Jan 18, 2012

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Breakdown: Social Gear Sets For The Republic

Breakdown is designed to to fill that stressful void while Star Wars: The Old Republic is down for maintenance. Each Tuesday morning, we’ll look at a topic and try to break it down to the basics. In the end, we hope to educate, entertain, and prevent you from having your own Breakdown!

This week’s Breakdown is all about Social Gear! We’ve got the screen shots, and the locations of all the custom orange social gear you could want!

Let’s begin by giving you your social points goals! I wasn’t able to get numbers for all of them, so if you have the missing numbers, please post them in the comment section below.

  • Social Rank I: 10 points
  • Social Rank II: 750 points
  • Social Rank III: 1,550 points
  • Social Rank IV: Unknown (somewhere around 2300)
  • Social Rank V: Unknown (somewhere around 3100)
  • Social Rank VI: 4,350 points
  • Social Rank VII: 5400 points
  • Social Rank VIII: Unknown(somewhere around 6,200)
  • Social Rank IX: Unknown (somewhere around 7,750)
  • Social Rank X: 9000

Now you may be asking: how are social points calculated? As you might have guessed, you have to be in a group to earn them:

In a two person group, you get 4 points for winning the roll on a conversation choice, and 2 points for participating. In a group of 3, it increases to 6 and 3. In a group of 4, it increases to 8 and 4. As of the writing of this article, there aren’t any known dialogues in Operations that award points, so you won’t be getting any from that. Side note, it has been reported that Hard Mode Flashpoints (level 50 versions) are not rewarding Social Points at this time either, but you do get them from all regular flash points, world quests, side quests, and heroics; so get out there and be social!

Now that you know the cost involved, let’s see some of those rewards, in order of Social Rank.

Social Rank 1 Sets:

Elegant Dress: Found on Coruscant. This set is for Females only (though it could probably pass for most Consular gear!)

Social Rank 2 Sets:

Pilot Set: Found on the Fleet Station (requires Fleet Commendations to purchase). IMHO, it looks much better without the head piece.

Balmorran Resistance Set: For those of you that really love bug hunting!

The Tatooine Sand People Set (great for scaring moisture farm boys who have delusions of grandeur).

Slave Girl Set: Found on Nar Shaddaa (female only) I’m sure this is one of the most popular sets out there (I know I’ve seen more than a few of you running around with it on your female toon or companions)

Social Rank 3 Sets:

Ulgo Noble Set: Found on Alderaan. I have to admit, I wish they had House Organa versions of this.

Social Rank 4 Sets:

Hailstorm Brotherhood Set: Found on Hoth. Also much more appropriate garb to have your companion follow you around on while exploring this freezing ice world (instead of that Slave Dancer outfit). Have a heart!

Hutt Carel Set: Found on Quesh. One of the more interesting sets, and something I’d have considered for one of my companions if it didn’t come in only Light Armor.

CorSec Set: Found on Corellia. I think this head piece should make Consulars everywhere feel much better about theirs. At least you aren’t Corellian.

Death’s Claw Set: Found on Taris. This really reminded me of a Bounty Hunter look, for those of you who are trying to maybe RP that on the Republic side.

Social Rank 5 Sets:

Prisoner’s Set: Found on Belsavis. A step up from orange jumpsuits.

Mystic Set: Found on Voss. A very consular looking set.

While there are 5 more ranks (and other social rewards such as speeders and Instant Party droids) the social gears sets end here. So if you’re looking for light armor for yourself or your companion, these sets are all fully moddable gear. I would also like to share 2 other special sets with you. The first is for people who have an account authentication device tied to their account, and the second is for Collector’s Eddition peeps out there.

Republic Dancer: Found at Authentication vendors (such as on Coruscant and at the Fleet station) Requires Level 14 (but has no social rank requirement). This is also another way for you anti-social people out there to get the slave dancer costume. Plus, it helps prevent your account from being hacked!

Republic Officer: Found at the Fleet Station Collector’s Eddition vendor: Requires level 29 (but has no social rank requirement). This is possibly my favorite of the sets.

You can, of course, also find out more information over at Torhead as their database continues to fill out with images of the different sets.

