Jan 19, 2012

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Sneak Preview Trailer Of Upcoming Content – UI Customization, Guild Banks & More!

BioWare sprung a brand new trailer on us today, all about what’s coming up for players in the game! Game Director James Ohlen touches on PvE, PvP, the Legacy System, UI Customization, Guild Banks and more.

If you’re hungry for more TOR, this is a must-see!

  1. Finally. Wanted at least one more bottom middle bars for my UI for a while and hopefully that’s what they’re giving us. Looking forward to seeing what they’re going to offer plus the legacy stuff. I’m almost halfway through the 4th legacy level, so I’m hoping it’s some worthwhile things.

  2. I can’t wait for Guild Banks and more User Interface controls! :)

  3. By saying they listen to us they are on a slippery slope for sure. Because of the millions of subs and players and forum posters there a re a million different ideas. They need to be very careful what they choose and don’t choose or they will end up with WOW 3.0 and it will be horrible. They need to keep their individuality and not cave to the vocal minority.

    • They should worry about a usable, intuitive UI above retaining their individuality. There are arguments for and against the extent to which addons were allowed in WoW (in spite of everything, I’m squarely in favor of them), but there is absolutely nothing horrible about the ability to build your own custom UI. That was one of the nicest things about WoW, and I can’t comprehend anyone disagreeing with that for any reason other than to be difficult.

      • Zewarpath says:

        You might not want to pick and choose what pieces of information you retain from Bioware. They have already mentioned on several occasions that they plan on implementing a mod API. Although this will lead right back into where WoW was; people considering it a necessity that they have certain mods in order to play.

    • I agree. I hope they listen to feedback, but also apply the appropriate filter. The most vocal regarding desired changes are not always the majority! In MMOs it seems that the most vocal are all too often a small minority of the user base.

  4. Nice – the UI customization – even as simple as scaling – will be very helpful.

    They certainly seem determined to keep the updated content flowing. Damn, I need to settle on a main and start seeing the higher-level content! I feel like a slacker!


    PS i am a big fan !!

  6. LOVE that guy :)

  7. Heavy armor for Guardians without hoods. I’d really love to be able to see that hairstyle I picked out, and in the case of female twi’leks, the tiara I picked out.

    Why is this so difficult???

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