Jan 18, 2012

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Design Notes: James Ohlen Talks Rise Of The Rakghouls

Game Director James Ohlen issued a new blog post this morning on some of the design notes for Rise of The Rakghouls, the first content update for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Not only does Ohlen touch on what’s happening with today’s patch, but also a glimpse into the future:

This first Game Update will show everyone how serious we are about expanding Star Wars: The Old Republic, and there’s much more to come. We have another major update planned for March and future content arriving throughout 2012 and 2013. We plan to release new Operations, Flashpoints, Warzones, Space Missions, single player content, vehicles, and companion characters. We’ll always be improving our existing game with additions like guild banks, PVP ranked matches and interface customization. Our Legacy system expands in March, bringing more options and a new level of depth to the existing character classes.

James also left us with this sweet teaser:

Expect a few surprises between these Game Updates, too. You never know when the Republic might strike Dromund Kaas, if a mysterious alien fleet could appear in the Core Worlds… or when the Rakghoul plague of Taris might infect the rest of the Galaxy. Changes are coming, and they’ll affect everyone.

Sounds good to us, James!

Hop on over to SWTOR.com to read all the words!

  1. I absolutely LOVE the idea of some dynamic events in SWTOR. Thie rift raids in rift were awesome the first 20 times you did them, then they got old. If swtor is able to add dynamic content like this, but vary what it is, it will be awesome. Getting the server to come together and do activities in this way is the future of mmos imo.

  2. Man March isn’t coming fast enough I want the Legacy update now.

  3. Looooove the idea of having dynamic events. I remember them back in Anarchy Online, Ultima Online and Tabula Rasa. Blizzard said once in an interview that it is not possible to do those kinds of events in an MMO. If AO UO and even TR did it why can’t WoW?!?

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