Jan 3, 2012

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[UPDATED] VentureBeat: TOR Drops 28 Spots On UK Sales Charts

While this isn’t exactly great news, it is TOR news, which we do our best to report on from varying angles.

VentureBeat posted a story this morning detailing the 2nd week drop in UK sales rank for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Keep in mind, this is just the UK sales rank, and not Origin digital sales.

Electronic Arts and BioWare’s long-awaited, big budget Star Wars: The Old Republic has seen an unprecedented drop down the UK sales charts. According to Chart-Track, the licensed massively multiplayer online game plummeted from 10th position all the way to 38th during the week ending on December 31.

Of course, MMOs are not made or broken in the first or second week, and BioWare has committed to The Old Republic over the long-term, and will no doubt continue to work to ensure success by continued development, improvement and marketing.

It will be interesting to see what VGChartz says with their rankings when they are released for the new week. Head over to VentureBeat for the full read.

[UPDATED] Leo Olebe, BioWare’s Director of Marketing posted a Tweet that may explain some of the drop in sales volume. Remember how supplies were limited to ensure a good launch of the service? Yep:

@LeoOlebe @askajedi We limited the supply upfront so the game is very hard to find right now.  We’re getting more out there for y’all ASAP!


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