:

    No, still plan on playing every class to 50. So far go a Powertech and Shadow at 50, working on a DPS Guardian now.

    When they fix the Trooper, I’ll do a 50 of that. Not fond of the cover mechanic, and the UI sucks for healers right now, but I’ll do those eventually too.

    I have no main.

  10. Similar to others, it’s a yes and no answer. I always knew I’d play a JC or SI. But it was the AC I chose that was the change. I expected to be a Sage or Sorc, but when the time came, after playing and trying other classes I decided to become a Jedi Shadow.

    Always I can make a case that’d I enjoy one or the other, but I also have no regrets.

  11. Yes and no for me as well. I originally wanted to play a Shadow, Sentinel, or Sage, and I ended up going with the Shadow, partly because the other two are so ridiculously popular. Having hit 50 on that character, I’m increasingly tempted to work more on my Sentinel/Sage, because the former is ridiculously flashy and I have a lot of fun PvP healing on the latter.

  12. Been a tank all my life in my mmo’s. I knew the second I saw the Juggernaut that I was going to roll one. Been playing since ;). After they kick off the legacy system I’ll consider rolling alts but my main will always be my Jugg.

  13. Heh. I had the opposite. I started out playing a Jedi Knight but now my Smuggler is almost to 50 while my JK is still in the teens.

  14. Dagnabbit says:

    The thing about swtor vs other mmos is that I’ve been a star wars fan as far back as I can remember. Now those childhood dreams of being a Jedi can be relived. I just really lucked out when they made my inner child’s preferred class and my inner hard core mmo player’s one in the same.

  15. I wanted to play Jedi Guardian and started playing it and was really digging it. Around the time I hit 34 several of my irl friends who insisted pre-launch they had no interest in playing, started playing and instead of joining my server they joined one they knew other people on. I ended up rerolling on the other server and since they went sith I rolled a Sith Juggernaut.

  16. I always planned on playing a Sniper, but I knew going in that I might not like it. I leveled him to 50, ran some Ops, and now I’m leveling a Mercenary.

    I still like my Sniper and will play him, but I think the Merc. will be new main. So much fun.

  17. When I was originally getting into the Beta I was going to play a Bounty Hunter…been a Fett fan for many years…but then got playing a Sith Sorc…been playing Sorc since then (though I have a 20 PT as a main alt)

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