Jan 25, 2012

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Gabe Amatangelo Talks PvP, Faction Balance, Mods And More With Total Biscuit

The Cynical Brit is back, and this time he brought with him a nice audio interview with BioWare’s Lead End-game Designer Gabe Amatangelo!

Fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic will enjoy the entire interview, but the portion about mods and add-ons was particularly interesting to me. TotalBiscuit also doesn’t pull any punches when asking about how end-game shinies reconcile with a story-driven RPG.

Have a listen, and make sure to always check out the Cynical Brit for fun of all sorts!

  1. Awesome. TB rules!

  2. A bit weak interview. Not really “forcing” Gabe to actually answer the questions on the real problems with the game.

  3. Good interview, glad to see there is some ongoing work for open world pvp – it is the one thing that keeps the game interesting over a long span of time.

  4. While they are “planning things”, innocent Republicans are dying out there, in the Warzone and on the planet Ilum! And I’d bet someones life someone is quitting every day because of faction imbalance.

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