Jan 20, 2012

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Damion Schubert Talks Vanity Pets

I’m telling you – there is no end to the excellent TOR sites that are emerging which you need to check out, and another one that recently popped up on my personal radar is Inquisitor’s Roadhouse. I’ve only been following it a short time, but today they really delivered some knockout content – and exclusive interview with BioWare Principle Lead Systems Designer Damion Schubert.

Damion is responsible for all “non-story, non-combat” systems you see in the game. So, Crew Skills are his baby. Likely are any upcoming guild system enhancements. Apparently, vanity pets also fall into his laundry list!

Anexxia over at the Roadhouse gave a pretty thorough interview, and has a lot of info that fans of collecting vanity pets will be interested to hear, including:

Inquisitor’s Roadhouse: Is there going to be any way for characters to obtain opposite-faction pets?

Damion Schubert: We currently have LS/DS pets, not opposite faction pets.  That’s not to say this won’t change.  One of the things we want to do a lot more of is adding items that take a bit of communal exploration to discover – we’re well aware of how popular Datacrons and the Magenta Lightsaber crystal is – and minipets is one place where we’ve identified adding fun things like that could really pay off.

Head on over to Insuisitor’s Roadhouse for the full interview. And while you’re there, keep it bookmarked!

L2P2 Pet From Beta - L2P - get it? :)

L2P2 Pet From Beta - L2P - get it? :)

  1. So now they want to make grouping mandatory to get interesting pets as well?

    That is really lame..

    It is bad enough that they put stupid +10 to all stats and certain other datacrons in places that REQUIRE groups to do them (or be placed at a stat disadvntage…thank you very little Bioware)…and they require it with certain crystals as well…and now they are going to make mini pets part of that as welll

    I can’t stand Schubert or his mentality…if they are going to REQUIRE consistent grouping to maintain stat relevancy at endgame or to acquire cool things like datacrons\crystals and now mini pets then I am not sticking around..

    Already there is gear inflation with those who wear Battlemaster gear or high end PvE gear dominating in warzones….What then is the flipping point for those who prefer solo\small group play to continue playing? Becuase they enjoy being treated like a 2nd class citizen?

    So sad that Bioware has tried to emulate WoW in this regard, they will not last long if they continue this type of crap…

    • I agree with you, kevin. I don’t think datacrons or vanity pets should require a group to obtain. I was a big time pet collector on WoW and plan on doing the same on TOR. TOR already has World PvP, Heroic Missions, Flashpoints, and Operations for grouping. There is absolutely no reason for them to require certain datacrons and pets for being obtainable only in a group. Those are things that should be doable solo.

    • It is a typical mmo. Grouping is expected.

    • Its a social grouping game. Those Datacrons were put in place to specifically encorage grouping up, if you dont want to group up, you dont get them, its that simple, unless you can somehow outgear/level them. The whole point of them being there in the first place is to make you group. no group, no datacron.

      The question that springs to mind is if you don’t want to group up and do group related activities…why do you want the stat upgrades? if you can quest quite reasonably in greens/blues, why would you need more stats?

  2. On the contrary, I love that there are some things in this game that are a little difficult to acquire – they won’t net you a combat advantage, but they’re supremely attractive to collectors – and people who want things to do in a game other than ‘raid or die’.

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