Jan 8, 2012

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New Player Progression Guides Help Keep You Rolling

Some of you may have noticed a special email show up in your inbox as you progressed past level 10 in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The new Progression Guides, as BioWare is calling them, have been sent out to players as they hit this first milestone.

Also, given the page title of “Level 10 – Jedi Knight” it leads me to believe we’ll see more of these along the way. Personally, I think it’s a pretty cool proactive thing to do. It gives you some guidance as to what to do next, where to go, and what to expect. And let’s face it, with games as big and complex as MMOs are, it’s not unreasonable for new players to feel overwhelmed.

However, it doesn’t seem as though all players are getting these. I did, for my Jedi Knight, but not for my Sith Warrior. Maybe it’s just for your first character to that particular milestone? Here are links to them all:

Let us know if you got one of these emails or not, or if you got one for any other level increments besides 10!

Jedi Knight Level 10 Progression Guide

Jedi Knight Level 10 Progression Guide

  1. WerewolfGuardian says:

    I’ve gotten it for several characters, but usually not until 2 days or more after I hit level 10 with that character. Seems like that’s a little late to be providing that information. Although if I were a newbie to this sort of game, it’d definitely be welcome information.

  2. I have a lvl 25 Consular and a lvl 20 Bounty Hunter. I have not received any of these emails :(

  3. Nicely done by the team. Well thought out and thorough without spoiling any of those ‘magical’ MMO discoveries. I received one for my Imperial Agent once I hit 10, though I was already 15 when I read it. Didn’t receive one for my Jedi, I think you’re onto something. Thanks for the links.

  4. I didn’t get one for my Smuggler during the Earl Access, but I got one for my Inquisitor, my Consular and my Trooper at level 10. I thought it was due to it still being early access, because I got one for every other character to hit 10.

  5. I never got an email :(

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