Jan 4, 2012

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Are You A Hard Core Operator Yet?

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Raids are one of the key end-game activities for MMORPGs, and it’s no different in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Here, they’re called Operations and come in several different flavors: 8- and 16-players versions, with normal and Nightmare mode for each.

There are currently two Operations in the game: The Eternity Vault and Karagga’s Palace. Each location gives players a different setting, different enemies to defeat, different objectives to achieve and a different story.

Despite the fact that most of the player-base is in the sub-30’s, and the highest level character I currently have is just level 22, I know full well that there are plenty of folks who have already arrived at the level cap of 50. For those of you that made it, what do you think of these Operations? Are you even doing them yet? What is your experience like? I just want to see how many in the AAJ Army are smooth Operators already :) Let us know!

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  1. I like taking my time and enjoying the content. I’m torn right now between getting the snot knocked out of me in warzones, crafting and trying to level my 22 vanguard.

  2. Been level 50 for a week or so. No op just yet. Waiting for my friends to catch upwhile I play alts, do some dailies and perfect my crafting. Also having some fun soloing some of the mid level flashpoints. (Added bonus, I’m learning fight mechanics so I have less to figure out when I start shadow tanking for friends.)

  3. Not yet but very soon, within a week.

  4. Operations are enjoyable, but they need some further work. Hardmode flashpoints can be harder than some of the bosses. (on normal) Last boss is a blast tho, really nice mechanics there (if they dont bug :)

  5. So far this week we have done 5/5 eternity vault normal and 4/5 hard mode. Honestly I can say that while we are experienced raiders this content was way to easy, most of us were not in epics or even full blues. As a healer about half my gear was green level 49 crafted and the other half was orange and I felt little to no strain to heal through all this.

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