As you can see, there are already quite a few different outfits, each tied into the story of the planet somehow, and yet with lots of room for expansion! Also, if you happen to be one of the missing social ranks above and have the numbers to share with the class, please do so in the comments below.  As always, I hope I’ve helped educate you on more of what TOR has to offer, and I hope you’ll join me next week when the servers are down for another Breakdown!

  1. It’s worth noting that even if you mod up your social gear to use it in combat, there is rumoured to be a bug where the stats from it stop being applied after you go through an area transition (such as landing on a planet or entering your ship). Taking it off and equipping it again should work as a workaround, but that could get tedious.

    • Well that’s why it’s called social gear, right? It’s not really meant for combat. Besides that it’s all light armor. Tanks can’t wear it all in end-game content.

      • No, but a consular might, or a companion that uses light armor. There is more to life than tanking operations after all. :)

        I’m just sayin’, be mindful that this could be an issue.

      • If they intended the gear to not be used in combat… why make it modable? Bioware needs to make up its mind about these gear sets.

    • Noted below, but this was the source of it – I never saw this bug before the patch today, and I’m wearing more social gear now and can’t force it even with repeated area transitions. If it existed to begin with, it may have been nipped in the bud.

      • There was a patch note about mods stopping giving bonusses on area transition if you removed and re-inserted the same mod. That could have been the source of it, meaning it had nothing to do with social gear directly, and would explain why it might not be seen by many (because why in the heck would you pay to remove a mod only to insert it again?)

        Like I said, it was just a rumour.

  2. ScytheNoire says:

    What I don’t like is that it is all Light Armor, meaning it’s a disadvantage for any Medium or Heavy Armor classes to wear these. That bums me out. They should find a way to fix this.

    • Darkthunder says:

      I agree. Either make the sets scale armor-wise based on your maximum armor proficiency (easiest), or add additional social sets for Medium and Heavy armor users.

      • Lady Republic says:

        I haven’t tested it yet, but I’ve heard that the armor value actually goes up with mods – so that if you put in heavy type mods (tanking stats), it will also give you the equivalent AC of heavy armor. Has anyone actually tried to test it in practice?

  3. Not sure about IV, but V is 3400.

  4. oh god so sad it its only a light armor i wanted to be Tusken Raider Jedi :(

  5. I love the Elegant Dress from Coruscant. As a Jedi Sage Seer, it seems to suit me perfectly. But then there’s the slave dress… my character is a Twi’lek, so it’s very tough to choose…

    And that mystic set looks very baddass. Wow, the choices… :D

  6. Very timely article: they ninja-added two new piloting sets. One is civilian piloting and looks like a cloth outfit (requires Social I) and the other is an Imperial piloting suit that is black and looks like a TOR version of the Imp pilots from the trilogy (requires Social III). Probably a Republic version of this as well.

    • Worth noting: one or both of these includes an orange belt. Very, very hard to find outside of these sets.

      I can also say after many, many, many area transitions tonight, sporting my tricked-out Ulgo Noble set (and Republic Pilot’s Belt), that the social gear stat problem, if it ever really existed, seems to have been nipped in the bud.

  7. I have my Sage Seer in the Elegant gown. I have my Shadow Tank in the Slave Girl outfit. My JK’s companion Kira Carson is wearing the Republic Dancer outfit.

    Other than that, I won’t use them, since as was mentioned, they’re light armor.

    I haven’t had a chance to play yet since 1.1 came out, but prior to that, any time you went through an area transition the stats from the mods were set to 0 unless you un- and re-equipped them. I hope that’s been fixed in 1.1 as mentioned, as it really was kind of annoying to do it all the time. Only took a few seconds to do, but. . . still annoying.

  8. There’s also male-only Social I armor – on Dromund Kaas if I remember correctly. It’s a grey and black suit.

  9. Where do you get the pilot belt from – what world and social lvl please?

  10. Tatooine’s set is social rank 3, not 2.

  11. How come u only included Pub sets us Imperials have some of our own social sets as well, and the dancer outfit looks different, I dont know if its an Imp thing or if u just posted the wrong pic

  12. Kuraikoto says:

    Social IV requires 2450 social points.

  13. Voss mystic outfit perfectly suits my consular and his Nadia Grell. This along with the pilot’s belt and lvl50/51 purple mods plating and sophistications from dailies make a better stuff than the Tionese one.

    Fight with style!


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